Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lets Keep it REAL.....

The art of human interaction  has evolved tremendously.

Nowadays people exist solely on the web especially on social networks. The art of conversation, communication and substance is going extinct especially among the younger generation. Even relationships, business, casual and romantic have taken on a whole new level. There are people who will never believe they are in a mutually exclusive relationship if their partner doesn’t change his/her status on Facebook or put up their picture on BBM or announce on Twitter that they are now taken. Chat lingo has entered everyday conversations. I have a friend who says LOL when he finds something particularly funny.

Not surprisingly, people are changing their personality to fit their web persona. E.G A shy introvert becomes a choleric bully, but only online. If by chance you meet in person, you wonder if it’s the same person who puts up all those brazen tweets and Facebook updates. 

On the web everybody is intelligent, witty and cool. Every one is a political/social analyst. But that’s easy to be. I call it the ‘cut and paste’ strategy. Go online, get someone else’s’ detailed analysis of a subject and tweet it. Try to engage that same person in a face to face convo about the same issue and you draw blanks. Web brilliance

People don’t call or visit anymore, why should we, when we can just chat. Or why take the trouble to chat if I can just tweet @ you or like an update or picture on FB. My mom’s friend of over 25 years called the other day to check –up. She has been a presence in our lives for as long as I know even before GSM. They kept in touch through the distance and built a rock solid friendship. It’s admirable.

Now friendships and indeed relationships have ended from as little as subliminals and ‘you didn’t retweet my tweet’ or ‘re-broadcast my message’. HA! 

Social skills are dying.

Let me not go on and on, bottom line, let’s begin to communicate better. Yes there is a smiley for every emotion that ever exists but nothing wrong with saying it though. The web is a gift and not a curse; it should supplement effective communication and not be the one and only communication skill or medium we develop. So instead of emailing, make a call or better still visit, I know el cheapo will say emailing is cheaper and easier, lol. And if you are going to say I love you, doing it via the use of a BB DP (blackberry messenger display picture) just doesnt cut it.

Enjoy your weekend folks.

*Air kiss! Air kiss*

Ijeoma Okeagu


  1. I think social networks actually help communication not kill it- you can imagine those shy ones you talked about finally being given the platforms to apply themselves socially. Also, the amount of meetups that have arisen from these sites is amazing.

    Nice writeup though

    Adiya (formally the corner shop- had to change my url X_x)

  2. As much as I agree that cyberspace has given almost everyone a medium for expression,it's also important that we keep the 'old fashioned' culture of calls and visits. Our relationships are dying and losing value because of the almost total reliance on the web and social networks. Funny thing is most of us still expect substance from these interactions when there's rarely a personal contact with the other person...
    I'd love to know the other person I'm talking to both on cyberspace and in real life and I think I'm not the only one that wants some substance in my relationships... So I'd try to reach out once in a while to get that and have cyberspace as a mere build up to what I already have...
    Nice write up IJ:)