Thursday, December 31, 2009

ta ta 2009...... last post of the year

My favorite author and mentor is Paul Arden, he propagates finding the possibility, being the difference and looking beyond rules and limitations to achieve the greatest potential. He was one of my best discoveries of 2009. Every year since the beginning of time, a new discovery arises that shapes that year, that decade, that century or maybe even the way we live. 2009 was no different. We had beautiful music, we experienced spell bounding events and some individuals put themselves on the race to change history. We applaud all of these. In 2009, the CITY CRAWLER BLOG was born, to cater to people living in Abuja, people who intend to move here or people who are interested in the capital city for any purpose at all. So before I bore you with blab la bla, it’s the last day of 2009, so in city crawler style, we want to recognize what shaped 2009 for us and alert all those in our Radar for 2010 that we are watching. Enjoy

Abuja was previously considered dull and lifeless especially when it came to the entertainment scene and night life, but in 2009 it experienced an awakening of sorts that is quickly catching on. The capital became a hub for international and national workshops and conferences, and in 2009 major events both corporate and entertainment were held in Abuja for the first time. Some examples are the Faceoff Celebrity casket ball match in entertainment circuit and Etisalat’s 1 year anniversary in the corporate circuit. On the recreation/nightlife scene we saw the birth of lounges and clubs settling in comfortably Eden, Aqua, Cubana, A lounge with the most recent being terminal 5. Café 24 also opened to the public as the first 24 hours café in Abuja. We sure hope they live up to their name in 2010, well we are watching. Big ups to kiss fm which launched in September, 09 09 09 to be precise, and in a space of 4 short months have taken Abuja by storm and warmed their way into the hearts of Abuja people. And with recognizable voices like Dooshima and Gang we were able to quickly empathize with them.

On the foreign scene, Barack Obama was sworn in January and made history as the first African American to be sworn in as President of the United States. Michael Jackson passed in and a legend died. And for the first time since Big Brother Africa started, a Nigerian won the prize money after 90 days under our thorough scrutiny. Big ups Kevin, you are on our radar for 2010. Also on city crawler radar for 2010 is the Young Bright Minds(YBM) series, but I’m not giving this one away, wait and find out.

I did a lot of clubbing and networking and socializing in 2009, I don’t have any favorite place but I do have a soft spot for Eden VIP because they always play my favorite songs. Favorite party song of 2009 was ‘I got a feeling’ by the Black Eyed Pea and ‘free madness ‘ by terry g (yea sue me), later in the year Daneo’s ‘Party Hard’ came along, im gonna be rocking this in 2010. My best chill out song was birthday sex for no particular reason and a song I want to hear more of in 2010 is ‘today na today’ by omawunmi.

In 2010, look forward to more info, more ratings, more listings, more gossip, more news and more gists on all the socialites on our radar. This is my last post for 2009 people, see you in 2010.

#wisdom from the City Crawler – the ability to shape your own future lies in your own hand.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


(I wrote this in 2008 but it still get alot of comments and alot of what i said still applies to 2009,so i decided to share it with you. i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it. enjoy.)

In 2008 I will achieve my perfect weight, get my perfect job, find the perfect man, buy the perfect house and car and settle down to a perfect life’’. That’s the ending I would have gone with if I was in charge of the planet, but all any of us get to be in charge of is who we are in our own stories. In this story I want to say, Don’t torment yourself with regret! You know them, ‘I shouldn’t have spent all that money on .....’, ‘I should have ....’ What can I say? Fantasies fade, plans unravel, things change, and we grieve for the past as if the past were a fallen friend. But for all our coulda, woulda, shouldas, we should be keenly aware that we are on borrowed time.

This knowledge should make us sit up and take notice of every bittersweet second. When time is of the essence, you pay attention, you splurge on things u consider, well, splurges, you don’t let anything, anything at all, go unspoken, you watch, you memorize, you love a little harder.

In 2008, I watched, I gave and took, I read and travelled, I tried and failed, I despaired and rallied, I protested, I partied, persevered. And though I did not find ‘the one’ I found one that loved and loves in a world that love doesn’t come easy (JESUS). I found a sea of people and some of them I’m priviledge to call friends. I should name names but instead ill say ‘Lucky me’.

To 2008, thanks! You thought me life is joy and sorrow, hand in hand. And that, my friends, is all I know. That and this, I’ll see you in 2009.

Monday, December 21, 2009


I have entrusted myself with the responsibility of making the most out of the Capital City of Nigeria. Ill leave all the dull stuffy information to Daily Trust and focus on giving you something to relax and read and feel very much at ease (I just rhymed). I had a lot of fun writing this particular blog, and I thank everyone who contributed. I am lucky to have encountered most of this young gentlemen and I must say one trait they have in common is that they are ‘Doing Something Thriving’. It’s easy to argue that you belong on this list but weren’t recognized, CC apologizes but extensive research went into this and we appreciate your interest. This isn’t only for the ladies though, for the men too, so they will know that most of the time it’s not just having money that put you on our radar. Enjoy…

(In No Particular Order)

I will probably get hanged for putting this young sir on this list, reason being that he is getting hitched to his miss in approximately 2 weeks, but I couldn’t resist, seeing that he has been on our radar for a while. Nominee of Future Awards Business Owner of the year 2009, but our opinion says it has come a lil too late. He has been successfully running COTEK Technology for the past 4 years and has assured the security of luxury cars in Abuja and around the country. But since he is taken, we won’t dwell on him.

