Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3 Times Lucky.....

its So Hot! and you will think that PHCN will care and provide us with a little succor LIKE ELECTRICITY, but no! we dont even know who is to blame, even now that Lucky Jo has taken on running the Country and the power sector (which is like running a country),so he is running 2 countries and going by recent history and him shaking hands with Obama, he will probably soon be running 3 (wink).

speaking of LuckyJo as he is now fondly called, whats with all the posters springing up all around Abuja City? i kindda thought that when he takes over as acting president he will 'ACT' but it has just been a barrage of political headlines, PDP controversy and more and more on 2011. i have no real political commentary yet, iLL let the experts dissect it, but, i have this to say though...... EnoughisEnough! if the system was working, then there would not be a stationary truck on the side of the road and a young promising Nigerian life would not be plucked so soon.

so ill ask nicely(advocacy not activism like my mom says), please We want light its really hot and the generator sounds are making us deaf, Clean up the System: we want good leaders and finally, please IBB? seriously!

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