Saturday, February 6, 2010


Good morning Abuja and Every one, Air Kiss – (muaah)

Its been a stressful week, so I decided to go out on a limb and hit the town city crawler style. My usual plan is An hour in every spot. First Stop – Eden VIP and I was stuck!

There are a lot of people that will never ever go out unless they are in the company of friends, I am not one of those people, I am bold, I am confident and I know how to get a party started; Eden was a perfect fit for me last night.
This Club has evolved a lot, in less than a year it has become an entertainment/Fashionistas Hub. Last night at Eden was exactly that. What makes a good night out really? Good music, Good Company and a flow of cocktails which this club is famous for.

There is a certain inhibition that hunts Abuja party crowd. my judgments are severe but I will not put a label on it. You go out on a Friday night after a crazy week and hope to dance the night away and everyone is seated or maybe just giving a few sublime moves hoping not to be considered ‘Razz’. But the secret of letting go of this inhibition is the right environment, when you know that you are rocking with the right crowd under the right roof.

Music - This is the year of Don Jazzy!!!! I say that because his beats rule the air waves in every single club or party. Last year’s music is last year’s music, still jamming and all, but what is that song that you ‘jump to’? There you go……. Whether you are popping champagne or trying to get close to that girl that ‘there is something about’ he has the music to get you going. I can boldly say that Don Jazzy and his Mo Hits crew are a music Phenomenon, and you can take that to the bank.

Fashionistas on the loose!!!!! You know the thing about fashion is it thrives as any art thrives; by evolving, embracing new ideas and of course giving its audience a grandeur version of themselves. In the past, Abuja party crowd were not really big on Dressing up for a night out, but nowadays looking good assures you of a free passage into the snazziest club, and Eden packed a punch last night thanks to the Stylish Alhassan who never goes wrong even in jeans and tees. This is 1 guy to look out for, cos when his designs hit the runway we will be going…Dolce who? I was able to spot a few ladies and guys who where bold and fashion forward and added a certain beauty to the club by just being there, a particular couple caught my attention, the guy sporting a bow tie and the lady a glittering engagement ring that could have blinded me, nice.

He is tall, not dark, and handsome. But shy(the cute type of shy). This handsome owner of Eden VIP is one to watch, cos the business of keeping people entertained is crazy(ask dbanj and Mr B) but he is steadily creeping into our skin, and in just a few short months he has created a social network that u will be fool not to tap into. Why is Eden VIP not trending??????(he he he he he)

The long and short of this story - I had crazy Fun last night, and since my minions at all the other clubs had nothing to report, I’m guessing the other clubs didn’t offer anything new. Shout out to all the people who made my night, Onoja and his lovely Bride, Timmyjibe, Alkasim, Aniekan, Chukwuma, Chinasa, Chika, Oje, Alfred, Osa and a special shout out to the DJ, Eden has gotten it right with this one.
I apologise for not bringing pictures, the night was unplanned, but I will carry my City Crawler Cam everywhere I go from now on.
Oh and by the way – Onyinye You Missed! And where was my Girl, the lovely Isi??
See you all on Sunday. (Air Kiss, Air Kiss)


  1. Lol, I do things to dance floors, and they do things back to me...I am not one to sit around and hope they dnt think me razz...on club nights razz is posh!!! better tell someone!!!
    I missed eden last nite, but I agree it is popping, good job Al.

  2. Eden! is jus za bestest!
    ok! sorry the 2nd bestest....."PLAY"!!!!

  3. I think Eden's cooler than Play. People go to PLAY to pop drinks and be noticed and despite the huge bouncers its often over populated - even the vip. While at Eden u can really have a good time without having someone else's sweat all over u. And not 'pressured' to drink what u really dont feel like just cos its expensive.