Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Home Base" - Abuja; your perspective

ive been ravin on and on about different places, my friend calls it Abuja Laundering. well ive decided to get other perspective from fellow 'crawlers'..... leave a comment, your place of choice might be helpful to us

Name: Ugo Ogwurike
Age: 3+
Occupation: Architect
Been in Abuja: 10 years
Came for: NYSC
Area of residence: Lugbe
Best place for...
Food – kilimanjaro
Fun – Play (everywhere else, people are ‘posing’ so they don’t have fun)
Friday night – Use to be tucano now Aqua
Date – Setraco Club house, life camp
After work drinks – Salamander

Name: Alhassan Mohammed
occupation: Menswear designer
been in Abuja for: 4 yrs
came for: visit n never went back
area of residence :Apo
your best place for,
food: Jevinik pounded yam and ogbono but assorted for everything else
fun: Play
Friday night: Eden VIP, Asokoro
a date: Salamander
after work drinks: Cafe 24

Name: Debola Funsho
Age: 42
Occupation: Senior special assistant
Been in Abuja: since 92
Came for: visits then NYSC
Area of residence: Aso villa
Best place for...
Food – Home
Fun – Basement/Blakes
Friday night – Safari/Capital bar
Date – My wife loves Chinese so usually Chopsticks in Maitama
After work drinks – Hilton, piano bar

Name: Tope Brown
Age: 3+
Occupation: Celebrity photo-journalist for Ovation Magazine
Been in Abuja: 4 years
Came for: work
Area of residence: Wuse, zone 1
Best place for...
Food – Jevnik, Biobak
Fun – Dome- games section
Friday night – Basement
Date – Drumsticks
After work drinks – don’t drink (but hang with friends at wineshop)

Name: Lotanna Uju Onuigbo
Age: 31
Occupation: Designer/Stylist
Been in Abuja: 2 years
Came for: greener pastures
Area of residence: Garki 2
Best place for...
Food – Wakkis and ajs for pizza
Fun – Salsa @ Nicon luxury(thursdays)
Friday night – swim- Nicon luxury
Date – anywhere really
After work drinks – British council rooftop cafe

name: Kolawole Oye
age: 32
occupation: Consultant
been in abuja for: 10 years
came for: NYSC
area of residence: Wuse Zone 6
your best place for,
food: Bukka, Transcorp Hilton (Buffet)
fun: at Home... (sad, but we dont have ANY Theme Park in Abuja)
friday nite: Basement
a date: Chopsticks, Maitama
after work drinks: Wine Shop

Name: Eddie Madaki
Age: 27
Occupation: Banker
Been in Abuja: 15years
Came for: Dad moved
Area of Residence: Maitama
Your best place for food: Jevinik!
Fun: Peniel pool/home
Friday nite: Play
A date: Nollywood/piano/lounge
After work drinks: DIA AsOKORO (StRICTLY BY invitation o!)

Name: Theresa Archibong
Age: 25
Occupation: Wardrobe Consultant aka i dey sell clothe lol
Been in Abuja: Almost a Decade
Area of residence: Wuye
Best place for...
Food – Melting Pot
Fun – Wonderland
Friday night – Aqua
Date – Vanilla Restaurant & Cocktail
After work drinks – Roof top Cafe


  1. ...Don't I just wanna move to Abj!! Every1 seems to have a balanced life, it's quite difficult to maintain a balanced life in Lag, It's 60% office, 35% traffic and 5% play...Not much crawling for me..

  2. I've been in Abj for 14 yrs now and you could say I saw every kind of development.. Wuse 2 used to be one far bushy area till it was now.. Social life is rising up due to many parks, clubs, bars and others springing up. All I wanna say is, Abj ROCKS!!!

  3. I stay in Apo, Abuja. Love Bowling at The Dome bowling alley on saturday mornings. My favourite after-work place is Terminal 5. Best place to eat is Wakkis (yeah, I love Indian foods). My Fav club on a friday night is Eden VIP cos of the Hospitality.

  4. City Crawler I wanna move to Abuja ooo, but I cnt move until Bobo Mi gets a a sista out pls. Do u knw who is hiring?Pls

  5. I miss Abuja Boohoo, it's become more interesting since I left, lol..

  6. Been in abj since last year and for me...terminal isn't bad atall,can stil improve.PLAy is for our generation of people(places like cobana n co re filled with old married smelly men!) PLAY has young,hot crowd.dats y I luv dat place.aqua is like a zoo!and those prostitutes
    on d pole?!WTF??
    I like EDen too evn tho ple go there to form.basment is not on d map 4 me and soho has lost its mojo.

  7. LOGAN aka Dozie AcholonuJune 10, 2010 at 3:45 AM

    Gosh....never new this awesome mag existed. if fantastic n filled with beautiful people n fantastic places to hang. But u'll miissed a spot. 4 a WELL PRICED FINGER LICKING AWESOME FISH N CHIPS GO TO GEETY AKA SHORTYS JOINT OPPOSITE MERIT HOUSE NEAR NYSC, CAC AND THE FED HIGH COURT MAITAMA. U WONT REGRET IT. the open air concept is nice n dark so u r assured of privacy n its got parking space. check it out. ciao

  8. I live in California I was in Abuja for 7 months I love PLay that place was great...great music and great drink...It can get hot in there!!!