Sunday, November 8, 2009

BB Craze....

I am giggling uncontrollably as I write this, why? Because my BlackBerry keep pinging and ticking and chiming and vibrating. I’m not saying I’m just too hot and people keep calling me, no nothing like that, its just that I have different tones for the different applications I am presently addicted to. Twitter has a tingle anytime I get a mention or a DM (only twitter people will get this), there’s a Chime any time I get a yahoo chat, there is this loud distorted noise when my phone rings, a buzz sound when I get an sms and my personal favorite, a loud kaching when I get a BBM (black berry message). Before my more cynical friends write me off as trying to promote Blackberry (as I am always selling something) how will the BB maker contact little me nau? Anyways so I don’t digress too much…..

As a self acclaimed City Crawler I make it my busy body business to know everything that goes on in the city of Abuja and I’m telling you that the Black berry is staging a, what word should I use? Takeover! It’s not yet a huge treat to the Nokia, but I’m sure Nokia Execs have noticed the 5 – 8% of their fans that have drifted to the dark side. The Black berry is here people, sit up and notice.
Two things make me say this. Envision the following scenario. You walk into a restaurant and see 5 young, well dressed executives sitting on a table in the corner, obviously gathered for a lunch meeting and not a stir or a sound coming from them but pings and chimes, on closer inspection you find that they all have Crackberrys, like I like to call the blackberry, true story… Or at a nice lounge, let use café 24, a girl and a guy sitting together obviously on a date and the girl or guy, usually the girl though is constantly on her phone throughout the night, check that phone very closely, Crackberry. (and then she wonder why the guy never called her again)

Well everybody and their mama is now armed with a Black berry and they know how to use it, I am happy about it oh, don’t get me wrong, it is particularly popular among SCUPPIES (Socially Upward Mobile Young Executives) older people can’t be bothered, they are fine with Nokia, very user friendly. But my grief is with people who have no business owning a blackberry but for the fact that well, it a blackberry, everybody has one, this I call capitalism pressure along with the pressure to fix Brazilian weave when u can’t really afford it. Very typical of Nigerians to go with a trend, well I’m not here to Rain on anyone’s BB parade; I’m a bringer of good tidings.

By all means own a Blackberry, it’s the coolest ‘New’ accessory and it makes communication a lot easier and cheaper, that is when you have gotten the 5k BIS charge MTN makes you have to pay out of the way, then u become a real social nuisance. It has a lot of cool applications and it aides business whether you are a Chief Executive, a PA or just a Young Exec who is constantly on the Go, there’s the Bold, the Javeline, the Curve, the Tour, which ever suits you and your budget is fine really, don’t feel any pressure to buy the most expensive or the slickest, BB na BB.
Ok now I remember why I decided to write this, a friend of mine lets call her chi, just received her new BB and her excitement was contagious, she was almost childlike – u know like when a child receives a new toy, it was so cute and it just occurred to me that in Abuja everywhere I go I hear a subtle ping or a loud kaching. It a good thing but how long will this black berry craze last???


  1. Funny Enuff i'm one of your so called "crackberry" addicts..the toy is such a but i love it tho..bin had that 8330 for the longest...pardon me dear im such a gadget freak....

  2. You know naija ppl n their craze for hype!!

    In 9ja, most ppl r pre-paid subscribers as compared to other countries where most ppl r post-paid or contract subs..If u paid 4 a service after enjoying it, most ppl wont mind using other phones instead of pure water crack-berry (plus post-paid tariffs r a lot cheaper)

    Funny enuf, some ppl own BBs bt cant afford to pay for BIS!!

    For me, I'd rather own an iphone, HTC, Nexus 1 or any cool nokia smart phone cos these phones hv got richer features than BB and even better user interface..

    Also, I dont wanna be caught dead with sth that almost has d same value as pure water :-)

    I enjoy using my Nokia smartphone (e72) 4 now cos i'm a post-paid sub n my coy pays my bills. The day I stop working here, I'd consider a getting a BB cos of it's cheap service!!