Friday, June 4, 2010

Back to taking on the City of Abuja,,,,,,,,

Nothing helps paper cuts. And nothing helps backaches, well maybe a change of position or a nice massage. But nothing helps my Eye strain. The only thing that can help this three “ailments” will be to actually stop work, and that’s not possible.

I’ve abandoned my blog for a little bit, No! Not a little bit, a lot bit. I missed writing so so much because I was being a workaholic publisher. When I started the Magazine, I didn’t know what I was doing. But I took baby steps and Im proud to say I went from maddeningly painful paper cuts which come from handling too many papers, to a dummy and as of today we are at the second edition of City Crawler magazine. Now I can look back to my first love.

Since I’ve been away from blogosphere loads and loads of stuff have happened. We lost a great man, our servant leader, President ‘Yardie’ (God Rest His Soul ). Then our very own Mr. Incredible MI and Psquare have been nominated for the Best international act at this year’s BET awards and *ahem* Skuki won the Hip Hop World award for NEXT RATED. Well while I’m still trying to figure out how that happened, I will at least give hip hop world props for the great party they threw in Abuja before the Award proper. Great turn out of celebs and Abuja’s coolest people.

The same story cannot be said of the Event that packed all of the BBA 4 house members into Abuja city. We all watched big brother Africa, well at least most of us did and we were rooting for the Nigerian. He Won! But then his first major event was …………. (ill let you find the word for it). Was it the lack of publicity? As for the 2face idibia Event, nobody is sure it ever held, but we know for sure that the ‘beef with youngest old man’ event never held, still waiting to find out why.

I was gone for 5 minutes and people get lax. Tsk tsk

Well! Things change – prices go up, good places go bad and bad places go bankrupt, nothing stays the same. So if you find something new, recently opened, better or worse, Or just an opinion about the skuki saga, then let the city crawler know.
So do three things this weekend…

1. Vote for MI and Psquare they were nominated for the BET Awards for the best intl act alongside Estelle, Sade, k’naan etc
2. Buy a copy of city crawler magazine, its available at Exclusive stores, Café 24, Silverbird media store, 212 media stand and vendors around the city.
3. Make sure u have a great time this weekend.

P.S Look out for all the hot pictures from TGIF event and other events covered by city crawler magazine, watch this space.
Kisses y’all.


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