Saturday, January 30, 2010

Reporting For CITY CRAWLER - an interesting read..

#CITYCRAWLER loved this write-up so much she just had to put it up.
(this is the first contribution to this blog, please feel free to send in your, thoughts, experiences and anything you deem worthy. enjoy you read)

by Miss Zee

So, it’s Thursday night once again, and armed with my blue stilettos and matching mascara (yeah! I know I’m weird) I head off to play sports lounge. Now, the only passable reason why you wouldn’t know that ‘’play’’ absolutely owns Thursday night is if you don’t live in the Federal Capital... (Doesn’t mean you are still forgiven though)...

The club is banging as usual... All the beautiful people are out and looking hawt... Drinks flowing in and out like a river and the DJ is killing it... I am really having a fantabulous time and rocking to the beat, checking out who’s hot... and who’s not... when, suddenly, I hear the crash of a bottle from somewhere behind me in the V.I.P area. I really don’t feel the need for any alarm because I am thinking it has to be one of the usual overzealous dancers type bump into a table kind of scenario... when, yet again, the crash is followed by another and another and now, I have really got to see what is happening... I climb onto a sofa (my apologies to the owners) and I spy with my mini eye that a fight has broken out... It’s sort of funny really, because it’s like some scene from one of those cowboy movies... Everything is happening so fast... Punches are being thrown here and there... Some dude who apparently appears to be the ‘’bad guy’’ in the situation is pushed to the floor and boys are all trying to quell tempers and the girls clutching at their purses and looking ready to beat it.. (Lol!! ) When the security men come in, break it up and take the boys outside. I have to hand it to the security folks; they were in as quick as lightening (talk about rapid response).

Now, of course, a perfectly good party had been ruined as a bundle of people quickly scurried out of the place. Some die hard loyalists still hung around though and the DJ didn’t even miss a beat... The music is still uber upbeat. And, that’s when miss zee (cest moi) decided to scoop around for some info...

The story goes forth, some certain big boy import from Lagos (let’s call him Chu) while popping champagne in the club asides from spilling most or all of it on the floor and on the people around (annoying if you are not friends) decided it would be a good idea to hurl the empty bottle in the air (trying out for Guinness records maybe) and this bottle landed on an Abuja big boy (let’s call him Abb)... Apparently Chu was warned about his antics but what’s that adage again about the dog that doesn’t listen to his masters whistle.... he did it yet again... and that was how the brawl began... Abb stepped up to Chu and punched him. Chu’s friends of course joined in trying to protect their friend and Abb’s friends wouldn’t be outdone either. The irony of the situation is that Chu even tripped and fell on the champs he poured on the floor and was pounced on (That would teach him not to wet tile)... Anyway, the boys actually caused a whole lot of a ruckus and I really don’t even want to begin to estimate how much glass they broke and damage done (Erm... hope they are made to pay for it) before they were whisked out. Anyway, according to my source, the fight was continued on the outside (loved my face way too much to go investigate).

My personal hero of the day though, is the DJ who didn’t stop the good stuff coming... And rest assured, play is such a nice club that I don’t think this 1 incident would make a dent... The morale of the story though is, “if u don’t want to get beat.... please, do stick to champagne in a glass and down your throat...”

And that’s yet another Thursday in the capital city...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

#CityCrawler - 2017(my vent)

I live in Wuse, lucky me. It’s a very big advantage for me as the City Crawler, considering it takes me approximately 5 minutes to get to anywhere in Abuja and maybe 10 to 15 minutes to get to the out skirts. But tonight I knew what it felt like to be a Lagos resident, to come home, tired, hungry, frustrated and burned out. I was stuck in traffic.

This was no normal traffic; it was borne out of everyone’s need to ‘ENTER FIRST’. Allow me to explain. I live near the NNPC mega station and for some reason the road to my house gets totally blocked when there is a little bit of queue, so you can imagine the lunatic line of cars that formed due to panic buying or where the queues really back?

On Saturday, the love of my life (don’t get ahead of yourself, I’m talking about my mom) came into town and she asked me to take her somewhere, her driver didn’t know the way. complained of fuel and she asked me why I didn’t just go to Wuye, so to wuye I went and queued for 2 minutes and I got a full tank.
So what was this 1 hour hold up about???????

