Sunday, May 8, 2011

Accidentally Gone: A Must Read....

I wonder about private conversations nowadays. You go to a café or a lounge to chill and have a quiet drink and you hear people conversing loudly sometimes even gossiping, with no shame attached. I was privy to a conversation sometime ago; it went something like this;

#Girl with Brazilian hair extension up to her bum: See Asibong forming for me oh, because one mugu bought her ordinary End of Discussion….

#Girl with White BB Torch and Black BB Bold: My sister! See that original loci feeling cool with her fake LV. Mehnnn im getting a car oh. In fact, Asibong has gingered me, definitely tomorrow, let me just call Ken jo.

Well at this point I blank out and different scenarios play out in my mind. I must admit, lady 2 looks like the kind of girl ‘mugus’ buy cars for, well buy pretty much anything for. But what worried me the most about this was, if ken actually bought her a car, can she drive? 

You see, just before the girls started talking loudly, I was going through my blackberry messenger recent updates and enlarging pictures when I saw the picture of the latest victim of a car crash. Young, handsome and promising young fellow prematurely plucked. For some reason, this dude thought that all he needed to get from point A to point B was just to jump into his daddy’s car and move. He has seen his mates driving and he thought ‘what the hell’…. I’ll learn on the ‘drive’. To cut a long story short, he lost control and collided with another speeding car. The End. People will dedicate their bb status and DPs for a while but soon……. All because you don’t want anyone to form for you, okay. 

More and more young people are losing their lives to motor accidents and due to no one’s fault but their own. The need to show off, the need to race with friends. I assure you that blackberry message can wait till you park or till you reach a traffic light. How did you learn how to drive? Can you read the street signs? Are you constantly dodging that black & yellow van? 

We are a distracted generation, constantly on the move, but driving especially in Abuja with the deceptively clear and smooth roads and traffic lights, one little distraction and hmmmmmm. 

Ok, let’s say you are a fantastic driver; you have been driving since you could walk, well then, is your car in order? You are too busy right? Afterall the car never give u wahala and that your mechanic na ole…. Ok, well at least change your tires when due, a burst tire can land you under the bridge. Fix your lights before someone runs into you and says ohpps I didn’t see you there (LOL). Not funny I know.

RIP to all those we have lost, take this seriously people so that the only time you trend on twitter or on people’s status and display pictures will be on your birthday.

I.J Okeagu


  1. Nice one... Thanks

  2. Hmmm, strong points noted here. We are indeed a restless and distracted generaion with not-so-encouraging priorities. Too many people have been cut short by the works of their hands, speed, alcohol, controlled drugs, and chatting while driving. How many more shall we loose before common sense sets in? OASHIPA

  3. People need to be more aware about the dangers of driving and phone usage. I do not even advise getting handsfree cos its all still distraction. The moment you get on the road, all focus shld be on the road and driving cos you are not only driving ur car but also the next persons' The rate at which young pple die from accidents these days is on the increase and we al need to be aware and change.....nice one IJ

  4. Driving in Abuja can be so mad sometimes. People on the road are crazy oh