Friday, October 15, 2010

Eh Tu Naija???

Run Screaming into the Forest”, that’s an expression I use a whole lot. I use it especially to describe annoying over used words like Basically (coincidentally, basically is a word I use a lot). There are word fads that go with the times, they just appear as if from nowhere and before you know it they become a part of our vocabulary, some people use them without really knowing the meaning, e.g Utunu (from Twitter)

Well in recent times (from oct 1st) to be precise, the word that seems to be on everyone’s lip is BOMB. And I have heard it a lot. At least now I have a good reason to run screaming into the forest….. Fear and then safety. 

Last night, half depressed half hungry I left my house seeking Chow of the unhealthy kind. My options were pizza, suya, shawama. So I headed off in directions well known to stock the best in this hip-shattering delights.


If you know Abuja well, you will know that the easiest way to get to Gana street from Zone 1 is under the bridge straight past millennium park and bam, you are there, but what do I see? All blocked. At first I was annoyed at the inconvenience, then I wondered, but by the time I tried to get into the villa (my consort needed to pick his friends up for byob) and there were security operatives everywhere, I panicked. 

Over the years Nigeria has been known for a lot of things, Corruption, Neglect, internet fraud, fraud of every level bla bla bla, the list goes on. If you lose all your money, well u can make it back and you are smarter this time, but nothing prepares you for a Bomb blast, that can take innocent lives and destroy property. Then that perpetual fear that it places in your mind that we are no longer safe just lingers on. 

Its been exactly 15days after, and we still don’t know who did it and why…… tsk tsk SSS. All we know is that there are more threats, the secretariat has been evacuated twice and police check points have become more annoying

So now we are not only trying to fight the bad reputation Nigeria has as corrupt, we now have to convince people that we are not terrorist too??? Too bad. And if our leaders will mortgage innocent lives because of four years in Aso Rock, then we are in real trouble.

I had a little faith in the present administration, but history repeats itself and we haven’t even voted them in. if this is going to be a recurring pattern then don’t consider it a great tragedy when I don’t turn up to vote for you.
Well i got home, said my prayers, watched a little TV and fell to sleep. woke up this morning and left the house for work and what do you know, all the Road blocks still in Place........ hmmmm wat are they not telling us?

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