Monday, January 10, 2011

BEST OF 2010 - Spots that Rocked....

without much ado i give you our pick for top 10 spots of 2010........

No.10 : DOME - Previously lost its mojo but made its way back into the game by hosting the Album launch of MI2, still has the bowling alley and the Game room so if you get tired of same ol same ol eating drink and party you can go there for a different kind of fun.

No.9 : A LOUNGE - Lovely venue I must say. People still ask what went wrong, but despite setbacks, A-lounge kept a steady pace all year through.

No. 8: TERMINAL 5 – Anytime I think mature crowd, I think of heading to this spot. They bust into the scene early 2010 and hosted some great events like Pulse, Industry Night and the Hiphop world awards party. 

No.7: SOHO - Soho did not feature much in the scene this year but there is always a steady stream of loyalist that keeps the place rocking hard and their Karaoke always helps to beat Sunday boredom

No.6: E LOUNGE – Quick: take a mental drive down adetokumbo ademola…. What do you notice? Well for one the streets are free of ‘night ladies’ and this is the best thing that happened to this spot because now they sure have a steady stream of responsible and decent fun seekers visiting. Good music, cool ambience, E-lounge sure did good in 2010

No 5: CODE – ok notice that I saved the middle spot for my place so I will not be accused of being biased, let me balance it out, but truthfully speaking, the way this spot evolved from the opening till the end of 2010 was amazing. I spent the most part of 2010 there and I enjoyed every minute. Well mostly because everyone is so warm, it’s like a great big network, where everybody knows your name and you can truly relax . Well friends, fun, laughter , celebration is ultimately what CODE is about.

No.4: KRYSTAL LOUNGE – We are always quick to dismiss k lounge as full of unseemly characters, well this is true, but! where is that one place in Abuja that you can have a combination of good music and full groove on a weekday? Yes! 

No.3: CAFÉ 24, BRITISH COUNCIL ROOF TOP CAFÉ AND SALAMANDER – Still a favorite for the yuppies and the INTL community to hang after work. 

PLAY –ok we hate the bouncers, yes yes, but I must admit that this spot held it down big time in 2010. They hosted great events and after parties at play and they always get it right with the music. Plus major kudo goes out to the management, Play opened in Calabar on the 19th of December 2010 and from what I hear, its finer than the Abuja one (Abuja ppul lets protest oh). Big ups to the owners.

AQUA – Very few people have withstood the test of time like the fore runner of Aqua nite club. Kudos and we look forward to more in 2011.

No.1: it’s my personal favorite, so I won’t impose it on you. (insert your Numero Uno)

(we at city crawler and I am sure most of our readers would like  to know)…..


Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, lounges are propping up everywhere around the city, we love it. I have big hopes for the following places in 2011 (abeg no fall my hand)….

*Amber – Already doing well so far, and as the Silverbird Entertainment Center records more visitors it means more and more clientele for this plush lounge.

*Platinum Lounge – Silverbird owned lounge, if you want to impress out of town business partners or a lil lady. This is your spot.

*And if you take a drive thru Adetokunbo Ademola, you will notice the work going on at the former excellensio, im uber excited about this one, talk about strategic.

*feedback people, it sure helps!*


  1. hw u manage 2 crawl 2 all dis places i dnt sha.ur evaluation of these places r quite right mostly dat of A lounge which used to b talk of d is slowly meltin down.wat went wrong well.....

  2. yezzzir!play is holdin it down!there re only 2 clubs in abj rite now..PLAY n AQUA.!t

  3. I don't live in Abuja, but everytime I come within the past two years, everyone is always buzzing about PLAY, haven been there myself, I must confess that the place is everything and more than the buzz! I mean where else can you find such a cool and trendy place that is constantly reinventing to ensure that it keeps up with the times and genuinely cares about keeping its customers satisfied? I have never been to PLAY within these two years without noticing something different. Plus they are always the first to try something new. I know I must seem like I'm gushing about the place, but let's be honest, of all the places you've been to, where do YOU always wanna go in Abuja and most recently CALABAR???? Lol, PLAY baby!

  4. Only two clubs in abuja-Play and Aqua. All the others just follow...