Managing Partner, 1Number, this dynamic gentle man has provided a service we at CC can’t live without, Short codes to get movie informations, disseminating information and lots more. Young, handsome and intelligent and son of former PDP chairman Audu Ogbeh, this bachelor has no intention of going into politics. He loves 80s music, TV series Boston Legal and he reads magazines from the back page, strange yeah, but we love him still.

Mr Abu’s passion is contagious. Publisher and Editor in Chief of Mode Men Magazine and CEO of Mode Elements store. He is the grand – son of THE Abubarkar Tafawa Balewa, he pioneered indigenous male magazines and Mode Men always honors their own at the end of every year at their Mode Men of the year awards which just held a few weeks ago with winners like actor Van Vicker and Kojo Williams.

Notoriously private which adds to his appeal. Managing Partner of Technology Advisors and former Cyber Crimes Commission boss, he has been able to successfully start and run a ‘blue ocean’ law firm which is no mean feat. This unilag and uni of Brussels graduate has been called to speak all over the country because of his expertise and understanding of the present technological landscape. We are surprised a little lady hasn’t snagged this one, apart from being intelligent he is very good looking.

I’m sure he was suspicious when I bombarded him with black berry messages to ask him if he is up to 30, but he has been on our radar for a while. His business is entertaining the world through music and infotainment and he is really good at it, so good in fact that it fetched him a Future Awards plaque for On-Air Personality in 2008. He has a very good sense of humor and is always ready with a cool come back. Catch him on kiss fm and ‘hear’ for yourself.

Lawyer turned Play Sports Bar and Grill owner. Love him or hate him, this tall dark and handsome gentleman took the Abuja social scene by storm a year ago when he launched his club/lounge. His interest magazine, film, music, food, travel and women little wonder that he is in the business of entertainment, fun and lifestyle.

Ondo born, Product Manager with Galaxy Backbone but that’s not his claim to fame, he has taken his LIGHT UPNIGERIA initiative as far as CNN. Intelligent and engaging, this driven young sir is very much interested in the development of Nigeria and is positive that we will get there. We recognize him and we are firmly behind his efforts while sneaking peeps at his cute ass.

Robert Elebor – soho lounge
Stanley vandu – vaya
Hassan ahmed – SA, vice president
Nuhu kwajafa – Food for 1 Million
Shifi emoefe - Musician , Style plus

Wednesday, December 16, 2009



I think I’m nocturnal, maybe I was born in the PM cos I love the night. And there is an added beauty to the night in Abuja because it is lit up with beautiful streetlights which gives it added glow. If you happen to be like me, or maybe not, then I recommend this places to you. Enjoy…

Yay Factor – it’s new
Nay Factor – it’s new


Yay factor –
Nay factor – hotel clubs need the ‘ladies’

Yay factor – it’s beautiful
Nay factor – if you weren’t into Ibiza, you won’t be into Cubana

Yay factor –high energy, invigorating club experience
Nay factor –much ado about getting in (this can also be a YaY)

Yay factor – you can clinch a big biz deal there cos of their high profile customers
Nay factor – it’s a hotel club, the ‘ladies’ again

Yay factor – sophisticated (if I may) caters to a higher class audience
Nay factor – losing its mojo

Yay factor – fun clubbing experience guaranteed
Nay factor – sausage fest

Yay factor – music is spot on
Nay factor – its krystal lounge

Yay factor – live band, which is a nice touch
Nay factor – a little too much like excellensio

Yay factor – lovely ambience, array of cocktails (barman is very good at mixing)
Nay factor – location, location, location

Yay factor – well located, good size and very groovy
Nay factor – I don’t quite get the DJ

Yay factor – cheaper, open air, see and be seen
Nay factor –anything can happen – security

Yay factor – you can get anything, ANYTHING , from here at anytime
Nay factor – Abuja’s major red light district after zone 4

Yay factor – sleek lounge, lovely interior + u can look down on the street
Nay factor – its is beside excellensio(tsk tsk)

LIVE ( we lost the owner, may he rest in peace)

Yay factor – use to be hot
Nay factor – lost its mojo

Yay factor – they have a large array of stuff, food, drinks and it’s well located
Nay factor – its almost always empty –they need to do more

Yay factor – lovely décor, adequate parking space, lovely dance floor
Nay factor – location, its inside dabras – people cant seem to get over that.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Lets hear it For KEvin.....

I’m not going to pretend that my meeting Kevin, the first Nigerian to win the BBA prize money was a calculated city crawler move, it was a fluke. I guess I can say the universe was on my side, putting me in the right place at the right time.

I’m a literary buff. I might not write the most fantastic of books like Teju Cole, or spin rhymes for Poems like El Jo, but I write what I write, and I’m lucky people pay attention, call it frivolous chatter or ideal city gossip but my followership rises because of a need for escapism. I blab, let me now write.

I was rooting for Kevin from the moment he entered into the BB house. I have an eye for entertainers and I knew that this chap was made for TV and he had found his platform. Through the 90 days that was spent in the house, Kevin ‘alanta ed’ his way into our hearts, he was the most entertaining housemate and he was constantly repping his country, he just had to win. He was up for nomination several times, but Africa recognized and kept him in the house and eventually, victory.

Fame and Fortune.

After the Teju Cole Book reading, I was torn between going for drinks with the literary bunch, but I opted out so I could attend one of my best friend’s birthday party instead. Talk about right place at the right time. I entered the venue and saw a crowd of people, some women even had nicely sewn Ankara uniforms and I was wondering, ‘all this for Victor’? But I was told that Kevin Chuwang Pam, winner of 200k USD was in the house. At this point I will apologize to my blog followers cos I couldn’t get a statement from him but I was lucky to get a picture and that’s enough for now.

There is a welcome party for him tomorrow night in Abuja. People, let’s make him feel welcome cos this young man’s career deserves to Blow. Sadly, I must add that I don’t envy him; he has big decisions to make. From now on he will have sucker – ups, hangers - on, wanna bes, people who will promise him all kinds of things, book deals, Magazine covers, Record Deals etc but I hope he is a wise business man and he takes his time to understand the industry because in the words of a fellow jostified, Mr Incredible (MI) ‘money slow to enter……money quick to go’

Lets hear it for Kevin!!!

I Did it for the Kids..... And the Photo OP

Sunday! Restful ,chilling day. I usually spend all day and all night at home watching TV in bed and catching up on the phone with friends. But this Sunday was different, cos I knew I had to make the CC charity event. I’m a sucker for children, just say ‘it’s for the kids’ and you totally got me. Dressed up and found my way with the help of Farrah, beautiful editor of style and grace magazine and my event date. I hate to blog about personal stuff so ill fast forward to event proper.

Photo ops, smile smile camera. celebrity sightings, but I found out that I left my camera battery charging at home, so the blackberry camera had to do.

The part of the evening I enjoyed the most was Leone performance, never heard of him before but it was nice also the soulful Lindsey who sings and brings tears to my eyes. The other performances just sounded like a lot of noise, unrehearsed. I loved the poetry bit especially Eugenia Abu’s 1st poem. The twins, who presented the art work for auctions, were ‘beautiful piece of work’, good call choc city. So money was raised and it is going to a good cause.yay.

Now for the juicy bit, the event had, Wande Coal, MI, jesse jags, black solo, ice prince of the Hennessey artistry fame, tyeng gang of kiss fm, Ekene the poet with his beautiful baby which I have a crush on, I decided to move around a bit, and see if I can get any gist from the celebs. None at all, their groupies (all male) were reluctant to let anyone near them so ….

I happened to get a lil minute with Mr. Incredible himself, and the following conversation ensured
IJ – hi Mr. incredible, can I ask u a question for my blog?(smiling widely)

MI – ok, go ahead (looking suspicious but smiling)

IJ – so I always ask people I interview, what cant I ask you?

MI – Ummm , who am I %$#&ing?

IJ – Ohhh k (laughing) so who are you *#&*king???(Straight face)

MI – nobody!! (Eyeing me suggestively, lol)

IJ – ok, so if this (rap) fails, what’s plan B? As in if u weren’t doing hip hop what will u be doing?

MI – (thinking deeply, I read his thoughts and it was saying probably nothing, this is it mehnnn) I would probably be a pastor.(yea rite)!!!

Thank you Mr. Incredible, I lean in to kiss his cheek and he sits on my hand – his very big a%$ on my hand, well the hand survived sha.

The rest of the event, I will leave the press to give. But I must say the most used phrase of the night was ‘for the kids’ so cc its over to you guys…..

Thursday, December 10, 2009



*Wande Coal – He Is The Most Googled Nigerian Artist + We Hear He Favours Pink Boxers

*Banky W – The W Experience, Out Monday The 14th Of December…

*Donjazzy – IDJA (Rumoured To Be Secretly Married)

*Dare Art Alade – Just Because

*Tuface – If There will Be Any Baby In 2010

*Style + - Cos They Got New Stuff Out

*Kevin(BBA) - $200,000(N36,000,000) Need I Say More

*MI – We Want To See Him Beat The First Album, It Will Be A Feat Cos It Was So Fantastic

*Suliat – Will There Be A Jenifer Series???

*Rita Dominic – (Clears Throat) When Will U Marry?(Runs And Hides)

*Kel – hmmmmmmm

*Clarence Peters – Will U Finally Win An Award For Your Fantastic Videos?

*Nkenna – How Is She Even On This List????????????

*Eldeethedon – His Mixtape Is Coming Out, Cant Wait

*tyeng gang - cos he is the hottest voice on abuja radio

*RMD - DElta 2011??????????????????????????

theres more where this came from..... if u have a question u want answered or a rumour youve heard or just something you want to know, let the city crawler know, she got the scoop....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

EVENT INFORMATION - Do they know its christmas...

On the 13th of December 2009, the “Do they know its Christmas?” series will at the Sheratons’ Aqua club be putting style, music, poetry and fashion on the runway to raise money for charity. The Abuja people are looking forward to enjoying an entertaining star studded evening, that includes performances from; M.I, Jesse Jagz and Ice Prince (The Choc trio), Abuja’s Yoye, El Nathan, the soulful Lindsey, Abuja Choral choir and there would also be a special “do they know its Christmas?” fundraising activities to further raise monies for orphanages.

The event is one of the two being held this Christmas season to help raise funds for orphaned children who have no family to enjoy the warmth of the festive season with. Do they know its Christmas, a fundraising event launched two years ago, is organized by Chocolate City, Eddie Madaki, Yember, Kairos, Chico and Koko.

Thousands of people across the country are expected to take part in their area and make a donation to the charity Via contact details available for all the geo political zones. The event is spread across 2 days to make it memorable for the children, 13th December: “Do they know its Christmas?” Fundraising cocktail scheduled to hold at Abuja Sheraton hotel’s Aqua Club and 19th December: “Do they know its Christmas?” Children’s party to hold at the Neighborhood Garden Wuse 2 Abuja. Funds raised will go towards supporting orphanages nationwide.

A special fundraising pack has been provided by I-SPA Maitama, Dzyn Couture and Lutffy Salon with support from Oriental Restaurant, JB’s grill and Selara faces.

Spokes person for the organising Committee Mr. Audu Maikori says “There’s no better way to be thankful for a year well spent than to put smiles on the faces of orphans during this Christmas season. We hope you will join us again this year to make a difference this Christmas by supporting this event which directly benefits such an important local cause.”

Monday, December 7, 2009

Another 10 Things....

too many many questions are asked me everyday, where can i get this, who can do this for me and lots of others. its gets a bit much sometimes, but im not bothered by it, i love it. becoming a hub didnt happen by accident, it was carefully planned and calculated from day 1. well, christmas spirit people, for the next 2weeks im putting my normal schedule on hold and im focusing my energies on feeding you information, getting you into the christmas spirit and most importantly, making you laugh......
so while researching for CC Magazine we came up with this.....Enjoy


1. you listen to Kiss FM

2. the bouncers at PLAY< EDEN< TUCANO< SOHO actually recognise you

3. you can do colour associations and you can recognise logos

4. you own a mac book, netbook(me yay!), blackberry (me yay!), PDA, nitendo Wii(yay me for christmas) or any cool gadget that can do amazing things.

5. you shop online - amazon, craigslist etc

6. you can rock a bowtie - e.g Ebuka of BBN fame and ONOJA

7. you are a twitter addict - there is a whole new world happening out there, get on board...... Follow ijwhiterabbit

8. you know the top 10 songs on the billboard charts, better still you can review an album get english/dry humour

10. if you are friends with me (so what, i made the list, go make your own)

If you are saying I DO....... Rules from the CIty CRawler....

Christmas rolls in with all its good cheer, beautiful colours and bright lights and with it comes Wedding Season. The reason for this, I don’t know, I guess its cause people come from far and wide to spend the holidays with their family and friends and to show off their new hummers. So far ive got 16 text messages from friends, acquaintances and relatives announcing their intent to couple up and to all of them I say YaY! Congrats. I’m not a romantic thanks to some unresolved issues and I’m on dating hiatus but I like to get into the spirit of things, so without being a killjoy, I have a couple of rules for all my friends (and strangers alike) going down Coupledom Avenue.

Read and Smile…

Rule No 1 – I’m not paying more than 10k for Asoebi, even if Ovation is coming or CIty CRawler magazine is covering.

Rule No 2 – if I make out time to come for your wedding, food must reach me.

Rule No 3 – Don’t try to hook me up with your single friends, or your husband’s single friends. No way, we can’t all just get along. I am not sad and no, I will not die alone.

Rule No 4 – Umm, you do not suddenly know more than me, you are not suddenly more mature or more experienced just because you are married. Spare me the deepness.

Rule No 5 – I will not be a private investigator. Keep your fears and insecurities to yourself.

Rule No 6 – If you want your wedding pictures in our magazine, you must pay the full money, no discount.

Rule No 7 – Do not share any weird new found recipe with me. I don’t care that he likes chewing raw okro for stamina, ewwwwww

Rule No 8 – Don’t call me to hangout when u are bored, You made your choice, liVE with it!!!

Rule No 9 – YES ILL BE GODMOTHER!!!!!!!!

Rule No 10 – Get a job. It will keep your mind off things….

Congratulations to Ted, Mira, Uba, Dajie, Barong, Kathlyn, Johnson, Xto, Ij,eme, deardear,banky and all my other peeps that are stepping up this christmas, love u all, May God bless your unions. And you all know im just kidding, right?

Monday, November 30, 2009

From Beauty Queen to Board Room - move aside Sarah Palin...

Its Saturday, you have a wedding to attend, you wanna look your best cos your EX is gonna be there. Its Monday morning and you’ve got a presentation to the board, your promotion depends on it. He has been doing the dance for a bit and he has finally asked you out on that date, oh my what to do what to do??? That’s where CYREENE MAKEUP LOUNGE comes in. City Crawler spoke with the latest Young Woman In Business - Kejie Obi-Atatchak……..

#CC- Federal Govt Girls College was known for having the brightest and most intelligent girls, and you were almost always top of your class. You have gone from top of the class to Miss Cross River to Mommy of 3 boys and now your latest endeavor, CEO CYREENE MAKE UP LOUNGE. How have you managed this transition?
 #KEJIE - I’ve got alpha woman genes –from my Gran to my Mom and finally me, I’m from a long generation of first daughters.

#CC - What’s your Oscar?(highest peak of your career?)
 #KEJIE -To have Cyreene make up lounge in every major city in Nigeria

#CC- What’s your typical day like?
 #KEJIE - In the morning’s I’m a mom –school runs till 10oclock. After that I’m makeup artist and CEO Cyreene. It starts with setup, customers walk in. there is appointment consultation and walk in consultation. Everyone who comes in leaves with at least blush on their cheek. in the evenings I’m back to nanny duties with my boys. Once in a while, especially on weekends we hit the club scene. But I also try to attend important events.

