Monday, January 18, 2010

Its Award Season in America. For those of you that are into that kind of thing. But in our very own mother land, Africa, it is Football season. The African Cup of Nations has held us for the past 10days and our Super Eagles?? (I use the word super and eagles loosely) are representing us in Angola led by Coach Amodu Shuiabu, the man we absolutely love to hate, and for good reason too. On his line up amongst others is newly married Joseph Yobo who was recently wed to former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Adaeze Igwe, they are expecting a baby .(chineke!! I digress)

Apparently, we are not doing very well at the Nations Cup, losing our first match and barely winning the second in the group stages, to make matters worse, our very dramatic coach who says the darnest things has insisted that his lineup of players are the best and most fit to represent Nigeria. Well Nigerians don’t agree. I will leave the details to our experts and focus on CIty CRawler business one of which is discovering new avenues for recreation in Abuja city. So first thing Saturday morning I put on my crawling shoes, camera in hand and went OUT ON THE CITY. I took on the craze of the moment, which is Foot ball. This is the outcome of my waka
waka……. ENJOY!

1ST STOP Millennium Park. Here I discovered a herd of men. Agile, sweaty buff men who gather every Saturday morning in their different teams to play. They do this for different reasons – to keep fit, to lose weight, to escape from the house in the morning, to bond with the boys and some actually have a dream to play for their country. I went from millennium park to old parade ground and driving the streets of Abuja I discovered lots of other teams spread around, the most organized being at the millennium park and the least (I think they call it 5 aside), just beside former Chelsea hotel.

So fellows, there you have it, if you are a lover of football but have no idea how to channel your energies you can sign up to one of the teams, they have pro and they have wanna be footballer. If you want to join a team all you need to do is go there and pick a form for N2000, a weekly dues of N200 which is used to pay for the grounds and voila. But every team captain I spoke to emphasized that members are responsible working class men, no goofies, so avoid this if u are not a serious person sha.
I think I overheard someone talking about a women’s team…. It sounded odd, but that’s just me.

P.S go join a team this Saturday it’s a good way to shake off the holiday weight. Later on Saturday, the most anticipated party this January in Abuja, feel ‘THE PULSE’. Terminal 5 from 11pm, choc boys are gonna be there and so is the city crawler. Kisses everyone.


  1. Whats' the last picture of the car for?

    Abuja needs womens teams. Whats wrong with that? This is the age of feminism!

  2. Whats the last pic of the car? Self advertisement of course! Did u have to ask that question!!!

  3. keep hopping White Rabbit!

  4. crawling outfit, crawling shoes, crawling mobile
    hope u enjoyed the post though.
    @Ladi - a team captain actually saw this blog and asked me to invite interested women to come play either with them or form a team of their own. we could do that, rite???

  5. I don't see the commotion you said this post is generating..its just three-sorry-four comments now...