Sunday, November 29, 2009

HO!! HO!! HO!! The Holidays Are Upon Us

I woke up this morning to bangers and knockout some of them sounding like claps but most sounding like the real thing. Under all my irritation, it dawned on me that Christmas is near. The holidays are upon us. YaY. I love Christmas, it’s the brightest season, all the food, all the colours, all the lights. No matter how Grinchy you are, you will get caught up at some point with all the hullaballoo. In only a few days, the shopping frenzy will begin in earnest, shopping for gifts, shopping for Christmas clothes for the kids, shopping for that perfect dress you will use to dazzle at the Christmas party etc. Single people who can’t travel home to be with loved ones will be stuck in the city, have no fear, I will be your guide, I’ve spent 3 Christmases in Abuja and I don’t see or experience the boredom people talk about, besides loads of people will not be travelling this Christmas due to the economic recession and uhh kidnapping (all hail my Igbo brothers). So my 2 cents for your Christmas shopping…. 

*CLOTHES – C&C Collection (male) and Belle Flammes (Female) 

*HAMPERS – try any of the stores in the city or u can DIY(do it yourself) its cheaper, just buy the basket, they come in all shapes and sizes and fill it up with your goodies, cheaper and more personalized + you can let your creativity shine through.(btw if u r too lazy or too busy, I can do it for you(big grin) 

*GADGET AND GIZMOS – ive been hinting since that I want a Nintendo Wii for Christmas(and no one has answered me) anyways….. 

*CHILDREN CLOTHING - The Childrens Place (TCP) 

*MAKEOVER/SPA TREATMENT – for makeup you can try CYREENE MAKEUP LOUNGE (they even have a chill out lounge, yay) and SERENITY SPA for your full body beauty treatment, so by the time u step out eh, hmmmm………… 

*CHRISTMAS CARDS – Celebration stores and I discovered that Exclusive stores has really lovely cards too 

*DECORATION AND GIFT ITEMS – Sahad stores has loads and they are beautiful and very cheap, other places you can get are Banrut, exclusive, and most major stores in Abuja… (call me if u want something specific) 

A lot more places and items that will enhance your Christmas celebration this year, this is just the beginning of my Christmas series. CC 
P.S if you have a Christmas product you want people to know about or a service you are providing for the period, let me know about it.

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