Wednesday, February 10, 2010

VALENTine Week.......

The Crowd that showed up for Comedy Karaoke was unprecedented. But not too surprising though, Abuja Residents are hungry for something new, for something different from the usual forms of recreation that we are accustomed to. And in this Event, the usual rules did not apply.

If you have been following this blog you will know that the event “COMEDY KARAOKE “ hosted by White Rabbit Concept was held on Sunday and as the name implies, the Audience were the Comedians. I was impressed at the amount of people who stepped up to the spotlight to participate. Abuja people have been accused of being highly inhibited but given the right reason they will shake it off and get on stage.
Awesome ideas like this start small and then catch on like wild fire before anyone knows what hit them. Comedy karaoke started out the valentine week and did a pretty good job bringing people together, later in the week counting down to Feb 14th, there are several events being hosted in the capital, every bar, lounge, club, restaurant and fast food place has something planned, so whatever works for you. You can also reach out to the city crawler on 08037135829 or send an e-mail to and we will give you information and help you with ideas on how to spend Valentines Weekend.

My personal Favorites for Valentine though:
• A special package trip to the beautiful Coast of Benin – please call 08036240620

• Professional Rocks – this holds on Saturday d’ 13th and has acts like Wande coal, and Comedian Omo Baba as part of their lineup of celeb entertainers.

• The 70s themed Valentine party – this is hosted by casa rerri , maitama on the 13th of February and yes, u get to dress up.

• Oriental express offers couples a special valentine package at their Chinese restaurant.

All I see is fun! Fun! Fun!
And for those of you who are single like me, get ready to party at Eden VIP this Sunday at 12AM, you might not get presents from that special someone but you will have fun rolling with me on Vals Morning because its my birthday and the CityCrawler knows how to get a party started.

(Pictures from the Comedy Karaoke Event will be loaded up soon, and the CC Cam is shooting at fashionistas this valentine, i hear the theme color is Red, yep everyone loves a lady in Red). my eyes are open, my minions are on the look out and the information we will be bringing you, well you simply cant get it anywhere else.....

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  1. Will def be back. Sounds like loads of fun. Did you get my message?