Tuesday, January 5, 2010

OMG Holiday Weight !……..CityCrawler Tips to Shaking it off

Thursday the 24th, Friday the 25th, Saturday the 26th, Sunday the 27th. Fast forward Friday the 1st, Saturday the 2nd, Sunday the 3rd. none stop holidaying. Some folk even began their holiday before the official 24th,and some will continue long after the 3rd. Do you know what I spent my holiday doing? Sampling good food and fine wine. it got so bad that I contacted the ‘runs’ at some point and I couldn’t enjoy the luscious meat at Alhassan’s BBQ(sob sob). At every turn there were sumptuous meals ready to be served, who could refuse? Let's just say our appetites seemed to get bumped up a few notches due to irresistible party and holiday fare. I threw caution to the wind, like I’m sure a lot of us did and now I am dragging around a load of holiday weight that I intend to shake off before the next ‘love’ holiday which also happens to be my birthday. So who is with me????
As luck would have it, there are lifestyle choices we make daily that can help get us back to great shape, depending on your time. My friend has decided to build a basketball court behind his house so he can play before work and maybe even after, but we can’t all play bball or afford to do that so, Here are 10 tips to help you get your weight back under control.

1. Join a gym – there are several around the city, as a matter of fact every major hotel in Abuja has a fully functional gym and gym assistants that can help out. Apart from the hotels, there are independent gyms that can help your cause, and they all have good pay plans that can fit any budget.

2. Dust your jogging shoes and hit the street. Morning or evening, don’t dare in the afternoon oh, Abuja sun go kill you. Also Abuja has clean clear streets which help for navigation. But this is the cheapest way becos you only need the right kind of running shoes which is a good investment anyways.

3. Eat healthy – this is difficult I bet, cos we are very much on the move nowadays and eating a balanced diet with safe portions is difficult. But if you are going to shake off that weight, you are going to take to a healthy eating once again. Plus when you eat healthy you have more energy for the hustle.

4. Take to crawling – we want your gist, we want your observation, we want your opinions. Crawl around and let us how Abuja can be from your own eyes.(I like this 1)

5. Football – I discovered a large group of hot sweaty males at the millennium park one early Saturday morning when I was just walking around and minding my own business(yea rite). Of course I stared at them, who wouldn’t, they were so fit…… so I’ve told u where, and I’ve told you when, want to get my attention ……lets go there

6. You can also try basket ball, which is played at sub-Mediterranean, tennis at rockview hotel or the stadium, bowling at the dome, swimming at hmm lots of places to swim, squash, volley ball etc

7. For the big boys who read my blog, I know u resumed golfing and horseback riding the minute you got back from the holiday. Erm what can I say, if tiger woods can look that good playing golf then so can you.

8. This year I’m taking to rowing, as soon as I can convince Adamu Aliero to open Jabi Lake to the public. It’s a beautiful recreation spot and it is wasting away jo.

9. Go dancing! - Clubs and lounges are springing up in Abuja every single weekend, so take your pick. If you are not 1 for the night life then you can join a salsa group or go to the Indian embassy and tell them u want to act a bollywood movie, those people are always dancing oh.

10. Finally, and most importantly if you want to shake off your holiday weight make sure you stay discipline in your food choices. Eat fruits, drink lots of water, and work hard, play hard. Oh and if you can afford it head to the inspector gadget store and get a Nintendo Wii, for me????

(P.S please talk to a doctor to be sure of your health status before you begin any exercise regimen because some of this exercises are extremely vigorous and maybe harmful if you are)


  1. city crawler u forgot to add sex, there is alot of it goin on in town.

  2. On point IJ, u got this one nailed. I really agree, take a walk often, it sure helps.
    The sex bit? Dunno..lol..but she already talked bout exercise. Sex for health? Dats recreation.
    Nice tips in all