Thursday, February 18, 2010

#CItyCRawler this Weekend - How To Beat The Heat.....

Can you believe this heat?

Its 44 degrees in the capital.(yikes)
For the past couple of days, Abuja has been terribly terrible hot, humid and irritating. I hear this complain from everyone, even people who go from AC house to AC car to AC office. PHCN is not helping matters, at least if there was Electricity it wouldn’t be so bad. I cant wait for the rain…. It wont change much but at least we will have a much cooler weather.

So in city crawler style, I have decided to suggest to you 2 ways you can beat the heat this weekend. Enjoy!

You spent Monday to Friday sporting suits, shirts, and generally portraying a corporate look, well lucky for you, weekend is work free so why not take this time to wear that Tank Top and Short that you have been dying to wear. Or the gypsy dress that leaves your body free to breath. I know that there is no guy on this planet(I exaggerate Yes) that doesn’t have a light tee and Bermuda or Cargo shorts. Don’t be shy about your skinny calfs jo, its too hot for anyone to notice. These are light easy clothing that you can wear anywhere and anytime and look really good while at it.

So we don’t have a beach or anything, but if there is one thing Abuja has in ample quantity its hotels and most of the hotels have pools. So if you are just a struggling young lass like me and don’t have a pool in your back yard (yet…) then head over to any of the great hotels around and have fun in their swimming pool, cos what better way to beat the heat than with cool refreshing water, either sipping it or soaking in it. If you are down with the mall thing, thats cool, because most of them are fully air-conditioned especially the Movie Cinema where some times I actually think they want to kill people with Cold…….

So ill be out crawling, might run into you…..
Ta and have Fun!

N.B – For cool Tees and Tank tops for guys and girls, I recommend THE CLOSET Boutique
The TECHNO Event is on at EDEN VIP on Saturday night, so if you liked the Black Eyed Peas ‘BOOM BOOM POW’ then this event is for you.


  1. hello city crawler

  2. Please where are the good/ affordable swimming pools? Haven't been swimming in Abuja in a!!!

  3. try the one at valentia hotel or savannah suites in area 1.

  4. I always enjoy reading ur well written blog, the command of the oyinbo lingo is perfect combined with well taken pic. Well done, am chilling reading new and old posting.