Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have a saying….. Guys are clueless. Why will anyone in his right senses buy a tool box for his girlfriend on valentines day? And even we ladies can get it wrong some times, you really should be absolutely positively sure before you buy your man a glow in the dark underwear. 

Its understandable anyway. We live very busy lives and our heads are filled with how to make the paper and sometimes it feels like romance is lost, but have no fear, city crawler has not only come up with gift ideas for you, but ill also tell you where in the city of Abuja you can find them…..

*two things though, valentines gifts don’t have to be PRACTICAL just know your partner and personalize. *THE BEST PRESENTS FEEL SPECIALLY CHOSEN FOR THAT PERSON AND THAT PERSON ONLY

                                              THE CC LIST

                                     VALENTINE EDITION

*Perfumes - I FOUND A STORE at the Silverbird Entertainment center that has unbelievable prices on all perfumes. From the celebrity perfumes, to the designer perfumes and of course to the classics. If you are on a budget you can try Perry Ellis for him or for her and if you wanna splurge Creed is a fav for men and any hermes perfume will put a smile on her face.

*Book - Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. If your boo loves to read, then make your way to pens and pages in wuse 2 and pick up a book for him or her. Whether it be Fiction, Biography, Motivational or self –help. If you are on a budget, there are second hand but very good quality books sold @ area 10.

*Sexy lingerie and underwear – always a favourite. But you can be creative with edible underwear or those sexy stripper ones that r for your eyes only. Just be sure to get the right size.

*Personalized mugs and tshirts – Another favourite and you can hardly go wrong with this one……. You can get real cool tshirts from the closet or call Sam of xtramile creations on 08065762310 to hook u up.

*Chocolate – if you want raw, unadulterated chocolate that will not only look good but will delight the senses, please just head to dunes, turn right at the entrance, you cant miss it, I don’t have a sweet tooth and yet I know this place, chai. If you are on a budget there is a sweet shop @ omega center that Gang and Mimidoo are obsessed with…. You can ask then for directions.

*Wine and champagne – I am more of a white wine person but for Valentine you are better off with Red. Ofcourse there is a wide selection to choose from whether you are splurging or not.  Come by Code Bar and we will hook you up with a South African 

*Flowers – they saw Nigerian girls don’t like flowers, I say, you'l be surprised. Just try and make sure the flowers come with a lil something something….. ground floor ceddi plaza and just beside the mango store at SEC. please don’t buy plastic flowers, THAT’S NOT ROMANTIC AT ALL #OKTHANKS

*Ipod – my sisters husband engraved and loaded her ipod with all her favourite songs; brought tears to my eyes. That’s how a practical gift becomes more special, when you personalize it. Inspector gadget store can hook you up with a great ipod because the time is short to order online

*Jewelry – works everytime. But ladies, be sure your man is into that before u spludge on a gold chain that he will never wear, becos it just not him. Ok. If you want gold, head to wuse market, they have variety and the best prices.

*Cake – cupcakes, chocolate cakes, velvet cakes etc, my favourite place is the oven….

*Dinner – important…. Spending time together ALONE just the 2 of you on this romantic day is important. Take her out for a romantic dinner for 2, to any of the fabulous restaurant spread around the city. My favourite restaurant in Abuja is the Oriental Mongolian at the Transcorp Hilton, but if you are on a budget then cook.

*Gift Card - most boutiques areound the city have gift cards, but you can actually get a gift card for your your boo to enjoy a massage or Spa treatment. i recommend bodyline gym for the massage, had one last week and my back has never felt the same.

*Love letter – emails, bb, fb messages, sms, dms, etc the art of writing is slowly dying. A heart felt letter will do what no sms or email can ever do. keep it straight, simple and honest. 

*Proposal – what better present than a promise to share the rest of your life together. But please be absolutely ready before you do this, (Disclaimer: Dont Say City Crawler Said)

So there you have it.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So I killed cupid!

But don’t worry, it’s only a tranquilizer gun that last for a couple of hours, just wanted to give him a taste of his own arrow and for causing all the HOO LA BA LOO that is gonna ensure in the next few days, VALENTINE.

