Sunday, June 5, 2011


Fashion and News are very much alike. Before you blink twice, the hottest People, Trend, Color, Accessories and even Disasters are oh sooo last season. They always say, don’t believe the hype, but how wont we, when it plays out all up in our faces constantly.

So, Kate finally got her real life fairy tale prince charming, William Windsor, in the most talked about wedding of , well my generation and Obama scored his re-election bid by ridding the world(America) of Osama Bin Laden. Ghadaffi is still holding on to Libya and our very own Lucky Jo went from “shoelessness” to Presidency (there’s a story here). It seems calm has returned to the world…. We wish….

There is always something new, yet un discovered lurking around, something buzzing on the internet or trending on social media, waiting to blow our minds. I never like to miss what’s hot, but my business (mostly) is What’s Hot in Abuja.

It seems like the fashion revolution is hitting Abuja big time. It’s impressive. You already know that Abuja is getting more and more attention as being more than just the sit of power. The social, fashion and entertainment scene is on the rise.

Gracing the cover of the Fashion Edition of the 6th City Crawler magazine is 4 of Abuja’s Hottest models. These 4 young ladies are world class, international standard professional models that can represent Abuja and even Nigeria in any runway in any part of the world. I won’t tell you their names; just give you a little sneak peak.

It’s a full fashion edition and we will be working with the hottest designers, makeup artist, stylist etc in Abuja city.

I am also excited for the 3 fashion events coming up this month, I must admit its overwhelming. More info on this events will come to you soon.

N.B Congratulations to Abuja’s favourite radio girl Miss Doosh on her engagement , City Crawler loves you and wishes you both all the happiness.


  1. please how when are the fashion events and how can we be a part of it

  2. Great! Looking forward to it!

    P.S I'm a fashion stylist in Abuja so if you need anything you can contact me here: