Thursday, November 17, 2011


HAVE YOU EVER BEEN STUCK in an elevator with the CEO of a company you have been dying to meet?

Have you ever been sited on the same table next to a guy/girl you have been dying to talk to? 

You should actually picture the scenario in your head. If you find yourself in this situation, what are you going to say? 

Most of the time we are overwhelmed. Before we even recover from the realization of the sheer magnitude of our luck, the Chief Executive gets off on his floor or your table partner turns his/her back, to talk to someone else on the table.

As a young business person, being PREPARED is Key. But more important than being prepared is being able to deliver in a way that will capture your audience in a space of 2mins (approx). Seems like very little time doesn’t it? But the reality of today is that the world is fast moving and people only pay attention to the UNIQUE and DIFFERENT.

Its global entrepreneurship week (14th to 18th Nov) and it is my humble belief that the SME’s (small and medium enterprise)in every field will play a strong role in the solving of Nigeria’s unemployment issues, either as employer or employee. Running a small business is tough, especially for young people all over the world, and you need all the support you can get, from investors, partners, customers etc. Don’t ever take for granted that you have a good product or service that will sell itself, always be prepared to sell your product in a unique and creative way, at every opportunity you will find, that will spark the interest of your audience and If you need any help Developing an “Elevator Pitch” or Creatively Selling your Product or Service to assure great ROI please contact White Rabbit Global Concept on 08037135829

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My home girl is getting married.

It’s so romantic how her fiancĂ© proposed to her. It came as a total surprise. Yes she knew that the relationship was going to end in marriage, but she didn’t know he was so ready to do the big “P”. Anyways, my friend wasn’t ready for her big day5months ago when she was proposed to and her reason might seem fickle to you but not to her. She wasn’t her perfect weight, her skin wasn’t glowing and her front hair had chopped off (damn lace wig).

So you can imagine my surprise and delight when I ran into her a couple of days ago, she is looking trim, her skin is glowing and she has a FULL head of HAIR. WOW

WHAT's The Secret????

Shea Butter, Sheer Magic

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Barka d Sallah People

Barka d Sallah to all our numerous Readers

Its a long weekend because of the monday and tuesday addition(Bankers must be happy) so endeavour to enjoy yourself, be hospitable, give the kids a treat but whatever you do, do your best to stay safe in the city of Abuja and avoid areas that we have been warned about.

All the recreational centers in sure will have a crowd this period so im certain they will be fun to visit for Adults and kids alike. The Movies, The Game alleys. the Amusement Parks etc.....

But if you are on a budget this period you can pack a picnic and head to theMillennium Park, just opposite the Transcorp hilton, rent a Mat for N200 - N500 (depending on size) and have a great time with your family or friends. its good for bonding or people watching too and there is always something exciting going on....

im gon' be crawling around the city so if you see me pass by, holla at your girl...

Enjoy your celebrations.....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DEAR CITY CRAWLER: Tips for our Readers.....

I compiled a couple of questions that were sent to the City Crawler Mail Box and I hope it will be helpful for our other readers.

Dear Abuja City Crawler
I was lucky to get information on a land for sale in a very highbrow area of Abuja. It is ridiculously affordable for where it is located. I am a bit skeptical because I have heard of all kinds of scams that happen in the FCT especially with real estate. Please where can I confirm the authenticity of the C of O.
Segun, Utako.

Dear Segun,
Information like that is hard to come by so ill say lucky you. You are right to be skeptical and you have taken the best step seeking this information. The Agency that handles this is AGIS and its located at No. 4 Peace Drive,Garki Abuja. 234-7070271909 email Goodluck.

Hello City Crawler,

I live in one of the high rise buildings In wuse and I have two sons (4 and 2). This might sound funny, but I would love to play “Monkey Post” football with my boys like my dad did with me when I was a kid. My building is really restrictive, please can CC suggest somewhere I can take them to play?

from Gabe.

dear Gabe,

You live in wuse, you are in luck. There are recreational parks spread around the city that caters to that sort of thing, but ultimately you can head to millennium park, lots of space and you might find other dads with the same idea and you guys can form a team. Good luck

hello city crawler,

I would like to hang out with my girls every once in a while, but I have kids. Please where can I go that ill have fun and the kids too will have a great time?


dear hauwa

If you have small kids, wonderland and Maitama amusement park. For older kids, you can go to the Dome in central area, they have lots of games and a great bowling alley where not only they will enjoy but you and your girls as well.

