Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Single Girls Guide to Partying in Abuja

Attended my first party of 2010 and I got idea for writing this blog. Being single is nothing to be ashamed of. Whether it be by choice or by chance make the best of this time and grow. Ok enough with the mushy stuff, last night’s party had a good mix of single ladies and hot young single guys too, as a matter of fact, 2 of the hot bachelors on city crawlers radar were in attendance, but a couple of party pooping ladies made it uncomfortable for everyone at some point. This could be you. So as is my tradition I have put together 10 tips to for the single ladies who want to let their hair down and parrrrtayyy!!!
(For the ladies but might also be helpful to my male followership)

Tip No 1 – Don’t get drunk. Contrary to popular opinion, champagne is highly intoxicating and can take you there in 3 short sips. So if you don’t have a good head for alcohol, please avoid alcohol or just get the party going with something that you can handle. Because being drunk is embarrassing and tacky not only to you but to your friends and the people around you. (I wrote this first because its very important). Be very very careful, cos when you don’t have your wits about you, you can easily be taken advantage of. Be particularly careful of tequila, you know the saying ‘1 tequila 2 tequila 3 tequila FLOOR!

Tip No 2 – Look good. Ladies who are married or in relationships are always accused of relaxing cos now they got a man, well whether u are going out cos you want a man or not, its very important to look good. Appearance is everything. Be bold and fashion forward and you sure will stand out. Please city crawler did not say u should go and wear skin tight bum shorts oh when I say be bold, I mean try a new look, hot red lipstick even….

Tip No 3 – depending on where u decide to do your partying, either the club or a house party, it important to gauge the mood and hold conversations that go with where you are and what’s going down. Note that night clubs are conversation no no areas, the music is too loud jo.

Tip No 4 – Girlfriends – hanging out with the guys is always a spoiler if u are looking to meet someone because it might confuse a potential, so instead why don’t you call up your friends and make it a ladies night out, this is usually so much fun. The down side though is that he might still not be able to approach when u are surrounded by women so you can move aside every once in a while to give a dude a chance, lol.

Tip No 5– Make an entrance . Arriving at the right time is a do. Clubs in Abuja usually picK up at about midnight and the real partying by 1.30am when inhibitions are buried under the blanket of alcohol (sigh). If you are attending a party, be a rockstar and be fashionably late (I can’t believe I’m saying this, I hate lateness).not too late though, that’s just tacky + you will miss all the good food.

Tip No 6 – Time your exit – Please do not be the one to close down the club or end the party except u are staying back to help the host clean up. You can also deliberately make everyone know WHEN u are leaving to give any interested dude the chance to make any last minute connects.

Tip No 7 – Yes you were the Hotstepper in Secondary School and in University you use to dance at all the hottest shows on campus. But I reckon you are older and wiser and probably holding down a decent job so we don’t need to know your dance resumes. IF people circle you and shout ‘Go Lisa! Go Lisa! Go Lisa!’ then Houston we have a problem. Your alanta should look sexy not skanky.

Tip no 8 – No cat fights. We ladies are naturally very competitive and we can eye a lady up just because. Please avoid exchanging word with anyone, guy, girl, waiter, bouncer ,random passerby. Even if u are stepped on, or a drink is spilled on you or in extreme cases your wig is pulled off, maintain your cool, politely demand an apology, if u don’t get 1 move on, the geezer is probably totaled(drunk. comport yourself,you will be expected not to.

Tip No 9 – Don’t aim for, snatch, eye up or any of the nasties on another ladies man. This can end up on some major drama that can get you kicked out or even banned from the club or the persons home. Be patient trust me your own will come.

Tip No 10 – Finally ladies aim to have fun, leave your inhibitions at home, drop all illusions or delusions of grandeur and let your hair down and party like its 1999.
(kisses every one)


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