Saturday, January 15, 2011


Its Election season! And so I sat Glued to NTA as I listen to repetitions of Obasanjo, Obasanjo, Obasanjo. Oophs, sorry that was 2003. Well it was pretty much the same this time; it was a repetition of Goodluck, Dr Ebele, Goodluck. This is Lucky Jo’s (as I fondly call the President) very first ‘Selection’. He has somehow managed to make his way to the top seat without ever being Elected for it. My mom calls it divine intervention; I call it GOOD LUCK (pun intended). Atiku gave a fight but somehow it was Sarah Jubril with her one vote who Trended. You see one vote counts. I’ve got a soft spot for that lady since I heard that she has been running for president since 1992,wow!, talk about perseverance. I just hope she didn’t pay anyone.

Well most of the party primaries are over especially for the Major parties and for those who haven’t gotten the memo yet, the Major Contenders, according to my books are;

  • PDP – Dr Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan
  • Nuhu Ribadu

  • Dele Momodu
  • Mohammadu Buhari 

There is a lot more at stake, people are now more aware, you have got to make a conscious decision to go out and vote, and not vote for just anybody, for someone whose manifesto gives realistic deadlines to solving the Power, Unemployment, Security, declining health care and Education problems. Registration to vote starts today 15th Jan to 29th Jan 2011(it might seem like a long time, its not!). Go out, I encourage you and register. And between now and the day of election, read about the candidates, get to know them and don’t select them based on a flimsy whim because truth be told, Nigeria has gone beyond Whims, we need informed decision.

Its best you register nearest to where you live because of restricted movement on Election Day, some will travel to their home towns to register, it’s all good, where ever you cast your vote, you cast it for a good cause.

We will probably see more contenders springing out before the day of Election, well I’ve always believed in Competition and Opposition. Keeps Contenders on their feet.

I am definitely looking forward to the next couple of months, lots and lots of drama; I love drama, as long as they keep it BOMB Free.

Happy Saturday Everyone……

Monday, January 10, 2011

BEST OF 2010 - Spots that Rocked....

without much ado i give you our pick for top 10 spots of 2010........

No.10 : DOME - Previously lost its mojo but made its way back into the game by hosting the Album launch of MI2, still has the bowling alley and the Game room so if you get tired of same ol same ol eating drink and party you can go there for a different kind of fun.

No.9 : A LOUNGE - Lovely venue I must say. People still ask what went wrong, but despite setbacks, A-lounge kept a steady pace all year through.

No. 8: TERMINAL 5 – Anytime I think mature crowd, I think of heading to this spot. They bust into the scene early 2010 and hosted some great events like Pulse, Industry Night and the Hiphop world awards party. 

No.7: SOHO - Soho did not feature much in the scene this year but there is always a steady stream of loyalist that keeps the place rocking hard and their Karaoke always helps to beat Sunday boredom

No.6: E LOUNGE – Quick: take a mental drive down adetokumbo ademola…. What do you notice? Well for one the streets are free of ‘night ladies’ and this is the best thing that happened to this spot because now they sure have a steady stream of responsible and decent fun seekers visiting. Good music, cool ambience, E-lounge sure did good in 2010

No 5: CODE – ok notice that I saved the middle spot for my place so I will not be accused of being biased, let me balance it out, but truthfully speaking, the way this spot evolved from the opening till the end of 2010 was amazing. I spent the most part of 2010 there and I enjoyed every minute. Well mostly because everyone is so warm, it’s like a great big network, where everybody knows your name and you can truly relax . Well friends, fun, laughter , celebration is ultimately what CODE is about.

No.4: KRYSTAL LOUNGE – We are always quick to dismiss k lounge as full of unseemly characters, well this is true, but! where is that one place in Abuja that you can have a combination of good music and full groove on a weekday? Yes! 

No.3: CAFÉ 24, BRITISH COUNCIL ROOF TOP CAFÉ AND SALAMANDER – Still a favorite for the yuppies and the INTL community to hang after work. 

