Monday, November 7, 2011

Barka d Sallah People

Barka d Sallah to all our numerous Readers

Its a long weekend because of the monday and tuesday addition(Bankers must be happy) so endeavour to enjoy yourself, be hospitable, give the kids a treat but whatever you do, do your best to stay safe in the city of Abuja and avoid areas that we have been warned about.

All the recreational centers in sure will have a crowd this period so im certain they will be fun to visit for Adults and kids alike. The Movies, The Game alleys. the Amusement Parks etc.....

But if you are on a budget this period you can pack a picnic and head to theMillennium Park, just opposite the Transcorp hilton, rent a Mat for N200 - N500 (depending on size) and have a great time with your family or friends. its good for bonding or people watching too and there is always something exciting going on....

im gon' be crawling around the city so if you see me pass by, holla at your girl...

Enjoy your celebrations.....


  1. Happy Sallah to you too


  2. Oh, I enjoyed thr celebrations a lot, thank you!) It's so kind of you