Monday, December 7, 2009

If you are saying I DO....... Rules from the CIty CRawler....

Christmas rolls in with all its good cheer, beautiful colours and bright lights and with it comes Wedding Season. The reason for this, I don’t know, I guess its cause people come from far and wide to spend the holidays with their family and friends and to show off their new hummers. So far ive got 16 text messages from friends, acquaintances and relatives announcing their intent to couple up and to all of them I say YaY! Congrats. I’m not a romantic thanks to some unresolved issues and I’m on dating hiatus but I like to get into the spirit of things, so without being a killjoy, I have a couple of rules for all my friends (and strangers alike) going down Coupledom Avenue.

Read and Smile…

Rule No 1 – I’m not paying more than 10k for Asoebi, even if Ovation is coming or CIty CRawler magazine is covering.

Rule No 2 – if I make out time to come for your wedding, food must reach me.

Rule No 3 – Don’t try to hook me up with your single friends, or your husband’s single friends. No way, we can’t all just get along. I am not sad and no, I will not die alone.

Rule No 4 – Umm, you do not suddenly know more than me, you are not suddenly more mature or more experienced just because you are married. Spare me the deepness.

Rule No 5 – I will not be a private investigator. Keep your fears and insecurities to yourself.

Rule No 6 – If you want your wedding pictures in our magazine, you must pay the full money, no discount.

Rule No 7 – Do not share any weird new found recipe with me. I don’t care that he likes chewing raw okro for stamina, ewwwwww

Rule No 8 – Don’t call me to hangout when u are bored, You made your choice, liVE with it!!!

Rule No 9 – YES ILL BE GODMOTHER!!!!!!!!

Rule No 10 – Get a job. It will keep your mind off things….

Congratulations to Ted, Mira, Uba, Dajie, Barong, Kathlyn, Johnson, Xto, Ij,eme, deardear,banky and all my other peeps that are stepping up this christmas, love u all, May God bless your unions. And you all know im just kidding, right?

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