Hello city crawler,

I don’t live in Abuja, but I am around very often for business and I usually wish to unwind after a hard day or have celebratory drinks with partners and clients after a deal is closed. Please I would like to know what the entry requirement is for clubs in Abuja because they only seem to allow people they see on a regular basis? Thanks


dear anonymous,

Looking sharp and tipping the bouncers at the gate goes a long way, but you can just make it easier and get a membership card, most of the clubs in the city use this.

Dear city crawler, 

My Sunday afternoons after church is most boring, please any activity you can suggest to vibe up the day before work starts again Monday.

from nicole.

Dear Nicole,

My friends and I use to have a lil fishing expedition every sunday afternoon to abacha barrack before it got bombed. Really Sunday afternoon fun is an individual thing except there is a comedy event. You can head to Silverbird and catch a movie, or head to dome for bowling, oling nitendo wii or snooker. Picnic @ mellinium park with friends or a significant other . Also you can attend the GAP(guild of artist and poets) meet that happens every sunday.

Dear City Crawler,

Please where can I get a great massage in Abuja at a reasonable cost?

from Omotosho.

Dear Omotosho,

Look no further, head to Body line gym and your Back will never remain the same. I am a living testimony.

Dear city crawler, 

Im looking to meet nice decent women of marriageable age who are not boring or desperate. Any suggestion of where I should go. P.s please don’t say church

From L

Dear El.

Im going to say church, sorry. Also ill say the supermarket, the cafes, work etc. any where you can find people really. Im no match maker and I really can say any particular place has good or bad girls but I will just advice you to also garner up courage to walk up to ladies and talk to them, as a man im sure you will be able to figure out a lady you are interested in by chating with her. goodluck

*any contributions to help out readers will be appreciated, just leave a comment in the comment section. for questions and enquiries send emails to*

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Its No Dulling in Abuja City....

(P.S This Post was inspired by one of my aquintances experience. Ifound it funny and serious)

I have a question! Why is December wedding season in Nigeria?

Ok, let me answer that. Maybe because it usually Dry(the rains are from march to October) and well family and friends come home from all over for the Christmas celebrations. I don’t know if i am right, but as December fast approaches the invites have started pouring in. I hate talking about relationships and love and all of that but somehow for the past two weeks, when I run into someone, especially old classmates that is all I seem to hear about. Its either I’ve hooked up or I’ve broken up. Its either I want to marry this or he doesn’t want to marry that, it just goes on and on. I’ve decided to put all this into perspective. Look at me for instance, I have sworn to marry my twin soul(tall order but that my problem jare), I know somebody who has sworn to marry money, someone else has sworn to marry a footballer, popular or not long as he is making that armed robber salary they pay them.

Na So the pressure dey mount around this time of the year, especially for the ladies and especially when you are not going on holiday with your fiancée or a giant faux diamond engagement ring and a really romantic story of how he proposed. And you attended so many bridal showers and bachelorette parties that you have created an internal stop watch, and you hear it going tick tock every single second. Yup we do this to our self with help from our parents, friends and society pressure.

But guess what! There are a certain group of men in town that have developed what i love to call the “tick tock radar”. They can spot a woman who thinks her time is slowly passing her by from a mile away (usually at weddings and in church) and approach them. Don’t be deceived, these guys are well educated, smooth talking (some get British accent sef “i just got back”), very sharply dressed etc. It starts out pretty normal. Toasting toasting toasting. You guys hang out a few times, he meets your friends, you do the deed and suddenly the stories start pouring in.

Baby I need to clear my goods”, “My check has not cleared”,”I need land documents for collateral and all the land i have is already leveraged”.

You want to help your Boo out because you are in Love and you want to be supportive. Don’t be timid, don’t be Naive.....

(to be continued........

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

THE Versatile Grey Dress, who would have thought....

CC Note: We all know the Lil Black dress, the Lil white dress and even the Lil Red dress for those who dare, but who would have thought the lil Grey dress could be so versatile? Guest writer Sandra Ushie(Stylist) tells us how we can rock this number in different ways and look fab while saving money.


