Friday, October 23, 2009

Abujas Best Kept Secret

occasionally, a PR Executive's life takes me to places that are sometimes wierd and sometimes wonderful. i come across things that the general public does not, possibly becos i am always on the look out. in recent days,i have been off the desk and more on the streets, building the brand and keeping up the hustle. i made a few discoveries and as is my way,im gonna share.....

its funny this place has been in existence for more than a year, but i only just went by on saturday when i attended a ' tea party ' for the fashion house ICONOLA. the decor is cool and fun, the ambience is comfortable and warm and you can just sit and relax, its a very unpretentious place. if u r one of those people who likes to have a quiet drink after work or have a me and u time with your pathner,then this is the place for u. but if u are a see and be seen type, pls stick with british council.

i love creativity, love it love it. so when i have to give a card for a birthday or to say goodbye or sorry or.... i like to be able to say what i want to say and how i want to say it. thats why i loooove this store, they have the best cards in abuja, as a matter of fact, they have cards my dad use to give my mom in the past(i know becos one of the ones i gave her brought tears to her eyes). they have other cool stuff but their cards are totally awesome.

ok i dont have a sweet tooth. ive had 4 of my teeth removed and i believe my sweet tooth was taken out .even when i go to watch a movie,i order plain or salty popcorn, i hate candy, i hate icecream and bisciuts annoy the hell out of me, but but but, when u taste this choc which luckily u can buy in grams and measures, then my friends, need i say more...

uuuuhhhh 'baby let me serenade u with effizi". if he wasnt so young i would be chasing this talented swaggerlicious abuja sensation with a bunch of pink roses from celebration stores and chocolate from choc place. but he already has enough chocolate, he has got the choc boys behind him and we know, yes we know that jesse jags is the next big thing coming out of abuja. jesse jay today, babay u too fine oh, boy u blow our mindz ohhh...

im a chicken lover. i can eat chicken for breakfast lunch and dinner, 5 days a week. its that bad, ive had all types of chicken, all, ok maybe except raw chicken(thAt will be wierd). well if you appreciate good food and u are a chicken addict like me, then i sure reccomend.

if i say too much people will say ehen ij is marketing, but make no mistake, i only talk about cool places and honestly Eden VIP, coooooooollllll..

even now as i write this post im watching one of the hottest songs rite now on the channel. what i like most about this channel is that it can rival any channel on dstv, both music and otherwise, and i love the way they promote the nigerian music/entertainment industry. kudos to the chief executive officer of soundcity, his vision, insight, drive and discipline has paid off and we all are reaping the fruits of this forward thinking young sir.

ok the most i know about law, ive learnt from boston legal, but a law firm that is not called OBI OLUNI & CO is new to me. they specialize in technology law and i discovered them when i decided to take white rabbit concept on line. people are doing fantastic things in this country albiet quietly and we have to recognise, encourage and support them.

we pay a premium to live in abuja. every one want to live in wuse but 'iji kwe EGO"? as my friend will say..... maitama and asokoro have lovely houses, clean straight streets, but im sorry to break it to you, asokoro is saturated and has narrow streets and maitama is so 2000&late. if u drive through utako and jabi, the lovely houses that have sprung up in that area will put those 1990 architecture houses in maitama and asokoro to shame. there is even a plot of land by jabi lake im eyeing and i will be accepting contributions at this time to purchase it and build my dream house, offers any one????

P.S - there are a couple of other places and things i have discovered but as is my way, im writing this post by 1am and my brain is shutting down for the night, will update as i remember.
if by any chance you would like to check out any of this places or need more info, feel free to call, txt,tweet or email me.
i am the white rabbit.........

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