Eugenia Abu – yes, that Eugenia Abu, Ace Broadcaster, Writer and one of the women I admire, published a book recently ( she has new work out though). A particular story in her collection of short stories titled ‘ In the blink of an eye’ caught my attention. I didn’t pay attention in class that day when the title of the story was said but the reason that story caught my attention was because;

1. It was the year of my birth and
2. It was almost as if she wrote it just a few days before

The story was about Fuel Crises!

She described very clearly, the drama taking place in the petrol station. The common man struggling to get into the line, the quiet civil servant queuing, the military man jumping the queue, the line up of jerry cans, yellow, white, blue. The army officers with their long whips, to brutalize anyone who came in their way. That was 1983. I experience all this tonight while waiting for traffic to move. I could see my house, but I was stuck there. I am typical Abuja, 5 – 10minutes transit. For me, this was torture. All becasuse...

Nigeria is 50 on the 1st of October. What happened with vision 2010??? What happened to food for all by the year 2000? We should be telling a different story by now, don’t you think??? Where do we take these questions to?????\

I believe in Nigeria, I believe in Nigerians. But I don’t want my child to listen to fela’s music in 2017 or read this blog years fron now and consider it Apt like i did Eugenia's story. I want them to wonder, what are this old folks on about, but our country is perfect, was Nigeria ever like how they describe?
I hate questions……….

Ace Broadcaster, Writer, Poet, Mother, Wife - Eugenia Abu and CC

Saturday, January 23, 2010

#CItyCRawler - Out on the Town.......Uber Exciting...

People get super religious when they are afraid. Have you ever been on a plane and there is major turbulence and even the hardest looking individual starts screaming ‘blood of jesus’, well this is how this felt…..

So like I said last Saturday, my Out In The City Series is about discovering alternative ways to recreation and fun in Abuja besides, partying and alchohol intake. Last week was about football, this Saturday, along with 2 of my CC Partners, I headed out to an amusement park, strategically located in central business district.
My 2 partners – Onyinye, who is CC contributor for Buzz Worthy

And bill – who is cc contributor and presenter cc on radio.

We had a fabulous time, lots of screams and wild laughter, not just from us, but from other visitors who came by. Next weekend #CIty Crawler is going Rowing at the Jabi lake but that’s not all, I have a big surprise for you all. Enjoy the picture story......
Getting on the Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship

not so innocent mouse

Roughest Ride


Smile And Wave for City Crawler...

scariest ride!!!!

still screaming....

Caught on CC Camera...

Eden VIP Secuirity Agent, Unwinding.....

Stephenie and Bill - strapping on...

Sharing a Kiss with Mr Tin Man

Hitching a Ride Home

Heading Home - #CITYCRAWLERS - Pheew!!!

Kisses Every one.....

Friday, January 22, 2010

So....About Last Night.......and later this weekend :-)

I have a weakness.

Ok I take that back, I have several weaknesses, Magazines, The Hermes Birkin, Chocolate covered waffles and a certain someone. But last night I think I have discovered a new weakness.


‘Designated Driver’ is the delicious alcohol-free cocktail I was offered when my Amebo legs took me to Café 24 at 4am to find out if really and truly it is a 24 hour service café. I was delighted to find out that the kitchen was fully functional till the early hours of the morning, trust me I ordered the hardest thing on the menu. The staff were not irritable or snappy and honestly you can have whatever you like (mimicking T.I). Two other gentlemen had the same idea as me and came by for a quick after hours fix, and from the looks on their faces, I could tell they enjoyed their meal very much. As a typical Nigerian, I went there skeptical, bracing myself to report doom, but came away impressed. Even the charming café owner, Dayo, was hands on to make any ‘night crawler’ who wandered in as comfortable as possible. How’s that for service. Let’s hear it for C24!

The Evening Went well generally, the Crowd at Play was, (for lack of a better word) ‘WOOOW’. But! The only down side – and I assure you there was only 1 downside - There were too many men. I wonder why? Is it because its Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB) night or because women haven’t caught on to the night life yet? Well, the cool people were there and they had a blast. I was even lucky to get some scoop on some socialites on our Radar (gist coming soon). I got a feeling the DJ is beefing our very own Jesse Jags, his songs just kept going off, why ? DJ, Why? Or does it mean that his CD is cracking due to plenty of play???? That’s a good thing oh. Listen up for Jesse J when City Crawler on Radio hits the scene.