The Three Way Look

Every woman often finds herself uncertain about what to wear. It could be for a corporate event, a date with a significant other or a girls’ night out. Most times we are unaware that somewhere in our closet lies that casual piece of clothing which might just save the day.
‘Improvise’ has always been my fashion watchword. It has saved me from incurring debt and taught me to use few clothes to create different looks for different occasions. For starters, forget how unflattering that outfit looked right after it was purchased on impulse and dumped at the back of your closet. Explore various ways to make it work. This is dependent on certain factors – how well it suits your figure, how well the colour matches your skin tone and how well it highlights your best features. These three things work together to transform an ordinary outfit into a glamorous one.
The Three Way Look is easy to achieve. Close attention to detail is essential in creating each look; from hair to make-up and most importantly, accessories. You don’t have to be a fashionista to pull this off; but you’ll need a few tips to help you express your personality in a stylish yet comfortable way.
I have accessorized the LGD (Little Grey Dress) in three different ways to create The Three Way Look:

Formal Look: Geek Glasses, Shrug Cardigan, Bow Belt, Black Gold Studded Peep-Toe Shoes and Pearls (Stylist’s Own). This look is formal yet stylish. The geek glasses give it an edgy feel while the cardigan and belt tone it down. The pearl necklace lends it an understated elegance while the black peep-toe shoes complete the look.

The Semi-Formal Look: Layered Faux Pearls, Red Skinny Belt and Blue Pumps (Stylist’s Own).
This look is accomplished through detailed accessorizing. The hair is let down sideways to draw attention to the pearl necklace. The red matte lipstick matches the red skinny belt and contrasts perfectly with the blue pumps.

Casual Look: Headband, Bib Custom Necklace, Lace Blouse and Peep-Toe Ankle Boots (Stylist’s Own).
This ready-to-go look is playfully stylish. The lace blouse worn beneath the dress gives it a distinct look, while the headband and bib necklace give it a touch of glamour. The four inch boots were made for walking.

So there you have The Three Way Look. Go ahead and try them for all day glamour.


Sandra Ushie is the CEO of Leyi Ush Fashion and Image Consultancy; focused on improving the personal appearance of women and enabling them express themselves through fashion. Leyi Ush provides basic styling services including event styling, photo shoot styling, design recommendation, colour analysis, wardrobe consultation and personal shopping. Contact

Monday, September 5, 2011


I think September is a great month, no particular reason, I just love the number 9. I wanted to call this post lucky number 9,give it a lil swing. But my friend reminded me that Luck is only associated with seven, (LUCKY NUMBER 7), oh well!. So as is City Crawlers usual way, this is our Style post recommendation for the month of september and beyond. We are mostly saying, be BOLD especially with the weather being so dreary and depressing a splash of colour will be sure to lift up any mood this month and STAND out out you will. 


This look has transcended summer and I’m sure will go on for a while. It’s not only for the bold as there are some more understated colours that can be thrown together to fit this trend. Be careful tho’ its not called color crashing. Take a cue from this lovely ladies. Chizo

You can get the new nail effect nail polish strip or just go multicolored with different cool colors. Some might say its tacky, but if you are bold enough why not, it looks like fun. 


Pinned on a Tee or a Top, these can dress up any casual look and make even formal attire look edgy. You can be creative and attach to your wrist or if you are into hats. 


OMG the miracle creations I have seen done with this once frumpy fabric, I think Ankara should be voted Fabric of the New Generation. For a Semi casual look, everyone is pairing their Ankara top with jeans and it looks uber stylish. Love it.designer and stylist, Sandra Ushie

This has always been a hot favorite, but a lot of ladies doubt they can pull it off. Find a shade that fits you and you will be sure you stand out. For this September, this is definitely one look I recommend you try. The effect it will have (wink). You can thank me later.
Number 6: BROGUES
This is my favourite. I was dying to own a pair and finally ive got the most gorgeous pair in Tan(which is also a hot favourite this season). Ladies might shy away because they look masculine, but if you are up for a style challenge, this is it. If you love Janelle Monae, well its her signature. Rock it baby, Rock it.
This is one item that sure makes a statement. Its not understated in anyway but you don’t have to be Bold to carry this off. It comes is several different material, leather, crocodile skin etc. usually very structured and lovely lovely lovely. iRecommend.
With a statement necklace on even the plainest of dresses, shirts or tops, your look instantly takes a stylish dimension. The more bold and creative the piece, the more you stand out. Don’t be shy, you cant go wrong with this.
Blouses, Tee-shirts, Dresses, Pants, Caps, shoes, Metallic and Shimmery Makeup own it this september. 

Many thanks to Bill, Ulabi, Dytiem,Ati, and Sandra who contibuted to this post. 

