Monday, November 16, 2009

Move Over LAgos....

I am no writer and to be honest I have no right to write about what I write about, but I am a self acclaimed City Crawler and I have chosen the unique and beautiful city of Abuja to prowl, both day and night. I make it my busy body business to know exactly what is going down at every point in time in every sector. Ask me about Abuja, I know, because I am the City Crawler. Well as introductions go, this is my bit.

Lagos Lagos Lagos, no one is in competition with Lagos oh, it is a peculiar town and the people who live there are a peculiar people. There is a saying, that if u can survive in Lagos, you can survive anywhere, I agree. I can pick a true Lagos person out from a crowd, except for those ones that are naturally slowies (a word my friend came up with to describe, well slow people, dull people). Comparisons have been made several times, I wonder why, seeing that Lagos has almost 100years ahead of Abuja, as well as all the multinationals and opportunities available, a true cosmopolitan city .But Abuja is a fast developing hub. In the not so distant past only politicians, federal civil servants and university of Abuja students lived here. And mostly, not by choice but by necessity. Others came and went, contractors came got their papers signed and hurried back home. Land was cheap, transport was cheap, and living in Abuja was no biggie. Until suddenly, we started noticing holdups at traffic lights and that’s when it dawned that the people are coming….

There are many more reasons to visit the FCT and many more opportunities available than ever before. Whether u are taking a few days out or cozily settling in to building a life here, there is something to keep you happy LIVING in Abuja, as long as you want to and are open to possibilities. Nigerians have come from all over to settle here, they are migrating in droves because other major cities are already saturated and Abuja embraces every one as a true no man’s land, we are loving it. If u follow this blog you will see the evolution of Abuja from the eyes of the city crawler, I will make it my life purpose to bring the FCT to you, no matter the part of the country you are. The music scene, the fashion scene, recreation, hospitality, nightlife, politics, etc

My prediction is that Abuja city will become A major capital, not only of the country but also for everything else …….. this might seem a bit farfetched but it will feel very good seeing my prediction come to reality just like im sure Donald Duke of the CRS fame smiles to bed every night.

Move over Lagos.

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