Forget my desgi, I am not Anti – Valentine. After all it’s my birthday(advert for presents) and therefore a special day. It’s just that valentine, like every other holiday has be OVER commercialized and the reason has been watered down till now it only stands for a Female Holiday – aka A day men give women presents. The Men wanted to rebel until the women reminded them about something that they give (R21)

Holidays are very Anti – Single People especially Valentine. Any where you look you literally see red. Red hearts, red clothing, red flowers, red cakes, red teddy’s etc…. I know people that are tempted to lie in all day on valentine’s day and watch TV, but even on TV everything seems to tilt towards Love and Vals, so if you are in Abuja City for the Valentines Weekend/Day, this are the Event happening here that you absolutely cannot miss. You know city crawler will never leave you hanging…..

**Remember that Valentine’s is on a Monday and unfortunately not a Public holiday, so for the Workaholics, Absolute event has been gracious enough to bring you a special valentine party on the 12th of February from 9pm. This is THE Party that will have in attendance Abuja’s Finest. Promises to be a Fab evening with Free Cocktails, Cupcakes, Shisha, Goody bags etc. good thing its not only for couples, even single people looking for a good time can attend.Dress Code is Sexy and Classy and red carpet starts @ 9pm. You can call 08036728308 for RSVP. Tickets are 5k but you can get a table for N100k.

**Treat someone special to a candlelit Dinner for two, Whilst being serenaded by Praise Adejo (Second Runner up for Project fame) and feel your body sway in rhythmic style to romantic beats also featuring spectacular ballet, salsa and tango dances performed by Encore and TrueDanceArt Ticket:Premium : N30,000 for two, includes a three course meal plus a goody bag for the ladies VIP : N 50,000 for two , includes a three course meal, Venue: Niger/plateau hall, Transcorp Hilton Time: 8pm – 11pm. special invitation and flower delivery service directly to that special person, a goody bag and wait for it"an additional surprise gift for the ladies that is too good to resist" Don't wait ! Get your wallet and your phone out and dial 08037110001,ticket sales closes on the 7th of february 2011.Limited tickets available.We've got kissing a booth! 

**This Event is not only for lovers but also for lovers of Fish, Chicken ,Meat. The Lovers Barbeque hosted by BGL Events. Tickets are shockingly cheap, they go for 3k for singles and couples pay 4k. there will be cocktail and mocktails, spring rolls, samosa, cupcakes and cold slaw to go with your choice of dish. The Event holds on Feb 14th @ Tender vine Garden Wuse 2 and the time is from 7pm. If you want more details or require a description or you want to purchase your ticket, please call 08038748224.

*If you missed it last year, you can make up for it because Play is organizing another POOL PARTY. From the gist I heard from last years, well theres no way I am missing this one. So get your bikini body ready for the 12th of February, if you are hydro-phobic like me, no biggie, just know that you will get wet.

*And foremost Abuja Rap sensation YOYE(and that’s his real name) just released a Brand New Single in time for Valentine….. big ups sir.

Finally, you know that Code can never be left out of the Valentine Celebration and we will be giving out Free Wine and Free Cupcakes to every couple who Choose CODE Bar for their Romantic night. For the Singles, we got you back as well, just make sure you come through....

(NEXT POST:Gift Ideas for Valentine.... Spludge or on a Budget)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

19:00 WRConcept&YPIBIZ networking Meet....

for those of you who missed the white rabbit concept networking event for young people in business and young professionals, here are some pictures from the event. the event which was put together by white rabbit concept ng had miss mola kalejiaye of blaquestar consult as host. mr taiwo adepoju, a foremost motivational speaker and founder of the 'You got it in you" initiative was the first keynote speaker of the evening and Dapo oyewole a yale world fellow spoke of the buzz of the elections and why its important to vote. cupcakes was provided by little lovelies cupcake(contact:08098136362) and other refreshment was provided by Code Bar, venue of the networking meet.

the turn out was awesome and young people had a chance to interact,network and unwind in a laidback enviroment. there were 2 comedians in the house who thrilled participant with rib cracking jokes so it wasnt all serious all through. at the end of the evening, people were selected by a lucky dip of business cards to recieve the giveaways. in all 6books were giving out to lucky participant. 

a big thank you to all that supported this event in one way or the other. the 2nd networking event is billed to hold in February 2011. watch this space for dates. 

(pictures below)