Stay tuned to this site for our next Post, 9 places to visit in Abuja. you'll love it.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Drum Roll for Abuja's BEST Make - up Professional

Olajide Okerayi – Pro Makeup Artist

He is called at every event, present at every photo shoot, necessary for any wedding. he is Jide of St. Ola Make-up. i am not exaggerating when i say he is the best there is. Passionate, Professional and Precise are the three words i will use to describe this young man who started out at the age of 17 and has sure made his mark in the emerging abuja fashion industry. The make-up artist with a heart of gold, he makes quite an impression. Jide stands out not because he is a Guy in a ‘girl-dominated’ profession but because he is good, really good. A trial will convince you. whether you have a big night ahead, or you want to be the loveliest bride or just generally stand out on any red carpet, he is the Man for the JOB

City Crawler caught up with jide and had a nice chat....


CC: How did you find your self doing this? was it something you always wanted to do or you stumbled on it?

Jide:well to be honest, fashion has always been my dream and since I started designing makeup came along and since then I have fallen in love with it. makeup is something that when I cant sleep at night I am thinking of how to mix two coloursof eye shadow to form a new colour…… that’s how much I love makeup.

CC: Is there anyone you are dying to makeup?

Jide:Wow! Errrr….. I would love to makeup lady gaga, goldie and Omawumni.

CC:Whats your favourite works for everyone look?

Jide:A very natural but classy look.

CC: What on item of makeup will instantly glam up a look?

Jide:Liquid Liner

CC: You do make up for all kinds of vents, weddings, redcarpet, runways, photo shoots. Whats your favourite?

Jide: Photo shoot definately

CC: What advice would you give someone who wants to go into your business:

Jide: well; the thing is you have to have hunger for learning. Even if you think you know it all. And you have to be very creative…… and then practice, lots of it. Practise is key

CC: What do you think sets you apart from other makeup artist:

Jide: well, im sure you will hear this from other makeup artist as well but, I am a perfectionist. I make sure my shadows are well blended and applied. Most importantly, my brows are my signature…… once you see my brows you will know that it was done by JIDE of ST. Ola

CC: What one item must be in every girls makeup bag?

Jide: Lipgloss

CC: New technology everyday to make ‘makeup application’ perfect. What that item you are dying to own that will make your clients look out of this world?

Jide: As it is for now I have what ive always wanted which is the airbrush machine, but im looking forward to a new invention on makeup artistry.

CC: Your most famous clients?

Jide: I have so many famous clients, as a matter of fact all my clients are famous.

City Crawler was not left out of it all Jide Can be reached on 07035249559......

*need recommendations, contact the city crawler on 08037135829 or email or

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Young And Proud: Abuja Stand Up!

The best decisions are informed decisions.

I am happy to live in a world and in a time where young people are encouraged to do great things and I have noticed that more and more people are leaving the corporate world to start their own business. Many reasons, flexibility, control, or just plain tired of the routine of a 9-5. This is not only great for the economy but also good for individual growth and confidence.

As a young child growing up, I dreamt of being many things. Lawyer, pilot, princess, pirate etc. None of these quite worked out the way i planned but that is a story for another day.

In Nigeria, we are encouraged to go to school, finish, get a good job(now because of unemployment,any job will do) and then get married and have kids and settle down to growing old. As boring as this sounds alot of people tow this line. Which begs the question, are you doing absolutely what you want to be doing? Or are you stuck in a rut just because having a good job is what is expected of you or you feel safe? You dream about success and achieving great heights in life but you are too afraid to take the leap, how then do u intend to attain? Fear makes us irrational, desperate even, so we just sit in our comfort, quietly watching our days go by when we can do something about.

What the world needs is young passionate innovative individuals who are ready to take on the world and change the script, who can bravely challenge old ways of doing things/thinking and change them. Success isn’t predetermined by some force or a higher power, you attain success because of the choices you make, the risk you take and the hardwork and determination you put into your business or your art. As a young woman  in business  I consider every one, young and old who ventured out and succeeded as my inspiration and I doff my hat to them.

New ideas abound, Abuja has a thriving market, take control.


Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell - How little things can make a difference

Paul Arden is one of my Favourite Authors, you will find this books helpful...

And finally,( but of course you can add alot more) 

7 Habits of Highly Effective people

My Personal Favourite, comes highly recommended 

Chief Executive Officer,White Rabbit ConcePt Nig

Publisher/Editor, City Crawler Magazine

WHITE RABBIT CONCEpT LIMITED. Also known as WR CONCEpT is an Events Design and Management, Public Relations and Advertising FIRM based in Abuja, Nigeria.

