Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DEAR CITY CRAWLER: Tips for our Readers.....

I compiled a couple of questions that were sent to the City Crawler Mail Box and I hope it will be helpful for our other readers.

Dear Abuja City Crawler
I was lucky to get information on a land for sale in a very highbrow area of Abuja. It is ridiculously affordable for where it is located. I am a bit skeptical because I have heard of all kinds of scams that happen in the FCT especially with real estate. Please where can I confirm the authenticity of the C of O.
Segun, Utako.

Dear Segun,
Information like that is hard to come by so ill say lucky you. You are right to be skeptical and you have taken the best step seeking this information. The Agency that handles this is AGIS and its located at No. 4 Peace Drive,Garki Abuja. 234-7070271909 email info@abujagis.com. Goodluck.

Hello City Crawler,

I live in one of the high rise buildings In wuse and I have two sons (4 and 2). This might sound funny, but I would love to play “Monkey Post” football with my boys like my dad did with me when I was a kid. My building is really restrictive, please can CC suggest somewhere I can take them to play?

from Gabe.

dear Gabe,

You live in wuse, you are in luck. There are recreational parks spread around the city that caters to that sort of thing, but ultimately you can head to millennium park, lots of space and you might find other dads with the same idea and you guys can form a team. Good luck

hello city crawler,

I would like to hang out with my girls every once in a while, but I have kids. Please where can I go that ill have fun and the kids too will have a great time?


dear hauwa

If you have small kids, wonderland and Maitama amusement park. For older kids, you can go to the Dome in central area, they have lots of games and a great bowling alley where not only they will enjoy but you and your girls as well.

Hello city crawler,

I don’t live in Abuja, but I am around very often for business and I usually wish to unwind after a hard day or have celebratory drinks with partners and clients after a deal is closed. Please I would like to know what the entry requirement is for clubs in Abuja because they only seem to allow people they see on a regular basis? Thanks


dear anonymous,

Looking sharp and tipping the bouncers at the gate goes a long way, but you can just make it easier and get a membership card, most of the clubs in the city use this.

Dear city crawler, 

My Sunday afternoons after church is most boring, please any activity you can suggest to vibe up the day before work starts again Monday.

from nicole.

Dear Nicole,

My friends and I use to have a lil fishing expedition every sunday afternoon to abacha barrack before it got bombed. Really Sunday afternoon fun is an individual thing except there is a comedy event. You can head to Silverbird and catch a movie, or head to dome for bowling, oling nitendo wii or snooker. Picnic @ mellinium park with friends or a significant other . Also you can attend the GAP(guild of artist and poets) meet that happens every sunday.

Dear City Crawler,

Please where can I get a great massage in Abuja at a reasonable cost?

from Omotosho.

Dear Omotosho,

Look no further, head to Body line gym and your Back will never remain the same. I am a living testimony.

Dear city crawler, 

Im looking to meet nice decent women of marriageable age who are not boring or desperate. Any suggestion of where I should go. P.s please don’t say church

From L

Dear El.

Im going to say church, sorry. Also ill say the supermarket, the cafes, work etc. any where you can find people really. Im no match maker and I really can say any particular place has good or bad girls but I will just advice you to also garner up courage to walk up to ladies and talk to them, as a man im sure you will be able to figure out a lady you are interested in by chating with her. goodluck

*any contributions to help out readers will be appreciated, just leave a comment in the comment section. for questions and enquiries send emails to whiterabbitconcept1@yahoo.com*


  1. Nice one IJ. I still miss CODE though :(

  2. does GAP still hold? If so, details please