Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday and Relationships: keeping it goin...

I find that I can work, amidst noise. I can imagine why my neighbor’s waited for this weather to dry up before they renovate, very good idea though. Everywhere seems to be getting a face lift, bars, restaurants, offices and even the streets and its totally understandable, why? Because Christmas is here, and I so love how the place lights up with lights and color and love. Love… aaah Love, yes it’s the season of love, but do you know that you have to protect your ‘Love” and “relationship” from the strain of the holiday period. So from the city crawler, here is my 2 cents on how to keep thing cool…..

This holiday will bring changes: separation (for those travelling apart) and too many people (for those spending it with large families)……. 

For those travelling apart
*Spend at least 10 minutes of every day talking about how your day went.
*re-assure each other of your commitment and faithfulness

*make sure you buy each other a presents, especially one that will remind him/her of you. 

For those with two many people
*your daily kissing quota should not only consist of hello and goodbye pecks.

*Go to bed at the same time

*spend 10 minutes chatting about your day

Ok that’s the boring part, now for the sweet stuff. Im not going to give you solutions, I am only going to point out your problems.(inspired by a tweet from @ebuka)
As much as a lot of ppul (especially easterners) will be heading home for the holidays, for some heading home will be leaving the unfriendly weather of obodo oyibo for the warmth of naija (sorry dora), you know what will also be warm, the arms of their waiting boyfriend or girl friend. So if you are one of those people dating an erm wats that razz word I heard on African magic ‘abroadee’ then u wont have to wait till valentine to know if you are the main squeeze. 
Well luckily some are coming in unattached and you can help your self to a lil holiday treat, just know exactly what you are getting into and don’t go having unnecessary expectation because around about the 2nd well…….. also don’t get carried away, the Christmas period is like a love drug and every one looks great, that’s because, people go shopping and pack the right clothes when they travel to another town, so most of the time,in real life they don’t always look that great or perfect.

I hate to be a buzz kill, don’t listen to me, what do I know about love and relationship when I am single…….

(Air Kiss, Air Kiss)

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