Thursday, October 27, 2011

Its No Dulling in Abuja City....

(P.S This Post was inspired by one of my aquintances experience. Ifound it funny and serious)

I have a question! Why is December wedding season in Nigeria?

Ok, let me answer that. Maybe because it usually Dry(the rains are from march to October) and well family and friends come home from all over for the Christmas celebrations. I don’t know if i am right, but as December fast approaches the invites have started pouring in. I hate talking about relationships and love and all of that but somehow for the past two weeks, when I run into someone, especially old classmates that is all I seem to hear about. Its either I’ve hooked up or I’ve broken up. Its either I want to marry this or he doesn’t want to marry that, it just goes on and on. I’ve decided to put all this into perspective. Look at me for instance, I have sworn to marry my twin soul(tall order but that my problem jare), I know somebody who has sworn to marry money, someone else has sworn to marry a footballer, popular or not long as he is making that armed robber salary they pay them.

Na So the pressure dey mount around this time of the year, especially for the ladies and especially when you are not going on holiday with your fiancée or a giant faux diamond engagement ring and a really romantic story of how he proposed. And you attended so many bridal showers and bachelorette parties that you have created an internal stop watch, and you hear it going tick tock every single second. Yup we do this to our self with help from our parents, friends and society pressure.

But guess what! There are a certain group of men in town that have developed what i love to call the “tick tock radar”. They can spot a woman who thinks her time is slowly passing her by from a mile away (usually at weddings and in church) and approach them. Don’t be deceived, these guys are well educated, smooth talking (some get British accent sef “i just got back”), very sharply dressed etc. It starts out pretty normal. Toasting toasting toasting. You guys hang out a few times, he meets your friends, you do the deed and suddenly the stories start pouring in.

Baby I need to clear my goods”, “My check has not cleared”,”I need land documents for collateral and all the land i have is already leveraged”.

You want to help your Boo out because you are in Love and you want to be supportive. Don’t be timid, don’t be Naive.....

(to be continued........

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

THE Versatile Grey Dress, who would have thought....

CC Note: We all know the Lil Black dress, the Lil white dress and even the Lil Red dress for those who dare, but who would have thought the lil Grey dress could be so versatile? Guest writer Sandra Ushie(Stylist) tells us how we can rock this number in different ways and look fab while saving money.


The Three Way Look

Every woman often finds herself uncertain about what to wear. It could be for a corporate event, a date with a significant other or a girls’ night out. Most times we are unaware that somewhere in our closet lies that casual piece of clothing which might just save the day.
‘Improvise’ has always been my fashion watchword. It has saved me from incurring debt and taught me to use few clothes to create different looks for different occasions. For starters, forget how unflattering that outfit looked right after it was purchased on impulse and dumped at the back of your closet. Explore various ways to make it work. This is dependent on certain factors – how well it suits your figure, how well the colour matches your skin tone and how well it highlights your best features. These three things work together to transform an ordinary outfit into a glamorous one.
The Three Way Look is easy to achieve. Close attention to detail is essential in creating each look; from hair to make-up and most importantly, accessories. You don’t have to be a fashionista to pull this off; but you’ll need a few tips to help you express your personality in a stylish yet comfortable way.
I have accessorized the LGD (Little Grey Dress) in three different ways to create The Three Way Look:

Formal Look: Geek Glasses, Shrug Cardigan, Bow Belt, Black Gold Studded Peep-Toe Shoes and Pearls (Stylist’s Own). This look is formal yet stylish. The geek glasses give it an edgy feel while the cardigan and belt tone it down. The pearl necklace lends it an understated elegance while the black peep-toe shoes complete the look.

The Semi-Formal Look: Layered Faux Pearls, Red Skinny Belt and Blue Pumps (Stylist’s Own).
This look is accomplished through detailed accessorizing. The hair is let down sideways to draw attention to the pearl necklace. The red matte lipstick matches the red skinny belt and contrasts perfectly with the blue pumps.

Casual Look: Headband, Bib Custom Necklace, Lace Blouse and Peep-Toe Ankle Boots (Stylist’s Own).
This ready-to-go look is playfully stylish. The lace blouse worn beneath the dress gives it a distinct look, while the headband and bib necklace give it a touch of glamour. The four inch boots were made for walking.

So there you have The Three Way Look. Go ahead and try them for all day glamour.


Sandra Ushie is the CEO of Leyi Ush Fashion and Image Consultancy; focused on improving the personal appearance of women and enabling them express themselves through fashion. Leyi Ush provides basic styling services including event styling, photo shoot styling, design recommendation, colour analysis, wardrobe consultation and personal shopping. Contact