Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3 Times Lucky.....

its So Hot! and you will think that PHCN will care and provide us with a little succor LIKE ELECTRICITY, but no! we dont even know who is to blame, even now that Lucky Jo has taken on running the Country and the power sector (which is like running a country),so he is running 2 countries and going by recent history and him shaking hands with Obama, he will probably soon be running 3 (wink).

speaking of LuckyJo as he is now fondly called, whats with all the posters springing up all around Abuja City? i kindda thought that when he takes over as acting president he will 'ACT' but it has just been a barrage of political headlines, PDP controversy and more and more on 2011. i have no real political commentary yet, iLL let the experts dissect it, but, i have this to say though...... EnoughisEnough! if the system was working, then there would not be a stationary truck on the side of the road and a young promising Nigerian life would not be plucked so soon.

so ill ask nicely(advocacy not activism like my mom says), please We want light its really hot and the generator sounds are making us deaf, Clean up the System: we want good leaders and finally, please IBB? seriously!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4 aBUJA hOTSPOTS and nights that they POP! (magazine sneak peak)


(enjoy a sneak peak of 1 of the articles in the first issue)

Friday Night is a big night for all the clubs and lounges in the city, but if you want out door fun on any other night, its slim picking. Lucky for us, some hotspots have emerged providing fun for other days of the week that you may choose to unwind. So if your goal is to have a good time Monday to Monday then this is City Crawlers 4 hotspots and night that they Pop!!

Notice that everyone at play kind of know each other, its like one big network of people so PLAY SPORTS BAR & GRILL came up with an in genius way to reward their customers and this has been hugely successful. Bring your own bottle happens every Thursday and it allows customers to bring in a bottle of their chosen poison to get the Party started.

2. Karaoke
From TGIF to Cool Saturdays, we are always stuck with nothing to do on Sundays…… Karaoke is like a one-night stand: You know you'll be mortified the next day, but after a few drinks, you just say What the hell. Indulge in off-key renditions of "I Got You Babe" at SOHO lounge, Every Sunday from 8pm. No judging, just come with friends and have a great time.

3. Weekdays
We all love to hate this place (for obvious reasons), but we have all gone in there at least once in the past three months, you know why? Because if you want a place that has good music and good crowd and good fun monday to Monday, then head to Krystal lounge.

4. Friday night lights
A good lounge is a mix between an entertainment venue, social club and bar, which allows people who want to mingle as well as couples who only have eyes for each other to have a good time. Eden vip offer entertainment and a wide selection of signature cocktails, a HOT DJ, it’s a favorite with the Abuja crawling crowd as it always has a cool event going on there. well, if customers keep coming, they must be doing something right.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Home Base" - Abuja; your perspective

ive been ravin on and on about different places, my friend calls it Abuja Laundering. well ive decided to get other perspective from fellow 'crawlers'..... leave a comment, your place of choice might be helpful to us

Name: Ugo Ogwurike
Age: 3+
Occupation: Architect
Been in Abuja: 10 years
Came for: NYSC
Area of residence: Lugbe
Best place for...
Food – kilimanjaro
Fun – Play (everywhere else, people are ‘posing’ so they don’t have fun)
Friday night – Use to be tucano now Aqua
Date – Setraco Club house, life camp
After work drinks – Salamander

Name: Alhassan Mohammed
occupation: Menswear designer
been in Abuja for: 4 yrs
came for: visit n never went back
area of residence :Apo
your best place for,
food: Jevinik pounded yam and ogbono but assorted for everything else
fun: Play
Friday night: Eden VIP, Asokoro
a date: Salamander
after work drinks: Cafe 24

Name: Debola Funsho
Age: 42
Occupation: Senior special assistant
Been in Abuja: since 92
Came for: visits then NYSC
Area of residence: Aso villa
Best place for...
Food – Home
Fun – Basement/Blakes
Friday night – Safari/Capital bar
Date – My wife loves Chinese so usually Chopsticks in Maitama
After work drinks – Hilton, piano bar

