Monday, April 12, 2010

Banky W was RIght......

I have a new found lust *cough* sorry love for Mr. Incredible. He is cooler than ever, Sexier than ever and I witness the best MI performance of my life on Saturday. Is it that he has upped his game or crowd appreciation and participation ‘gingered his swagger’? Even Kel (you know Kel right?) was over on point, now I know what all the fuss about her is about and I am now officially a member of the Kel Appreciation Fan-club or to put it simply a KEL groupie. All this, at the Coca Cola Event that held at ocean view and to be honest, Mr. Capable didn’t lie when he said ‘aint no party like a Lagos party’. Very simple event, but well planned and well executed, what was the fuss? Coca cola was celebrating 1 song and there was a fantastic turnout and everyone was having fun, Lagos people know how to let go. In true city crawler style, I just stood there moping at the *cough* mostly fine boys and lovely chics all around me, I had a lot of fun. When it comes to having fun, nobody is a big boy or big girl oh, nobody cares about their designer shoes, they let their hair down release their inhibition and ‘just do it’.

The coca-cola shindig – all the performances were SPOT ON! BANKY W ON POINT, EL – DEE ON POINT, KEL OVER ON POINT (costume and backup dancers) and MI was amazing. I was a little angry because I felt cheated. This artist come to Abuja often enough and perform at shows and concert and never have I had it so good, but then it hit me, The Audience Was Cheering and Singing along. And I remembered that Appreciation can bring out the very best in anybody. And that’s one of the things we lack in Abuja.

I imagined the same event happening in Abuja, first of all, people will trickle in one by one at any time they like and act like their being at the event is a huge favor to the organizers, then we stood for 3 hours ‘no seats?’ they will grumble all night, forgetting that it’s a concert. When the performances start, people will just watch their fav artiste sing their heart out with a ‘practiced bored’ expression and no matter how seasoned an artist is, the lack of appreciation does a lot to lower their moral and kill their ginger.

In Abuja, we complain all the time about boredom, yet its funny how people come from out of town and have a blast. It’s the mind set really, if you want to have fun, you have to let yourself go and open your mind to having fun.
Well im back to my comfort zone, back to work and back to the town where taxi drivers actually know their way around the town.

P.S it wouldn’t have been fun without you guys. Thanks.


  1. even at the club ppul act like they came for a photo shoot and just sit around and stare

  2. i dont know about kel having an on pint performance, i have to see that to believe and emm costume? has she lost that gut? or has she hired a magician cos that chic is razz and cant dress. she started off on the right foot, but somewhere along the line she lost the plot .. i heard she sleeps around ...infact with everyone that performed at this show at some point or the other ... emmm not good for her image, anyway next time you happen to see an 'on point kel performance' please whip out the camera phone and capture is city crawler style and maybe ill change my mind

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  4. @anonymous 2
    i was there and kel was def on point
    she looked hot and absolutely classy
    i wasnt much of a fan but on saturday she def won me over

    lagosians- we def know how to party d right way
    MI Banky and eldee were totally superb
    i remeber shouting out "you wan thief my kele" in my 5inch heels,dancing for hours on end, without feeling d pain

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  6. Nice article. Tega