Monday, December 14, 2009

I Did it for the Kids..... And the Photo OP

Sunday! Restful ,chilling day. I usually spend all day and all night at home watching TV in bed and catching up on the phone with friends. But this Sunday was different, cos I knew I had to make the CC charity event. I’m a sucker for children, just say ‘it’s for the kids’ and you totally got me. Dressed up and found my way with the help of Farrah, beautiful editor of style and grace magazine and my event date. I hate to blog about personal stuff so ill fast forward to event proper.

Photo ops, smile smile camera. celebrity sightings, but I found out that I left my camera battery charging at home, so the blackberry camera had to do.

The part of the evening I enjoyed the most was Leone performance, never heard of him before but it was nice also the soulful Lindsey who sings and brings tears to my eyes. The other performances just sounded like a lot of noise, unrehearsed. I loved the poetry bit especially Eugenia Abu’s 1st poem. The twins, who presented the art work for auctions, were ‘beautiful piece of work’, good call choc city. So money was raised and it is going to a good cause.yay.

Now for the juicy bit, the event had, Wande Coal, MI, jesse jags, black solo, ice prince of the Hennessey artistry fame, tyeng gang of kiss fm, Ekene the poet with his beautiful baby which I have a crush on, I decided to move around a bit, and see if I can get any gist from the celebs. None at all, their groupies (all male) were reluctant to let anyone near them so ….

I happened to get a lil minute with Mr. Incredible himself, and the following conversation ensured
IJ – hi Mr. incredible, can I ask u a question for my blog?(smiling widely)

MI – ok, go ahead (looking suspicious but smiling)

IJ – so I always ask people I interview, what cant I ask you?

MI – Ummm , who am I %$#&ing?

IJ – Ohhh k (laughing) so who are you *#&*king???(Straight face)

MI – nobody!! (Eyeing me suggestively, lol)

IJ – ok, so if this (rap) fails, what’s plan B? As in if u weren’t doing hip hop what will u be doing?

MI – (thinking deeply, I read his thoughts and it was saying probably nothing, this is it mehnnn) I would probably be a pastor.(yea rite)!!!

Thank you Mr. Incredible, I lean in to kiss his cheek and he sits on my hand – his very big a%$ on my hand, well the hand survived sha.

The rest of the event, I will leave the press to give. But I must say the most used phrase of the night was ‘for the kids’ so cc its over to you guys…..

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