Monday, December 14, 2009

Lets hear it For KEvin.....

I’m not going to pretend that my meeting Kevin, the first Nigerian to win the BBA prize money was a calculated city crawler move, it was a fluke. I guess I can say the universe was on my side, putting me in the right place at the right time.

I’m a literary buff. I might not write the most fantastic of books like Teju Cole, or spin rhymes for Poems like El Jo, but I write what I write, and I’m lucky people pay attention, call it frivolous chatter or ideal city gossip but my followership rises because of a need for escapism. I blab, let me now write.

I was rooting for Kevin from the moment he entered into the BB house. I have an eye for entertainers and I knew that this chap was made for TV and he had found his platform. Through the 90 days that was spent in the house, Kevin ‘alanta ed’ his way into our hearts, he was the most entertaining housemate and he was constantly repping his country, he just had to win. He was up for nomination several times, but Africa recognized and kept him in the house and eventually, victory.

Fame and Fortune.

After the Teju Cole Book reading, I was torn between going for drinks with the literary bunch, but I opted out so I could attend one of my best friend’s birthday party instead. Talk about right place at the right time. I entered the venue and saw a crowd of people, some women even had nicely sewn Ankara uniforms and I was wondering, ‘all this for Victor’? But I was told that Kevin Chuwang Pam, winner of 200k USD was in the house. At this point I will apologize to my blog followers cos I couldn’t get a statement from him but I was lucky to get a picture and that’s enough for now.

There is a welcome party for him tomorrow night in Abuja. People, let’s make him feel welcome cos this young man’s career deserves to Blow. Sadly, I must add that I don’t envy him; he has big decisions to make. From now on he will have sucker – ups, hangers - on, wanna bes, people who will promise him all kinds of things, book deals, Magazine covers, Record Deals etc but I hope he is a wise business man and he takes his time to understand the industry because in the words of a fellow jostified, Mr Incredible (MI) ‘money slow to enter……money quick to go’

Lets hear it for Kevin!!!

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