Next stop was Sheraton hotels and towers were Aqua Night Club is located. All I’m going to say about Aqua is, next Thursday go and check Aqua out because my fingers cannot type what I saw there. Its honestly up to you.

Driving home, I passed through Adetokumbo Ademola and Excellensio of course was groovy up until the early hours, I wonder how they do it.

So if you missed out Thursday night, no worries, today is the start of a groovy Party weekend. Girls Gone Wild at one of my fav places in Abuja, Eden VIP Lounge…….. And on Saturday, an Event to Liven up dull January. Its a first from DELPHINO ENT, feel ‘THE PULSE’! A touch of Red lets you into this very anticipated party and yep, CIty CRawler will be out and about, looking out for socialites and fashionistas. Alright people, Lets Do This!!!!!!!

Kisses Everyone....

Monday, January 18, 2010

Its Award Season in America. For those of you that are into that kind of thing. But in our very own mother land, Africa, it is Football season. The African Cup of Nations has held us for the past 10days and our Super Eagles?? (I use the word super and eagles loosely) are representing us in Angola led by Coach Amodu Shuiabu, the man we absolutely love to hate, and for good reason too. On his line up amongst others is newly married Joseph Yobo who was recently wed to former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Adaeze Igwe, they are expecting a baby .(chineke!! I digress)

Apparently, we are not doing very well at the Nations Cup, losing our first match and barely winning the second in the group stages, to make matters worse, our very dramatic coach who says the darnest things has insisted that his lineup of players are the best and most fit to represent Nigeria. Well Nigerians don’t agree. I will leave the details to our experts and focus on CIty CRawler business one of which is discovering new avenues for recreation in Abuja city. So first thing Saturday morning I put on my crawling shoes, camera in hand and went OUT ON THE CITY. I took on the craze of the moment, which is Foot ball. This is the outcome of my waka
waka……. ENJOY!

1ST STOP Millennium Park. Here I discovered a herd of men. Agile, sweaty buff men who gather every Saturday morning in their different teams to play. They do this for different reasons – to keep fit, to lose weight, to escape from the house in the morning, to bond with the boys and some actually have a dream to play for their country. I went from millennium park to old parade ground and driving the streets of Abuja I discovered lots of other teams spread around, the most organized being at the millennium park and the least (I think they call it 5 aside), just beside former Chelsea hotel.

So fellows, there you have it, if you are a lover of football but have no idea how to channel your energies you can sign up to one of the teams, they have pro and they have wanna be footballer. If you want to join a team all you need to do is go there and pick a form for N2000, a weekly dues of N200 which is used to pay for the grounds and voila. But every team captain I spoke to emphasized that members are responsible working class men, no goofies, so avoid this if u are not a serious person sha.
I think I overheard someone talking about a women’s team…. It sounded odd, but that’s just me.

P.S go join a team this Saturday it’s a good way to shake off the holiday weight. Later on Saturday, the most anticipated party this January in Abuja, feel ‘THE PULSE’. Terminal 5 from 11pm, choc boys are gonna be there and so is the city crawler. Kisses everyone.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My Calabar story started with diarrhea and ended with rifles on the plane(long story). But in between I gave a toast at my cousins wedding and received an ovation and made my aunties cry, gave a talk at a youth development workshop and hopefully inspired some younglings and almost missed my flight back home (rockstar style). I did not enjoy Calabar as much as I would have wanted because I was there for barely 2days and didn’t even see any of my old friends. I guess ill plan a better trip this Christmas, if ‘He’ agrees that is. Well the year was off to a very good start, for me personally and for White Rabbit concept, we hit the ground running with our major plans especially our plans for City Crawler. But no matter how positive we start the year, there are some people who will not let things go well……

So the rumor mills have been agog and the fastest ways they spread is of course the World Wide Web(www). I am one of those skeptics who always checks out a rumor before I broadcast, so here is My Top 10 rumors of January and my take on them. Enjoy...

No.10 – Eminem died in a car crash – we are confused about how this started, some say it’s a publicity stunt to sell albums but im happy to inform you that platinum selling rapper Marshal Mathers is alive and well, pheeew.

No 9 - Basket mouth was offered 20million dollars to sign on to Def Jam – This was a joke he cracked at 1 of his gigs and suddenly it was taken out of context and broadcast – way to go people .

