Saturday, January 15, 2011


Its Election season! And so I sat Glued to NTA as I listen to repetitions of Obasanjo, Obasanjo, Obasanjo. Oophs, sorry that was 2003. Well it was pretty much the same this time; it was a repetition of Goodluck, Dr Ebele, Goodluck. This is Lucky Jo’s (as I fondly call the President) very first ‘Selection’. He has somehow managed to make his way to the top seat without ever being Elected for it. My mom calls it divine intervention; I call it GOOD LUCK (pun intended). Atiku gave a fight but somehow it was Sarah Jubril with her one vote who Trended. You see one vote counts. I’ve got a soft spot for that lady since I heard that she has been running for president since 1992,wow!, talk about perseverance. I just hope she didn’t pay anyone.

Well most of the party primaries are over especially for the Major parties and for those who haven’t gotten the memo yet, the Major Contenders, according to my books are;

  • PDP – Dr Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan
  • Nuhu Ribadu

  • Dele Momodu
  • Mohammadu Buhari 

There is a lot more at stake, people are now more aware, you have got to make a conscious decision to go out and vote, and not vote for just anybody, for someone whose manifesto gives realistic deadlines to solving the Power, Unemployment, Security, declining health care and Education problems. Registration to vote starts today 15th Jan to 29th Jan 2011(it might seem like a long time, its not!). Go out, I encourage you and register. And between now and the day of election, read about the candidates, get to know them and don’t select them based on a flimsy whim because truth be told, Nigeria has gone beyond Whims, we need informed decision.

Its best you register nearest to where you live because of restricted movement on Election Day, some will travel to their home towns to register, it’s all good, where ever you cast your vote, you cast it for a good cause.

We will probably see more contenders springing out before the day of Election, well I’ve always believed in Competition and Opposition. Keeps Contenders on their feet.

I am definitely looking forward to the next couple of months, lots and lots of drama; I love drama, as long as they keep it BOMB Free.

Happy Saturday Everyone……

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