Thursday, November 26, 2009


Im a fool in love! Ask my sister. When im in love I fall completely, sometime with the danger of loosing myself. I talk about the object(or subject) of my love constantly, I call, I write, I buy gifts, I think and dream .you know that ‘’I love to see him coming, and I hate to see him go’’ feeling?. it is so cool, so right, so sweet, so gooey. And for me, so long as it is reciprocated, this feeling last a long long time. 

I have found love. 

Very few people are lucky in their life time to do the things they would love to do, several reasons, environmental restriction, religious restriction, parental restrictions, relationship restriction and most of the time fear of taking that bold step.i have been very lucky, i have non of these restrictions and im doing what i love doing and what i was born to do. A friend of mine asked me last night ‘what drives you I.J.’? I will not tell you the answer, I will tell you why he asked. 

The why.... Because im always selling something. im in PR(duh). (Just so we are clear, my love interest can be an object or a subject and unfortunately subjective love died a long time ago so if u think this is I.J.’s love story expose you can stop reading now) 

So that I don’t talk too much, let me just tell you about my latest discovery and that which is the object of my latest lovessession(new word). If you live in Abuja, or anywhere else in Nigeria actually, you will understand where this is coming from. Do u ever prepare yourself for a night in the town? for guys: nice new haircut, new drags, Hennessey money and a tank full of fuel ready to crawl your way up to the AM. And for girls: that sexy new dress you bought even though u were broke because you knew deep down in your heart that u had to have it for Friday night, all the right assessories, spray glitter and all you can do to glam up for an evening out. And then you head out to your usual places and your evening goes down hill from there, why? because its the ‘same shit, different night’. 

For those of you who are well travelled (summer in UK and dubai to buy things doesn’t count) im talking Ibiza(not area 11 bibza oh, u see u never travel), st tropez, monaco etc and for those of you who have experience the ultimate clubbing experience and want to re-enact that night, I will only say this once, I have discovered Abuja's best kept secret, drumroll please.... EDEN VIP! I don’t know how despite my city crawling ways, I could have missed it??? i will not describe it so I wont look like im over hyping it but, I saw drinks that I have only seen in jayz music videos and maybe rick ross(yes I am a bush girl I agree sue me, at least I have dstv aand I run my own company, he he). I love the thing they do when u buy a don perignon magnum, there is a fanfare of being a big spender and it will be all yourz for 15minutes. Cool. 

Abeg let me not spoil it for you. This Friday and saturday, Fashion TV(FTV) in Nigeria for the first time, hosted to the biggest party in Abuja.  me and my people. We know how to do it on a Friday night, no stalling, no forming, no frills, just thrills( see me rhyming, watch out M I) having fun has become a religion and the best thing about this folks, they are the best in their choosen career so u cant fault then. Ok enough said. 

I know some slowies will wonder what this blog is really about, ok let me explain it to u like you are an 8 year old, I.J. is in love and when I.J. falls in love, she sells the object or subject of her affection. Lucky EDEN VIP, you take center stage. 

Friday night live!

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