Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Drum Roll for Abuja's BEST Make - up Professional

Olajide Okerayi – Pro Makeup Artist

He is called at every event, present at every photo shoot, necessary for any wedding. he is Jide of St. Ola Make-up. i am not exaggerating when i say he is the best there is. Passionate, Professional and Precise are the three words i will use to describe this young man who started out at the age of 17 and has sure made his mark in the emerging abuja fashion industry. The make-up artist with a heart of gold, he makes quite an impression. Jide stands out not because he is a Guy in a ‘girl-dominated’ profession but because he is good, really good. A trial will convince you. whether you have a big night ahead, or you want to be the loveliest bride or just generally stand out on any red carpet, he is the Man for the JOB

City Crawler caught up with jide and had a nice chat....


CC: How did you find your self doing this? was it something you always wanted to do or you stumbled on it?

Jide:well to be honest, fashion has always been my dream and since I started designing makeup came along and since then I have fallen in love with it. makeup is something that when I cant sleep at night I am thinking of how to mix two coloursof eye shadow to form a new colour…… that’s how much I love makeup.

CC: Is there anyone you are dying to makeup?

Jide:Wow! Errrr….. I would love to makeup lady gaga, goldie and Omawumni.

CC:Whats your favourite works for everyone look?

Jide:A very natural but classy look.

CC: What on item of makeup will instantly glam up a look?

Jide:Liquid Liner

CC: You do make up for all kinds of vents, weddings, redcarpet, runways, photo shoots. Whats your favourite?

Jide: Photo shoot definately

CC: What advice would you give someone who wants to go into your business:

Jide: well; the thing is you have to have hunger for learning. Even if you think you know it all. And you have to be very creative…… and then practice, lots of it. Practise is key

CC: What do you think sets you apart from other makeup artist:

Jide: well, im sure you will hear this from other makeup artist as well but, I am a perfectionist. I make sure my shadows are well blended and applied. Most importantly, my brows are my signature…… once you see my brows you will know that it was done by JIDE of ST. Ola

CC: What one item must be in every girls makeup bag?

Jide: Lipgloss

CC: New technology everyday to make ‘makeup application’ perfect. What that item you are dying to own that will make your clients look out of this world?

Jide: As it is for now I have what ive always wanted which is the airbrush machine, but im looking forward to a new invention on makeup artistry.

CC: Your most famous clients?

Jide: I have so many famous clients, as a matter of fact all my clients are famous.

City Crawler was not left out of it all Jide Can be reached on 07035249559......

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  1. Nice Jide, you are going places! Keep it Up!

  2. I can attest to this. He's really good. Make-up is his forte.

  3. Great interview and Jide is a stand up guy, talented, friendly, always comes through

  4. jide is the best out there #word

  5. I'm so particular about who shapens my eyebrows and Jide can HIGHLY recommended. It was so worth it! Great work Jide, you're gonna go places!