No 8 – Asa was caught at Heathrow airport with cocaine – Publicity shy Asa was probably having dinner at home when this one dropped, shocking really, come on people, Asa? Seriously?

No. 7 – Muttalab was taking knockouts to his cousins in Yankee - well whatever it was, it was explosives and the intent was to cause major destruction to innocent lives.

No. 6 – The president is missing – well he is ‘Technically’…….

N0. 5 – Jay Z takes Beyonce’s name – It started out as a rumor but this one turned out to be true. Jay z is now to be known and referred to as Sean Knowles-Carter, all previous documents remain valid, Ministry of Information, This day Newspaper and Kwara State Govt take note.

No. 4 – The president is brain damaged – on Sunday the 10th, we woke up to this story filtering all over the internet and it was printed and published in 234Next news paper in a matter-of-fact manner and then on Monday the 11th they print a story about the president recovering , tsk tsk

No 3 - The president has passed – (oh for shame) a suspicious website publishes this on Monday morning of the 11th, and of course as rumors go, it spreads like wild fire, but…..(refer to rumor 4)

No.2 - The president is alive and well – this from BBC, we hope this is not a rumor though because BBC is and should be a credible source plus we want our president to come back alive and well.

No 1 – You tell me…….

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Single Girls Guide to Partying in Abuja

Attended my first party of 2010 and I got idea for writing this blog. Being single is nothing to be ashamed of. Whether it be by choice or by chance make the best of this time and grow. Ok enough with the mushy stuff, last night’s party had a good mix of single ladies and hot young single guys too, as a matter of fact, 2 of the hot bachelors on city crawlers radar were in attendance, but a couple of party pooping ladies made it uncomfortable for everyone at some point. This could be you. So as is my tradition I have put together 10 tips to for the single ladies who want to let their hair down and parrrrtayyy!!!
(For the ladies but might also be helpful to my male followership)

Tip No 1 – Don’t get drunk. Contrary to popular opinion, champagne is highly intoxicating and can take you there in 3 short sips. So if you don’t have a good head for alcohol, please avoid alcohol or just get the party going with something that you can handle. Because being drunk is embarrassing and tacky not only to you but to your friends and the people around you. (I wrote this first because its very important). Be very very careful, cos when you don’t have your wits about you, you can easily be taken advantage of. Be particularly careful of tequila, you know the saying ‘1 tequila 2 tequila 3 tequila FLOOR!

Tip No 2 – Look good. Ladies who are married or in relationships are always accused of relaxing cos now they got a man, well whether u are going out cos you want a man or not, its very important to look good. Appearance is everything. Be bold and fashion forward and you sure will stand out. Please city crawler did not say u should go and wear skin tight bum shorts oh when I say be bold, I mean try a new look, hot red lipstick even….

Tip No 3 – depending on where u decide to do your partying, either the club or a house party, it important to gauge the mood and hold conversations that go with where you are and what’s going down. Note that night clubs are conversation no no areas, the music is too loud jo.

Tip No 4 – Girlfriends – hanging out with the guys is always a spoiler if u are looking to meet someone because it might confuse a potential, so instead why don’t you call up your friends and make it a ladies night out, this is usually so much fun. The down side though is that he might still not be able to approach when u are surrounded by women so you can move aside every once in a while to give a dude a chance, lol.

Tip No 5– Make an entrance . Arriving at the right time is a do. Clubs in Abuja usually picK up at about midnight and the real partying by 1.30am when inhibitions are buried under the blanket of alcohol (sigh). If you are attending a party, be a rockstar and be fashionably late (I can’t believe I’m saying this, I hate lateness).not too late though, that’s just tacky + you will miss all the good food.

Tip No 6 – Time your exit – Please do not be the one to close down the club or end the party except u are staying back to help the host clean up. You can also deliberately make everyone know WHEN u are leaving to give any interested dude the chance to make any last minute connects.

Tip No 7 – Yes you were the Hotstepper in Secondary School and in University you use to dance at all the hottest shows on campus. But I reckon you are older and wiser and probably holding down a decent job so we don’t need to know your dance resumes. IF people circle you and shout ‘Go Lisa! Go Lisa! Go Lisa!’ then Houston we have a problem. Your alanta should look sexy not skanky.