#CC - So how did you develop this passion and the expertise?
 #KEJIE -I think it started from pageantry, from there I kind of developed a passion for working behind the camera, as a makeup artist and a stylist. I’ve never had formal training, just talent and I’ve studied and read about it and also gotten hands on tips from other pros.

#CC - Will you be giving any lecture on the at the makeup 101 event?
 #KEJIE - Yes I will. But im not going to be the only lecturer but ill be focused more on essentials.

#CC -What’s that about by the way?
 #KEJIE -The Makeup 101 event is themed – makeup tricks at your fingertips. Basically a class to teach ladies the proper makeover routine, from the basics of prepping skin care to basic makeup application methods. Proper makeup products, maintenance and simple tricks you can use to cheat nature with your makeup and finally to teach ladies on the basic essentials they should always have in their makeup bag. Proper makeup for different occasions hands on practical where the participants will translate what they have learnt.

#CC - How do u unwind?
 #KEJIE - I soak in a luxurious bath, locked doors so that my kids don’t barge in and I fall asleep in my husband’s arms.

#CC - How does your husband come in in all of this, is he terribly supportive or does the fact that his wife is out there in the public eye bother him?
 #KEJIE --He has been instrumental to everything. It was all a dream but he made me act it out and has been supportive all the way.

#CC - What is an absolutely essential makeup item every lady must have that can instantly lift up your face?
 #KEJIE -Ill say 2 things, a liner pencil and blush. Dull or tired eyes always wake up or light up with a pencil and a dull plain face will transform immediately with a blush.

#CC - Any future plans?

 #KEJIE - In the near future we plan to introduce an accessories line, makeup for everyday women and for professional makeup artist.

there u have it ladies, the Event is a must must attend. see u there....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

HO!! HO!! HO!! The Holidays Are Upon Us

I woke up this morning to bangers and knockout some of them sounding like claps but most sounding like the real thing. Under all my irritation, it dawned on me that Christmas is near. The holidays are upon us. YaY. I love Christmas, it’s the brightest season, all the food, all the colours, all the lights. No matter how Grinchy you are, you will get caught up at some point with all the hullaballoo. In only a few days, the shopping frenzy will begin in earnest, shopping for gifts, shopping for Christmas clothes for the kids, shopping for that perfect dress you will use to dazzle at the Christmas party etc. Single people who can’t travel home to be with loved ones will be stuck in the city, have no fear, I will be your guide, I’ve spent 3 Christmases in Abuja and I don’t see or experience the boredom people talk about, besides loads of people will not be travelling this Christmas due to the economic recession and uhh kidnapping (all hail my Igbo brothers). So my 2 cents for your Christmas shopping…. 

*CLOTHES – C&C Collection (male) and Belle Flammes (Female) 

*HAMPERS – try any of the stores in the city or u can DIY(do it yourself) its cheaper, just buy the basket, they come in all shapes and sizes and fill it up with your goodies, cheaper and more personalized + you can let your creativity shine through.(btw if u r too lazy or too busy, I can do it for you(big grin) 

*GADGET AND GIZMOS – ive been hinting since that I want a Nintendo Wii for Christmas(and no one has answered me) anyways….. 

*CHILDREN CLOTHING - The Childrens Place (TCP) 

*MAKEOVER/SPA TREATMENT – for makeup you can try CYREENE MAKEUP LOUNGE (they even have a chill out lounge, yay) and SERENITY SPA for your full body beauty treatment, so by the time u step out eh, hmmmm………… 

*CHRISTMAS CARDS – Celebration stores and I discovered that Exclusive stores has really lovely cards too 

*DECORATION AND GIFT ITEMS – Sahad stores has loads and they are beautiful and very cheap, other places you can get are Banrut, exclusive, and most major stores in Abuja… (call me if u want something specific) 

A lot more places and items that will enhance your Christmas celebration this year, this is just the beginning of my Christmas series. CC 
P.S if you have a Christmas product you want people to know about or a service you are providing for the period, let me know about it.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Im a fool in love! Ask my sister. When im in love I fall completely, sometime with the danger of loosing myself. I talk about the object(or subject) of my love constantly, I call, I write, I buy gifts, I think and dream .you know that ‘’I love to see him coming, and I hate to see him go’’ feeling?. it is so cool, so right, so sweet, so gooey. And for me, so long as it is reciprocated, this feeling last a long long time. 

I have found love. 

Very few people are lucky in their life time to do the things they would love to do, several reasons, environmental restriction, religious restriction, parental restrictions, relationship restriction and most of the time fear of taking that bold step.i have been very lucky, i have non of these restrictions and im doing what i love doing and what i was born to do. A friend of mine asked me last night ‘what drives you I.J.’? I will not tell you the answer, I will tell you why he asked. 

The why.... Because im always selling something. im in PR(duh). (Just so we are clear, my love interest can be an object or a subject and unfortunately subjective love died a long time ago so if u think this is I.J.’s love story expose you can stop reading now) 

So that I don’t talk too much, let me just tell you about my latest discovery and that which is the object of my latest lovessession(new word). If you live in Abuja, or anywhere else in Nigeria actually, you will understand where this is coming from. Do u ever prepare yourself for a night in the town? for guys: nice new haircut, new drags, Hennessey money and a tank full of fuel ready to crawl your way up to the AM. And for girls: that sexy new dress you bought even though u were broke because you knew deep down in your heart that u had to have it for Friday night, all the right assessories, spray glitter and all you can do to glam up for an evening out. And then you head out to your usual places and your evening goes down hill from there, why? because its the ‘same shit, different night’. 