Name: Tope Brown
Age: 3+
Occupation: Celebrity photo-journalist for Ovation Magazine
Been in Abuja: 4 years
Came for: work
Area of residence: Wuse, zone 1
Best place for...
Food – Jevnik, Biobak
Fun – Dome- games section
Friday night – Basement
Date – Drumsticks
After work drinks – don’t drink (but hang with friends at wineshop)

Name: Lotanna Uju Onuigbo
Age: 31
Occupation: Designer/Stylist
Been in Abuja: 2 years
Came for: greener pastures
Area of residence: Garki 2
Best place for...
Food – Wakkis and ajs for pizza
Fun – Salsa @ Nicon luxury(thursdays)
Friday night – swim- Nicon luxury
Date – anywhere really
After work drinks – British council rooftop cafe

name: Kolawole Oye
age: 32
occupation: Consultant
been in abuja for: 10 years
came for: NYSC
area of residence: Wuse Zone 6
your best place for,
food: Bukka, Transcorp Hilton (Buffet)
fun: at Home... (sad, but we dont have ANY Theme Park in Abuja)
friday nite: Basement
a date: Chopsticks, Maitama
after work drinks: Wine Shop

Name: Eddie Madaki
Age: 27
Occupation: Banker
Been in Abuja: 15years
Came for: Dad moved
Area of Residence: Maitama
Your best place for food: Jevinik!
Fun: Peniel pool/home
Friday nite: Play
A date: Nollywood/piano/lounge
After work drinks: DIA AsOKORO (StRICTLY BY invitation o!)

Name: Theresa Archibong
Age: 25
Occupation: Wardrobe Consultant aka i dey sell clothe lol
Been in Abuja: Almost a Decade
Area of residence: Wuye
Best place for...
Food – Melting Pot
Fun – Wonderland
Friday night – Aqua
Date – Vanilla Restaurant & Cocktail
After work drinks – Roof top Cafe

Monday, April 12, 2010

Banky W was RIght......

I have a new found lust *cough* sorry love for Mr. Incredible. He is cooler than ever, Sexier than ever and I witness the best MI performance of my life on Saturday. Is it that he has upped his game or crowd appreciation and participation ‘gingered his swagger’? Even Kel (you know Kel right?) was over on point, now I know what all the fuss about her is about and I am now officially a member of the Kel Appreciation Fan-club or to put it simply a KEL groupie. All this, at the Coca Cola Event that held at ocean view and to be honest, Mr. Capable didn’t lie when he said ‘aint no party like a Lagos party’. Very simple event, but well planned and well executed, what was the fuss? Coca cola was celebrating 1 song and there was a fantastic turnout and everyone was having fun, Lagos people know how to let go. In true city crawler style, I just stood there moping at the *cough* mostly fine boys and lovely chics all around me, I had a lot of fun. When it comes to having fun, nobody is a big boy or big girl oh, nobody cares about their designer shoes, they let their hair down release their inhibition and ‘just do it’.

The coca-cola shindig – all the performances were SPOT ON! BANKY W ON POINT, EL – DEE ON POINT, KEL OVER ON POINT (costume and backup dancers) and MI was amazing. I was a little angry because I felt cheated. This artist come to Abuja often enough and perform at shows and concert and never have I had it so good, but then it hit me, The Audience Was Cheering and Singing along. And I remembered that Appreciation can bring out the very best in anybody. And that’s one of the things we lack in Abuja.

I imagined the same event happening in Abuja, first of all, people will trickle in one by one at any time they like and act like their being at the event is a huge favor to the organizers, then we stood for 3 hours ‘no seats?’ they will grumble all night, forgetting that it’s a concert. When the performances start, people will just watch their fav artiste sing their heart out with a ‘practiced bored’ expression and no matter how seasoned an artist is, the lack of appreciation does a lot to lower their moral and kill their ginger.

In Abuja, we complain all the time about boredom, yet its funny how people come from out of town and have a blast. It’s the mind set really, if you want to have fun, you have to let yourself go and open your mind to having fun.
Well im back to my comfort zone, back to work and back to the town where taxi drivers actually know their way around the town.

P.S it wouldn’t have been fun without you guys. Thanks.