Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday and Relationships: keeping it goin...

I find that I can work, amidst noise. I can imagine why my neighbor’s waited for this weather to dry up before they renovate, very good idea though. Everywhere seems to be getting a face lift, bars, restaurants, offices and even the streets and its totally understandable, why? Because Christmas is here, and I so love how the place lights up with lights and color and love. Love… aaah Love, yes it’s the season of love, but do you know that you have to protect your ‘Love” and “relationship” from the strain of the holiday period. So from the city crawler, here is my 2 cents on how to keep thing cool…..

This holiday will bring changes: separation (for those travelling apart) and too many people (for those spending it with large families)……. 

For those travelling apart
*Spend at least 10 minutes of every day talking about how your day went.
*re-assure each other of your commitment and faithfulness

*make sure you buy each other a presents, especially one that will remind him/her of you. 

For those with two many people
*your daily kissing quota should not only consist of hello and goodbye pecks.

*Go to bed at the same time

*spend 10 minutes chatting about your day

Ok that’s the boring part, now for the sweet stuff. Im not going to give you solutions, I am only going to point out your problems.(inspired by a tweet from @ebuka)
As much as a lot of ppul (especially easterners) will be heading home for the holidays, for some heading home will be leaving the unfriendly weather of obodo oyibo for the warmth of naija (sorry dora), you know what will also be warm, the arms of their waiting boyfriend or girl friend. So if you are one of those people dating an erm wats that razz word I heard on African magic ‘abroadee’ then u wont have to wait till valentine to know if you are the main squeeze. 
Well luckily some are coming in unattached and you can help your self to a lil holiday treat, just know exactly what you are getting into and don’t go having unnecessary expectation because around about the 2nd well…….. also don’t get carried away, the Christmas period is like a love drug and every one looks great, that’s because, people go shopping and pack the right clothes when they travel to another town, so most of the time,in real life they don’t always look that great or perfect.

I hate to be a buzz kill, don’t listen to me, what do I know about love and relationship when I am single…….

(Air Kiss, Air Kiss)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Essientials For Men..... tips to beat the Heat.

i left out Sun Screen from my last blog, i am so sorry ladies but it has been added to the 5th edition of City Crawler Magazine which is also our exciting christmas Edition. i promised to do a followup essential for the guys but as a chick i have been lost for a while. luckily i know a couple of cool dudes that were able to help.thanks you guys......


well like i told the ladies, staying hydrated is very very important. the heat contributes to drying us up especially this holiday period that lots will be indulging in celebratory drinks, we all know alchohol dehydrates so to keep your self energetic this period Water is a Must.


not only will this protect your eyes, but guys look great in shades. choose one that suits your face shape and head out. P.S please no shades in the Club or at Night. #okthanks


using lipbalm is not gay(hahahaha). because your lips are coing to get cracked and become sore and there is no way u will look nice, enjoy your christmas meal or get a kiss under the mistle toe or a kiss on newyears eve with a sore lip. just get one that is masculine and be sure its the right one too so your lips wont be all shiny, now thats gay.


you need no excuse to wear this, but its a casual look so keep it out of the office.


just like the ladies, this pair helps your feet breath and it goes very well with the cargo shorts.


just like shades, this help protect your face from the harsh rays of the sun and if you sport the bald look, your head will be protected as well. 


light, airy and they go with anything. *i love a guy in a v-neck white tshirt and jeans or shorts,yum*


you might think you are tough but even your skin cant fight sun damage. i repeat! it is not gay to moisturize and take care of your skin. 

Ok, there you have it. i hope it helps. Ladies tell your boyfriends.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

OMG Abuja is HOT! Essentials for the Hamattan(Female)

Aint nothing going on but the HEAT, im surprised no one has released a hit song yet about hamattan after all we always sing about rain, snow etc. maybe its because it is so annoying anf for the past few days, words on everybodys lips is 'Abuja is Hot!!'. luckily the holidays are fast approaching and lots of people will be skipping town for cooler climes. but for those of us that are stuch here for whatever reason, do not despair, i got you. so for the period here are a few suggestions i have for beating the heat..... Enjoy!


Stay hydrated. drink water as often as possible. during the holidays i know there will be a lot of eating and drinking and we all know that alchohol leaves you dyhydrated so on average 8litres a day for this period will help keep you refreshed.


i have always been a big fan of sunglasses and i wear mine every where but now its not just a fashion or style essential it is an actual essential because the sun is shinning and you need to protect your eyes from the rays. depending on your face shape you can choose from a wide selection.


its not cute when you use cut outs of papers to cool yourself. Get yourself a nice handy fan that you can carry around with you at all time. they are cheap and light and they work very well at weddings and as we all know, its wedding season.


This has got to be one of the cutest trends that found its way in to the 00. wide selection of beautiful sandals are available in different colours and they really let your feet breath. you can show off your cute feet, your pretty manicure and they go very well with sun dresses.


this outfit has a way of hiding a multitude of bulges and it is airy and light. so its going to be doing 2 jobs, seeing that we are going to be eating alot this christmas, the sundress will help us hide the inevitable bulge, while keeping us cool and stylish.


i dont recommend you buy this, just beg borrow or steal from your boyfriend or hubby afterall there is love in sharing and erm much as they pretend, men love to see us in their clothes.... *wink*


if the heat really bothers you, give your 22 inch weaves a rest and go short crop like me. just be certain you go to a very good salon/hair dresser, cos this is not a time to have bad hair days, the holidays should have everyone looking good at every point.


desist if you cant pull it off, but if you can, lucky you. Enjoy.

Next Blog will be for the guys so stay posted.....