Tuesday, March 23, 2010

iTS About the BUJ!!!

Its about Abuja!


The city crawler magazine was unveiled last Saturday, but well enough of that, I need a break from editing articles, stories, pictures and even gossip. I have the best of the best of the best of the crop of writers but like I said, I’m taking a break from CC news magazine matters to blog,(one of my faV things to do).
I abandoned my blog a little. I’m sorry. It was not intentional, being editor of a magazine is nothing like I thought it would be, so much responsibility, it’s like having a new born,(enough of the mag oooh) this blog is about what’s been up and what will be on in a couple of days.

First up, you might not know Uchie the African Rockstar, but you should. He is talented, he is a fantastic singer and he is gorgeous. ok skip the gorgeous part cos he is now taken, his wedding held on the 20th of march in Abuja and it was well attended by the coolest of the coolest in the capital, the two love birds have been together forever and we are happy they made it, we wish them a happy happy life and many many healthy kids, not too many sha, we are in a recession.


Line up for this weekend…..

Slu….ush Party in Abuja – Friday march 26th 2010 with Mr Eldee of ‘isityourmoney’ fame…

Jesse jags album launch – Saturday march 27th 2010

Abuja is agog, watch this space….....

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