Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My Calabar story started with diarrhea and ended with rifles on the plane(long story). But in between I gave a toast at my cousins wedding and received an ovation and made my aunties cry, gave a talk at a youth development workshop and hopefully inspired some younglings and almost missed my flight back home (rockstar style). I did not enjoy Calabar as much as I would have wanted because I was there for barely 2days and didn’t even see any of my old friends. I guess ill plan a better trip this Christmas, if ‘He’ agrees that is. Well the year was off to a very good start, for me personally and for White Rabbit concept, we hit the ground running with our major plans especially our plans for City Crawler. But no matter how positive we start the year, there are some people who will not let things go well……

So the rumor mills have been agog and the fastest ways they spread is of course the World Wide Web(www). I am one of those skeptics who always checks out a rumor before I broadcast, so here is My Top 10 rumors of January and my take on them. Enjoy...

No.10 – Eminem died in a car crash – we are confused about how this started, some say it’s a publicity stunt to sell albums but im happy to inform you that platinum selling rapper Marshal Mathers is alive and well, pheeew.

No 9 - Basket mouth was offered 20million dollars to sign on to Def Jam – This was a joke he cracked at 1 of his gigs and suddenly it was taken out of context and broadcast – way to go people .

No 8 – Asa was caught at Heathrow airport with cocaine – Publicity shy Asa was probably having dinner at home when this one dropped, shocking really, come on people, Asa? Seriously?

No. 7 – Muttalab was taking knockouts to his cousins in Yankee - well whatever it was, it was explosives and the intent was to cause major destruction to innocent lives.

No. 6 – The president is missing – well he is ‘Technically’…….

N0. 5 – Jay Z takes Beyonce’s name – It started out as a rumor but this one turned out to be true. Jay z is now to be known and referred to as Sean Knowles-Carter, all previous documents remain valid, Ministry of Information, This day Newspaper and Kwara State Govt take note.

No. 4 – The president is brain damaged – on Sunday the 10th, we woke up to this story filtering all over the internet and it was printed and published in 234Next news paper in a matter-of-fact manner and then on Monday the 11th they print a story about the president recovering , tsk tsk

No 3 - The president has passed – (oh for shame) a suspicious website publishes this on Monday morning of the 11th, and of course as rumors go, it spreads like wild fire, but…..(refer to rumor 4)

No.2 - The president is alive and well – this from BBC, we hope this is not a rumor though because BBC is and should be a credible source plus we want our president to come back alive and well.

No 1 – You tell me…….


  1. The most stupid one was basket mouth being offerd 20 million dollars. How now? How? Even when 50 cent was signed to his record label, it was for One million dollars. If the rumours had said 300K dolls, i would have believed it. But 20Million? Make my leg break.

  2. illest blog,i have read keep it up...nuelzgotgame

  3. thanks people, its only day 12 and its this funny, i wonder whats next????

  4. amebo without portfolio

  5. president is dead....nigeria should move on