Monday, December 7, 2009

Another 10 Things....

too many many questions are asked me everyday, where can i get this, who can do this for me and lots of others. its gets a bit much sometimes, but im not bothered by it, i love it. becoming a hub didnt happen by accident, it was carefully planned and calculated from day 1. well, christmas spirit people, for the next 2weeks im putting my normal schedule on hold and im focusing my energies on feeding you information, getting you into the christmas spirit and most importantly, making you laugh......
so while researching for CC Magazine we came up with this.....Enjoy


1. you listen to Kiss FM

2. the bouncers at PLAY< EDEN< TUCANO< SOHO actually recognise you

3. you can do colour associations and you can recognise logos

4. you own a mac book, netbook(me yay!), blackberry (me yay!), PDA, nitendo Wii(yay me for christmas) or any cool gadget that can do amazing things.

5. you shop online - amazon, craigslist etc

6. you can rock a bowtie - e.g Ebuka of BBN fame and ONOJA

7. you are a twitter addict - there is a whole new world happening out there, get on board...... Follow ijwhiterabbit

8. you know the top 10 songs on the billboard charts, better still you can review an album get english/dry humour

10. if you are friends with me (so what, i made the list, go make your own)

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