(YPIB - young people in business seminar/networking meet coming soon)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Abuja Places:For The Ladies

'there is no right or wrong only opinion'. this is strictly the opinion of the city crawler and a sampling of several ladies who live in Abuja, and FYI i did not get paid to do this so its unbaised. You can Add to it and ill update the  Best Places if you are on a Budget later in the week.
ENJOY and i hope you find it helpful.

1. Salon treatment (Hair, Mani and Pedi) - Ninads Spa
2. Getting original brazilian weave -  Sydneys -omega center
3. Hair Stylist -  Efe(Efes Pimp world,plaza opp kiss Fm)
4.  Braid Hair - Strands or if you have the Energy, the Market.
5. Get a good hair cut: Famaks (spread around the City)
6: Get good quality cosmetics:  Perfect Trust cosmetics
7. Nice jeans: C n C Collection
8. Shoes: please try beautiful shoes or call Terngu
9. Assesories: for Gold- wuse market, for eclectic jewelry - eyza 08059162914, ceddi and silverbird
10. Bodycare products - Perfect trust
13. Ladies lunch- salamanda.(*very women friendly*) On a Budget - Assorted Foods

14. best place for traditional has to be dzyn now at asokoro shopping mall...affordable and trendy

16. Buy fresh produce- Any of the Markets or farmers market @ maitama
17. lingerie - shop @ ceddi
18. Chocolate- Dunes
19. Perfume- Sweet Scent ASG plaza
20. Gift for him- mode element store
21. Gyneacologist- Limi hospital and Zankli hospital
22. Spa and Beauty treatment-  Bnatural and MB Hamman for a morrocan spa treatment
23. Magazine for getting latest ankara Styles- City People fashion and style
24. Most woman friendly gym- Body Line
25. Most woman friendly club- hmmmmmm
26. Most woman friendly condom- popular opinion(gold circle condom,NAFDAC)
27. Get nice dresses (all occasions)- 1001 ideas

28. Office clothes- everyone says Ashers but i just pick pieces here and there

29. Best Pizza - SFC Maitama (but thats just me)
30. Shop and Lunch: Grand square and Grandsquare Cafe (good prices too)
31. Sunday after church- Hilton buffet or suhjuiced @ Ceddi Plaza
32. Boring Saturday- Swimming or Bowling or Play Nitendo wii @ the Dome
33. For your kids- Wonderland, MAP or the Game Arcade at Silverbird
34. Cool date- Chez victor or JBs Grill
35. where not to go alone at night(esp if you are not a natural crawler)- Area 11(Gimbiya), Zone 4, Hilton.

P.S feel free to agree or disagree and also add your best places, the info will be helpful and will spice this up.

Updated Blog

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Networking Abuja Style @ the MTN LINK NITE

Hello Abuja,

As promised the MTN Link Nite train berthed at the Lagos hall of the prestigious Transcorp Hilton hotel on the 2nd of July, 2011, it had been long anticipated and it lived up to its billing in every ramification.  

This grand occasion paid host to members of the Abuja business community.

The discussants: Barr. Audu Maikori- CEO Chocolate City; Mrs. Dayo Benjamin Laniyi-CEO DOXA; the very talented artist and entrepreneur Dare Art Alade helped to make it a night to remember. Guests at the event were motivated, encouraged and given various business developmental tips by these exceptional individuals. 

Project fame prodigy Chidinma performed a song to the awe of the audience, her sonorous voice added inspiration and grace to the occasion. This set the stage for the spectacular Darey to give a roof raising performance. Darey had the ladies in the house dancing with him, while the men cheered on. 

The MC for the event Buchi left the audience in stitches with his jokes and wisecracks.

 (buchi in action)

The whole idea behind the MTN Link Nite is to power a platform for young business professionals and entrepreneurs to meet, rub minds and share ideas with people they ordinarily have no access to. It is a platform for networking and linking sharp business minds. 

Eminent personalities such as the former DMD of Total Nig- Engr. Alek Musa; Arch. Frank Evbuomwan Commissioner for Works Edo State and Mr. Gerald Ada Special Adviser to the Governor of Cross River State on Investment Promotion have been previous discussants & professionals that have featured on the platform sharing ideas cuts across from business to entertainment, giving tips and generally networking with other invited guests.

Abuja people networked, Prizes were won and 

city crawler was there to witness it all...

It’s been a whirl wind experience; guests from Port Harcourt to Calabar, Benin and now Abuja have all networked and got linked!. The infotainment train moves on, the next stop is Enugu.

pictures from the Event