Tip no 8 – No cat fights. We ladies are naturally very competitive and we can eye a lady up just because. Please avoid exchanging word with anyone, guy, girl, waiter, bouncer ,random passerby. Even if u are stepped on, or a drink is spilled on you or in extreme cases your wig is pulled off, maintain your cool, politely demand an apology, if u don’t get 1 move on, the geezer is probably totaled(drunk. comport yourself,you will be expected not to.

Tip No 9 – Don’t aim for, snatch, eye up or any of the nasties on another ladies man. This can end up on some major drama that can get you kicked out or even banned from the club or the persons home. Be patient trust me your own will come.

Tip No 10 – Finally ladies aim to have fun, leave your inhibitions at home, drop all illusions or delusions of grandeur and let your hair down and party like its 1999.
(kisses every one)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

OMG Holiday Weight !……..CityCrawler Tips to Shaking it off

Thursday the 24th, Friday the 25th, Saturday the 26th, Sunday the 27th. Fast forward Friday the 1st, Saturday the 2nd, Sunday the 3rd. none stop holidaying. Some folk even began their holiday before the official 24th,and some will continue long after the 3rd. Do you know what I spent my holiday doing? Sampling good food and fine wine. it got so bad that I contacted the ‘runs’ at some point and I couldn’t enjoy the luscious meat at Alhassan’s BBQ(sob sob). At every turn there were sumptuous meals ready to be served, who could refuse? Let's just say our appetites seemed to get bumped up a few notches due to irresistible party and holiday fare. I threw caution to the wind, like I’m sure a lot of us did and now I am dragging around a load of holiday weight that I intend to shake off before the next ‘love’ holiday which also happens to be my birthday. So who is with me????
As luck would have it, there are lifestyle choices we make daily that can help get us back to great shape, depending on your time. My friend has decided to build a basketball court behind his house so he can play before work and maybe even after, but we can’t all play bball or afford to do that so, Here are 10 tips to help you get your weight back under control.

1. Join a gym – there are several around the city, as a matter of fact every major hotel in Abuja has a fully functional gym and gym assistants that can help out. Apart from the hotels, there are independent gyms that can help your cause, and they all have good pay plans that can fit any budget.

2. Dust your jogging shoes and hit the street. Morning or evening, don’t dare in the afternoon oh, Abuja sun go kill you. Also Abuja has clean clear streets which help for navigation. But this is the cheapest way becos you only need the right kind of running shoes which is a good investment anyways.

3. Eat healthy – this is difficult I bet, cos we are very much on the move nowadays and eating a balanced diet with safe portions is difficult. But if you are going to shake off that weight, you are going to take to a healthy eating once again. Plus when you eat healthy you have more energy for the hustle.

4. Take to crawling – we want your gist, we want your observation, we want your opinions. Crawl around and let us how Abuja can be from your own eyes.(I like this 1)

5. Football – I discovered a large group of hot sweaty males at the millennium park one early Saturday morning when I was just walking around and minding my own business(yea rite). Of course I stared at them, who wouldn’t, they were so fit…… so I’ve told u where, and I’ve told you when, want to get my attention ……lets go there

6. You can also try basket ball, which is played at sub-Mediterranean, tennis at rockview hotel or the stadium, bowling at the dome, swimming at hmm lots of places to swim, squash, volley ball etc

7. For the big boys who read my blog, I know u resumed golfing and horseback riding the minute you got back from the holiday. Erm what can I say, if tiger woods can look that good playing golf then so can you.

8. This year I’m taking to rowing, as soon as I can convince Adamu Aliero to open Jabi Lake to the public. It’s a beautiful recreation spot and it is wasting away jo.

9. Go dancing! - Clubs and lounges are springing up in Abuja every single weekend, so take your pick. If you are not 1 for the night life then you can join a salsa group or go to the Indian embassy and tell them u want to act a bollywood movie, those people are always dancing oh.

10. Finally, and most importantly if you want to shake off your holiday weight make sure you stay discipline in your food choices. Eat fruits, drink lots of water, and work hard, play hard. Oh and if you can afford it head to the inspector gadget store and get a Nintendo Wii, for me????

(P.S please talk to a doctor to be sure of your health status before you begin any exercise regimen because some of this exercises are extremely vigorous and maybe harmful if you are)