For those of you who are well travelled (summer in UK and dubai to buy things doesn’t count) im talking Ibiza(not area 11 bibza oh, u see u never travel), st tropez, monaco etc and for those of you who have experience the ultimate clubbing experience and want to re-enact that night, I will only say this once, I have discovered Abuja's best kept secret, drumroll please.... EDEN VIP! I don’t know how despite my city crawling ways, I could have missed it??? i will not describe it so I wont look like im over hyping it but, I saw drinks that I have only seen in jayz music videos and maybe rick ross(yes I am a bush girl I agree sue me, at least I have dstv aand I run my own company, he he). I love the thing they do when u buy a don perignon magnum, there is a fanfare of being a big spender and it will be all yourz for 15minutes. Cool. 

Abeg let me not spoil it for you. This Friday and saturday, Fashion TV(FTV) in Nigeria for the first time, hosted to the biggest party in Abuja.  me and my people. We know how to do it on a Friday night, no stalling, no forming, no frills, just thrills( see me rhyming, watch out M I) having fun has become a religion and the best thing about this folks, they are the best in their choosen career so u cant fault then. Ok enough said. 

I know some slowies will wonder what this blog is really about, ok let me explain it to u like you are an 8 year old, I.J. is in love and when I.J. falls in love, she sells the object or subject of her affection. Lucky EDEN VIP, you take center stage. 

Friday night live!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


 ABUJA CARNIVAL – the peoples carnival 
www.abujacanivaloffice.comor 09626505 





DATE : SUN, 22ND NOV 09 

TIME: 1PM & 3PM 


TIME: 7AM / 3PM 


DATE: 21ST,22ND, 23RD NOV 09 

TIME : 11AM 


Monday, November 16, 2009

Move Over LAgos....

I am no writer and to be honest I have no right to write about what I write about, but I am a self acclaimed City Crawler and I have chosen the unique and beautiful city of Abuja to prowl, both day and night. I make it my busy body business to know exactly what is going down at every point in time in every sector. Ask me about Abuja, I know, because I am the City Crawler. Well as introductions go, this is my bit.

Lagos Lagos Lagos, no one is in competition with Lagos oh, it is a peculiar town and the people who live there are a peculiar people. There is a saying, that if u can survive in Lagos, you can survive anywhere, I agree. I can pick a true Lagos person out from a crowd, except for those ones that are naturally slowies (a word my friend came up with to describe, well slow people, dull people). Comparisons have been made several times, I wonder why, seeing that Lagos has almost 100years ahead of Abuja, as well as all the multinationals and opportunities available, a true cosmopolitan city .But Abuja is a fast developing hub. In the not so distant past only politicians, federal civil servants and university of Abuja students lived here. And mostly, not by choice but by necessity. Others came and went, contractors came got their papers signed and hurried back home. Land was cheap, transport was cheap, and living in Abuja was no biggie. Until suddenly, we started noticing holdups at traffic lights and that’s when it dawned that the people are coming….

There are many more reasons to visit the FCT and many more opportunities available than ever before. Whether u are taking a few days out or cozily settling in to building a life here, there is something to keep you happy LIVING in Abuja, as long as you want to and are open to possibilities. Nigerians have come from all over to settle here, they are migrating in droves because other major cities are already saturated and Abuja embraces every one as a true no man’s land, we are loving it. If u follow this blog you will see the evolution of Abuja from the eyes of the city crawler, I will make it my life purpose to bring the FCT to you, no matter the part of the country you are. The music scene, the fashion scene, recreation, hospitality, nightlife, politics, etc

My prediction is that Abuja city will become A major capital, not only of the country but also for everything else …….. this might seem a bit farfetched but it will feel very good seeing my prediction come to reality just like im sure Donald Duke of the CRS fame smiles to bed every night.

Move over Lagos.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

BB Craze....

I am giggling uncontrollably as I write this, why? Because my BlackBerry keep pinging and ticking and chiming and vibrating. I’m not saying I’m just too hot and people keep calling me, no nothing like that, its just that I have different tones for the different applications I am presently addicted to. Twitter has a tingle anytime I get a mention or a DM (only twitter people will get this), there’s a Chime any time I get a yahoo chat, there is this loud distorted noise when my phone rings, a buzz sound when I get an sms and my personal favorite, a loud kaching when I get a BBM (black berry message). Before my more cynical friends write me off as trying to promote Blackberry (as I am always selling something) how will the BB maker contact little me nau? Anyways so I don’t digress too much…..

As a self acclaimed City Crawler I make it my busy body business to know everything that goes on in the city of Abuja and I’m telling you that the Black berry is staging a, what word should I use? Takeover! It’s not yet a huge treat to the Nokia, but I’m sure Nokia Execs have noticed the 5 – 8% of their fans that have drifted to the dark side. The Black berry is here people, sit up and notice.
Two things make me say this. Envision the following scenario. You walk into a restaurant and see 5 young, well dressed executives sitting on a table in the corner, obviously gathered for a lunch meeting and not a stir or a sound coming from them but pings and chimes, on closer inspection you find that they all have Crackberrys, like I like to call the blackberry, true story… Or at a nice lounge, let use café 24, a girl and a guy sitting together obviously on a date and the girl or guy, usually the girl though is constantly on her phone throughout the night, check that phone very closely, Crackberry. (and then she wonder why the guy never called her again)

Well everybody and their mama is now armed with a Black berry and they know how to use it, I am happy about it oh, don’t get me wrong, it is particularly popular among SCUPPIES (Socially Upward Mobile Young Executives) older people can’t be bothered, they are fine with Nokia, very user friendly. But my grief is with people who have no business owning a blackberry but for the fact that well, it a blackberry, everybody has one, this I call capitalism pressure along with the pressure to fix Brazilian weave when u can’t really afford it. Very typical of Nigerians to go with a trend, well I’m not here to Rain on anyone’s BB parade; I’m a bringer of good tidings.

