Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This weeks hottest....


City Crawler Loves to recognise people who do great and outstanding things to affect and influence their enviroment. we encourage them to do more, and they also act as an encouragement for people who dont believe they can. this week we recognise 5 women that we admire very much. Enjoy

If you are a cinema buff like you, you must have seen the preview for soon to be released political movie, ‘Black Gold’ which stars along side our very own Mbong Amata, Hollywood greats, Eric Roberts and Vivica Fox. Talk about being in good company. This university of Calabar graduate of history and international studies, burst into lime light early on when she won the Most Beautiful girl in Akwa- Ibom crown. Beauty and brains she has harnessed to captivate and hold audiences around the world spell bound. She is married to Jeta Amata, director of the Famous movie Amazing Grace where Mbong played Ansa. We are keeping our eyes of this one and we are positive that the sky is her limit.


There are a lot of things we love about this half Ibo half Yoruba lady. Not only is she beautiful and intelligent but she has a kind heart. So kind infact that in 2010 she launched a charity called THE JL WOMAN PROJECT. This charity project comprises JL women who dedicate their time and resources to teach and empower young girls (esp in orphanages) who have no one to help them. They help them with self-esteem issues, career choices, independence etc. This of course has impacted positively in the lives of this young girls. We celebrate Tinu for it is rare for a young woman to spare her time and resources to the lifting of others. Alongside charity, this business mogul is CEO and head designer of James Lully brand. Their products include Bags, clothes, perfumes and accessories. This year’s Charity fund raiser has been set for July 24th, hope to see you there.


Preparations is already underway for Abuja's biggest fashion show of the year, The Runway, a Fashion and Music event whose first edition took place on Friday, 17th December at the prestigious This day Dome Abuja. Ogwa was the noticeable face behind this cutting edge fashion revolution that woke up Abuja fashionistas. This very beautiful and intelligent mother of 3lovely boys is the Chief Executive if D’zyn couture. There is no single fashionistas in Abuja and beyond that doesn’t own one of her pieces. Dzyn was founded in 2003 by Ogwa and her sister Ofure. And if there is one thing they are known for its quality control and great finishing. 

 She burst onto the scene as the first female Fifa licensed football agent in Nigeria , today she is a SuperSport TV Presenter on SuperSport 3 Nigeria where she host the bundesliga every Friday and other shows. Chisom Mbonu . “Who’s that girl,” it’s was the question on the lips of many viewers in Nigeria as she lined up alongside Presenter Charles Anazodo and Daniel Amokachi, Emeka Enyadike and Colin Udoh when SuperSport launched it’s Nigeria studios in 2008 with live broadcast of the Serie A. She says, “Tayo Balogun. I could say he gave me my first chance on TV just because I was a girl who "talked" football like a guy. But my dream came true in 2007. I AM LIVING THE DREAM!"

It is impossible to encounter this Amazon and not fall in love with her. I have always been an admirer. She is one of the few women who have maintained a steady political rise. Not only is she a politician, she is an ace-broadcaster, author and administrator. I can begin to doll out her achievements which has spanned a period of almost 20 years, but it will interest you to know that she conceptualized, produced and anchored one of the longest lasting programmes on NTA - “NEWSLINE and she is the force behind HOT 98.3FM Abuja, a top-rated, award-winning radio station in the FCT with the far-reaching coverage spanning eight states. Hot FM also now operates another station in Owerri, Imo State. Senator Chris Anyanwu will be returning to the senate in may as he beat her opposition in the just concluded senatorial election. 

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

City Crawler Abuja: This Weeks Hottest......

I promised to keep you posted every week as Abuja comes alive and bring you the hottest of the Hottest. Before I start, thanks to everyone who e-mailed and sent in their suggestions, its all duly noted but you will all agree with me that in general, the hottest Person last week, the man whose name was (and still is) on everybody’s (both young and old) lips, Attahiru Jega.

P.S This week we got serious but in a fun way as is our usual, but I assure you that next week we will be tackling the hottest Party Animal, the hottest trend, the hottest place to spot the hottest trend and more hot gist on CC Extra. You can send suggestions and nominations and hot gist/gossip(wink) to whiterabbitconcept1@yahoo.com

CC Extra
We miss Douglas Wokocha – jekan. Ok, you probably know him as Douglas or Doug or the Dougman, that smooth voice you hear on the morning drive on rhythm fm from 6am – 9am, well CC is sad to announce that  Abuja has lost one of its finest to Lagos. For 9 years on rhythm, doug held us spell bound. He is that voice that woke us up in the morning and took us through the drive to work and got us settled in. We sure will miss him and we wish him all the best in all his future endavours.

*you can catch Doug on Beat FM Lagos*

So in line with the Postponement of this past weekends Senatorial Elections and postponement of the postponement that left us all dizzy, I decided to conduct a pool amongst a few Nigerians. Everyone has a different view on Jega, some feel pretty strongly that he should be sacked or do the honorable thing and resign, some believe he is the man for the job, some believe that he shouldn’t be judged yet but should be given time and some are just generally sitting on the fence. I picked a few *all comments anon*

• A disillusioned Gentleman
• The only man to admit and accept his error. If only we have leaders like him
• I am sure Maurice Iwu has an evil grin on his face
• He had enough time and money at his disposal, logistics issues are un acceptable, he could have done better
• (J)onathan (E)bele (G)oodluck (A)zikiwe – JEGA
• I am actually not one of those asking for him to be crucified as I believe in his sincerity to deliver a free and fair election.
• In his bid to get it right he had to be responsible for a few errors
• Jega should be judged based on an election, no election has been held yet
• He must be supported at all cost
• He is an amateur in the game of Nigerian politics and power
• A brave man (I wouldn’t have the guts to hold that press conference if I was him)
• A man in a difficult position
• Jega is unprepared and it will cost us
• He is a sincere man
• He will change the way elections go in this country
• He is inconsistent and confused
• Professor of incompetence and thief of billions
• Obj’s most underrated but most valuable player
• A Dissapiontment
• Jega april fooled the whole nation
• He is under too much pressure
And finally
• I had already prepared for the public holiday,mcheeeew…… (I laughed at this one)
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Still on the Election, cos that’s the buzz, the hottest place right now is the WEB and I’m not just talking social networks. Information is getting around quicker, disseminating faster and better than the network stations. Even the news paper mediums have taken to the web. With one click you can get up to date info on not just the Elections, but also on all the candidates running for office. If you are on twitter please follow @inecnigeria, @eienigeria and @234next, my favourite’s for reliable election updates. And of course you can follow me on @ijwhiterabbit and us on @citycrawlerLive.