PLAY –ok we hate the bouncers, yes yes, but I must admit that this spot held it down big time in 2010. They hosted great events and after parties at play and they always get it right with the music. Plus major kudo goes out to the management, Play opened in Calabar on the 19th of December 2010 and from what I hear, its finer than the Abuja one (Abuja ppul lets protest oh). Big ups to the owners.

AQUA – Very few people have withstood the test of time like the fore runner of Aqua nite club. Kudos and we look forward to more in 2011.

No.1: it’s my personal favorite, so I won’t impose it on you. (insert your Numero Uno)

(we at city crawler and I am sure most of our readers would like  to know)…..


Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, lounges are propping up everywhere around the city, we love it. I have big hopes for the following places in 2011 (abeg no fall my hand)….

*Amber – Already doing well so far, and as the Silverbird Entertainment Center records more visitors it means more and more clientele for this plush lounge.

*Platinum Lounge – Silverbird owned lounge, if you want to impress out of town business partners or a lil lady. This is your spot.

*And if you take a drive thru Adetokunbo Ademola, you will notice the work going on at the former excellensio, im uber excited about this one, talk about strategic.

*feedback people, it sure helps!*



Do you live in Abuja? 
Are you a male or female between the ages of 18 – 25?
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About our team

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• Media Management
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• Source new clients
• Develop action plans, set and execute goals, develop and work against budgets and deadlines.

All Applicants for this position must:

• Possess excellent verbal and communications skills, as well as editing skills
• Be a strategic thinker and have prioritizing abilities
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• Prove to be an innovative problem solver with strong decision-making skills
• Multitask and cope with changing priorities 

If this sounds like the job for you, then email your CV to and you will be contacted shortly. Application deadline is January 21st, 2011 

Thursday, January 6, 2011


SHOUT out to Michelin, I enter my car nowadays and I feel like I can drive to China. It moves so smoothly and the new body work just makes it a major delight. So you can imagine my utter annoyance when a lunatic (aren’t all Abuja drivers) almost scratched my new paint job. I will not lie, it was partly my fault. It was late, the roads are usually clear and I had right of way, well until the other car decided he had right of way too, luckily my brakes are superb, pheeew. 

Abuja makes you do that, this is really no excuse, but Abuja make you drive like a loon. The way this town was planned, they got the road network spot on. The roads are more connected than an Abuja bigz girlz (pardon my lame attempt at a joke) but you get the point. Driving here is a delight, even with the recent steady build up of traffic, it’s still an organized traffic. The down side though is the accidents, they are usually not minor. 

If you have ever been in or witnessed an accident in Abuja, I can tell you that it’s usually messy. Blame it on drunk driving, over speeding, faulty brakes or general refusal to obey traffic rules because ‘do we know who your father is?’ but it always seem like people get into their cars and are suddenly in a rush. It’s funny that in Abuja you can get to anywhere right on time. my Friend Mej jokes that ‘in Abuja, everywhere is a walking distance, if you have got the time’.

So! If you live in Abuja or are visiting, here’s a tip. The most accident prone road in the whole city is Ahmadu Bello Way. No it is not jinxed, it’s just that it has quite a stretch that starts around the newly commissioned Gwarimpa road and ends around Apo(see what I mean). It takes you past wuse 2, central area, past Garki and then up to Apo. Several major junctions where this accidents happen but Aminu Kano junction(beside assorted) and Adetokumbo Ademola(beside diamond bank) are the ones to watch out for. The Road Safety has taken major steps to keep this junctions accident free, but at night when the wardens are gone, the roads are free and there is a little alcohol in the system, major damage is done.

I am not traffic expert, just a city crawler who cares, so this is my 2 cents. Make sure your car in very good shape, don’t over speed, don’t jump the traffic light, slowdown at junctions major or minor and finally if you see my drive by ‘hola at your girl’.

Happy New Year.