Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Boredom: is it us?

There is only one way to say this. Boredom sucks. I have in the past couple of months slacked in my quest to find ultimate entertainment, ultimate leisure and ultimate recreation in the city of Abuja, that I was slowly but surely deteriorating to a fixed state of boredom.

I am the city crawler, I get all the movie schedules sent to me a week before and I spend all weekend watching the new ones. Yes Friday night 8.40, lady sitting alone in a dark corner concentrating, yup that’s me. And then by Monday when I’ve seen everything worth seeing I am back to stage 1.

There are tons of stuff to look forward to during the week, but BYOB only happens once a week and I’m sure I will look ridiculous if I go paintballing on a Tuesday afternoon no matter how in charge of my time I am.

People come to Abuja, complain of extreme boredom, and they have every right to because for the most part of the week if it’s not eating at vanilla restaurant or having after work drinks at CODE or C24 then its tapping fingers and counting the minutes till Friday arrives and yet it’s still same ol same ol at the clubs, same people, same music, same drinks all the same! Same! Same!

But I have a question, why oh why is it that when someone or some organization puts something together, that is a far cry from the norm we always manage to mess it up with our ‘oh I’m too posh to dance’ tendencies? That’s why I love play, u don’t even want to know what those ‘jumping on the chairs release your inhibition’ does for me……

But you know something, I think we all have it in us to create that excitement and entertainment we want. I’ve seen a group of friends sit in a music-less lil corner drinking, laughing and having fun and do you know what came out of that? A full blown wine shop party arena which took over the scene for a while, well until the excellensio girls took over (sorry WS)……..

So after all my rant, the point I’m trying to make is that we have got to lose the suit! We won’t be 27,28,29,30 forever. Once u start having shildren (children) fun means a whole new deal, baby’s day out, lol.
(to be continued…..)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

YAY!!! we are on our Third.....

we are at our #rd edition and i assure you that we have thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far.......

This Edition has a good mix of lovely photos and interesting articles, i totally recommend that everyone reads the 'Eye on the City Article' which is totally hilarious, and the Safety Tips for Avoiding a Kidnapping situation, very important people.

so before our website is ready in just a couple of days, here is a sneak peak to what the 3rd Edition offers our fast rising readership.

(buy your copy from Cafe 24, Silver Bird Media store, 212 Media Stand and Vendors around the city. Complimentary copies can be gotten when you visit, bar CODE.)