By all means own a Blackberry, it’s the coolest ‘New’ accessory and it makes communication a lot easier and cheaper, that is when you have gotten the 5k BIS charge MTN makes you have to pay out of the way, then u become a real social nuisance. It has a lot of cool applications and it aides business whether you are a Chief Executive, a PA or just a Young Exec who is constantly on the Go, there’s the Bold, the Javeline, the Curve, the Tour, which ever suits you and your budget is fine really, don’t feel any pressure to buy the most expensive or the slickest, BB na BB.
Ok now I remember why I decided to write this, a friend of mine lets call her chi, just received her new BB and her excitement was contagious, she was almost childlike – u know like when a child receives a new toy, it was so cute and it just occurred to me that in Abuja everywhere I go I hear a subtle ping or a loud kaching. It a good thing but how long will this black berry craze last???

Monday, October 26, 2009


El Dee the Don has a Masters degree in Architecture! Woow! And we thought all artistes are dropouts??? We like forming that we don’t enjoy the idea of celebrity, but all that was thrown to the winds this weekend when the royalty of the music industry stormed Abuja for the face off 09 basketball match. I love my job. I told myself I was going to have a good laugh at the celebs making a big fools of themselves and maybe see who has 6packs and who doesn’t, but to my surprise and delight, they actually know a thing or two about the sport, at least some of them. But truth is I was gunning for MI and he so did not disappoint. He scored about 3 baskets for his side and even when they played with the veteran(and were flogged) he showed himself worthy, not surprising seeing that he got his college education from Michigan state in the US of A where sports is encouraged alongside education.

The crowd was excited, and even the 3 hours we were kept waiting did not matter anymore when the roll call of celebs in the house was unleashed. Even they had the opportunity to know their level of appreciation by the sound of the cheers and going by that measurement I can confidently say, jesse jags is on his way to the top going by the appreciation he got when his name was announced. But 2baba is still the king, any day. He wasn’t even introduced, he walked in a bit late, people sighted him and just started screaming……, I was amazed, well not really its Tuface afterall.

Pretty boys Banky W and Ebuka tormented their opponents, so did Sound sultan. I did not understand 9ice outfit, he had a whole out fit under his jersey and shorts, well people took notice so I guess he knew exactly what he was doing. The brothers peter and paul who make up P-Square came in with a back flip –now those are entertainers. Wande Coal tried and tried and tried and still couldn’t make one basket, well at least he can make hits, that will do for us. We also had Sasha, Kel, Denrele, Kaffy, Noble, AY the comedian and a couple others on the pitch.

Zeal was quite the ajebota oh, but Shifi held it down for the Abuja front oh so did the Gangster Kiss Fm bigz boy, GANG. An interesting Debut happened that night. A mic was tossed to Mr Eddie Madaki and he did a fantastic job compeering the event alongside Veteran broadcaster, Gang. If u read this, I have 6 words for you ‘YOU are in the wrong JOB’. your calling is in entertainment, looking forward to more from you.

To end the night, the basketball veterans were invited to play ball with the celebs, and that is where the real laughs began. They were making 3 points baskets and the stars were hopeless and helpless and even a bit star struck. At the end of all this I realized that form as we form we love our stars, everyone came forward to take pictures of or with the stars and there has been an influx of this pictures on face book since then. Well that’s the night in brief, thanks Soundcity and Smirnoff ice, we had fun.

(I was privileged to chat with most of the artiste and I will be publishing celebrity trivia later)

P.S Look out For ACE and ICEPRINCE their performances were spot on although MI almost stole iceprince thunder a lil bit...

Friday, October 23, 2009

OCT 31st

Halloween has never been this anticipated in abuja.
the heat is on for who is gonna throw the best halloween party this year. a sneak peak at what abuja has planned;

#Basement Night club - COLOR RIOT party on the 31st
#Play sports bar & grill - HAUNTED PLAY GROUND on the 31st
#Eden VIP lounge - GLOW IN THE DARK PARTY on the 30th

This are a few of the events planned out for halloween in abuja, and everyone is excited and looking forward to the creative and scary costumes that will be featured this year and maybe just maybe you might get a masked kiss(lol)

the city crawler will be out and about and will be rewarding the most creative and the most scary costume of the night with several give aways.
so people.........

(join the city crawler group on facebook and get all the event information and hot gist coming from the city of abuja)

Abujas Best Kept Secret

occasionally, a PR Executive's life takes me to places that are sometimes wierd and sometimes wonderful. i come across things that the general public does not, possibly becos i am always on the look out. in recent days,i have been off the desk and more on the streets, building the brand and keeping up the hustle. i made a few discoveries and as is my way,im gonna share.....

its funny this place has been in existence for more than a year, but i only just went by on saturday when i attended a ' tea party ' for the fashion house ICONOLA. the decor is cool and fun, the ambience is comfortable and warm and you can just sit and relax, its a very unpretentious place. if u r one of those people who likes to have a quiet drink after work or have a me and u time with your pathner,then this is the place for u. but if u are a see and be seen type, pls stick with british council.

i love creativity, love it love it. so when i have to give a card for a birthday or to say goodbye or sorry or.... i like to be able to say what i want to say and how i want to say it. thats why i loooove this store, they have the best cards in abuja, as a matter of fact, they have cards my dad use to give my mom in the past(i know becos one of the ones i gave her brought tears to her eyes). they have other cool stuff but their cards are totally awesome.

ok i dont have a sweet tooth. ive had 4 of my teeth removed and i believe my sweet tooth was taken out .even when i go to watch a movie,i order plain or salty popcorn, i hate candy, i hate icecream and bisciuts annoy the hell out of me, but but but, when u taste this choc which luckily u can buy in grams and measures, then my friends, need i say more...

uuuuhhhh 'baby let me serenade u with effizi". if he wasnt so young i would be chasing this talented swaggerlicious abuja sensation with a bunch of pink roses from celebration stores and chocolate from choc place. but he already has enough chocolate, he has got the choc boys behind him and we know, yes we know that jesse jags is the next big thing coming out of abuja. jesse jay today, babay u too fine oh, boy u blow our mindz ohhh...

im a chicken lover. i can eat chicken for breakfast lunch and dinner, 5 days a week. its that bad, ive had all types of chicken, all, ok maybe except raw chicken(thAt will be wierd). well if you appreciate good food and u are a chicken addict like me, then i sure reccomend.

if i say too much people will say ehen ij is marketing, but make no mistake, i only talk about cool places and honestly Eden VIP, coooooooollllll..

even now as i write this post im watching one of the hottest songs rite now on the channel. what i like most about this channel is that it can rival any channel on dstv, both music and otherwise, and i love the way they promote the nigerian music/entertainment industry. kudos to the chief executive officer of soundcity, his vision, insight, drive and discipline has paid off and we all are reaping the fruits of this forward thinking young sir.

ok the most i know about law, ive learnt from boston legal, but a law firm that is not called OBI OLUNI & CO is new to me. they specialize in technology law and i discovered them when i decided to take white rabbit concept on line. people are doing fantastic things in this country albiet quietly and we have to recognise, encourage and support them.

we pay a premium to live in abuja. every one want to live in wuse but 'iji kwe EGO"? as my friend will say..... maitama and asokoro have lovely houses, clean straight streets, but im sorry to break it to you, asokoro is saturated and has narrow streets and maitama is so 2000&late. if u drive through utako and jabi, the lovely houses that have sprung up in that area will put those 1990 architecture houses in maitama and asokoro to shame. there is even a plot of land by jabi lake im eyeing and i will be accepting contributions at this time to purchase it and build my dream house, offers any one????

P.S - there are a couple of other places and things i have discovered but as is my way, im writing this post by 1am and my brain is shutting down for the night, will update as i remember.
if by any chance you would like to check out any of this places or need more info, feel free to call, txt,tweet or email me.
i am the white rabbit.........

fOR The Ladies...

'there is no right or wrong only opinion'. this is strictly the opinion of the city crawler, and FYI i did not get paid to do this so its unbaised, and i consider it a service to my blogdom.
ENJOY and i hope you find it helpful.

1.fix nails ; styles- 411 plaza
2.get original brazilian weave; sydneys -omega center
3. fix hair: efe- styles salon
4. braid hair: strands
5. get a goog hair cut: famaks
6: get good quality cosmetics: cyreene makeup lounge and perfect trust cosmetics
7.nice jeans: silky boutique beautiful shoes
9. assesories: for gold- wuse market, for eclectic- eyza 08059162914
10. bodycare products- perfect trust
11. afterwork drinks- BC
12. ladies night out: let your hair down go crazy and not be disturbed or harrassed-
13. ladies lunch- salamanda 
14. bags and cluches- several places but try 
15. sew traditional- ogordo, if u have plenty money atampa(i dont know how they always get it spot on)
16. buy fresh produce- market or farmers market @ maitama
17. lingerie- shop @ ceddi
18. chocolate- dunes
19. perfume- asg plaza,upstairs,, ive forgotten the name
20. gift for him- mode element store
21. gyneacologist- limi hospital
22. spa and beauty treatement- opposite mtn office, iv forgotten the name, its 4am jo magazine with wearable clothes and nice articles- INSTYLE
23.magazine for getting latest ankara atyles- city people fashion and style
24. most woman friendly gym- peniel apartment gym
25. most woman friendly club- hmmmmmm, btw aristotle and play
26. most woman friendly condom- popular opinion(gold circle condom,NAFDAC)
27.get nice dresses(all occasions)- 1001 ideas
28. office clothes- everyone says ashers but i just pick pieces around
29. cool flat shoes and slippers: walking faith
30. shop and lunch: grand square
31. sunday after church- hilton buffet or suhjuiced
32. boring saturday- go swimming or bowling or play nitendo wii @ the dome
33. for your kids- wonderland, MAP or ceddi plaza
34. cool date- chez victor or vanilla resturant (quiet)
35. where not to go alone at night(esp if you are not a natural crawler)- area 11, zone 4, hilton

P.S feel free to agree or disagree and also add your best places, the info will be helpful and will spice this up